Raising the standard

Scotland's parliament

The challenge

Scottish Liberal Democrats have fought for a Scottish Parliament for over a century and played a major part in delivering it. As the party with the longest and deepest commitment to the Parliament, we can best guarantee to make it work effectively. We see it not as an end in itself but as a means to better Government, better public services and to unlocking the full potential of the Scottish people.

We also believe it can be a model for the rest of Britain. Our vision is of a federal United Kingdom in a decentralised Europe where power is exercised at the lowest effective level.

Scotland has the chance to demonstrate modern democracy at its best. There must be an effective executive accountable to a powerful Parliament. We must encourage the participation of the people of Scotland through the use of information technology and an influential Civic Forum. Liberal Democrats will draw particularly on the community values of the voluntary sector in Scotland to build a new ethos of public service.

Scottish local government has not served people well. Much of it is remote from the community unrepresentative inadequately resourced and inefficient.

Our priorities

Making the Scottish Parliament deliver

Liberal Democrats have long believed in a more constructive system of politics, based on partnership and consensus, and committed to delivering long-term benefits for the people rather than short-term fixes. This approach naturally lends itself to a Scottish Parliament elected by fair votes.

We will:

Work in partnership with the UK Government

We will:

Reforming local Government

We will:

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