Raising the standard

Scotland's environment

Key pledges

The challenge

Scotland has some of the most beautiful, unspoiled and uncongested countryside in Europe, a precious heritage which we need to protect. We must also counter the growing threats to our environment. Pollution affects our cities and our rivers and seas. With our harsh climate, we need to consume a great deal of energy but we waste far too much of it. Our public transport systems are hopelessly inadequate, leaving many Scots with no alternative to their cars.

Many environmental problems are global. The new Executive and Parliament must ensure that Scotland plays an active role in shaping long-sighted international policies to protect the planet.

Our priorities

The new Scottish Parliament has the opportunity to make Scotland a much more environmentally conscious nation. Liberal Democrats will strive for sustainability in all our policies, recognising that environmentally friendly policies save money and are essential to the long term good of our people.


We will:

Public transport

Work to improve all forms of public transport.

We will:

Improve rural and island transport

We recognise that the car is likely to remain an essential part of rural living.

We will:

A framework for a better environment

Liberal Democrats have long practised partnership politics. On environmental issues, which have very long-term consequences and which cross so many geographical and political boundaries, there is a particular need to establish a consensus and to consult as widely as possible. It is also important that the present generation sets itself strict targets to protect future generations.

We will:

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