1. Achieve real freedom to fulfil our destiny - by establishing the rule of the Self and thereby gaining the full support of Natural Law.   The Natural Law Party supports the principle of devolution and self-determination for Scotland on the basis of democratic decisions taken through referendums.   But it is vital to recognise that whether separate or unified, without the support of Natural Law, we will never be satisfied.
  2. This support is most effectively gained by establishing the rule of the Self.   By Self we mean the common basis of the life of everyone in our nation and in all nations - the unity that underlies all diversity.   This is known to modern science as the Unified Field of Natural Law. When it is enlivened in the awareness of the individual through the practical technologies of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, life is lived spontaneously in accordance with all the laws of nature. Every individual, every section of the community, and Scotland as a whole will enjoy full mastery of Natural Law and control over their destiny.

    This is real Self-rule, which will bring fulfilment to all diverse cultural values at the same time as enlivening harmony and integration in society.   Scotland will have real freedom to fulfil its destiny naturally while working harmoniously with all other nations on matters of common interest.

    The Natural Law Party of Scotland considers the implementation of Vedic technologies of consciousness, such as the Transcendental Meditation programme, to be the first priority of the new Scottish Parliament in order to eliminate stress and negativity and create a harmonious, integrated, progressive society.

  3. Create conflict-free politics and problem-free government.   Introduce Natural Law-based administration - administration based on Vedic principles - consciousness-based administration.   Natural Law is the intelligence that effortlessly and silently governs all activity in the universe with perfect order and without a problem.   The application of the principles of Natural Law in government will bring the organising power of Natural Law to Scotland, making every area of life problem free and fulfilling - creating a government as perfect as the Government of Nature.
  4. The creation of a more integrated, stress-free nation, using a scientifically established approach, will provide the ground for us to form an effective all-party government which will bring to an end destructive party rivalry. The best minds from all political parties and the most successful leaders of all areas of society will be invited to work together for the good of the nation by contributing their ideas and talents to a government which will bring satisfaction to everyone.

  5. Introduce new education for total development of the brain - the basis of successful management of life.   Make education complete - by introducing Vedic education which provides complete knowledge, unfolding the total potential of the Self of everyone, the ocean of knowledge, power and bliss.   Every student will gain the ability to harness the infinite organising power of Natural Law and thereby grow in the ability to spontaneously think rightly and act according to the evolutionary direction of Natural Law, a life free from mistakes and suffering.
  6. Free education for all:   The NaturalLaw Party supports free full-time education for everyone up to degree level, and free part-time education for all adults. Through the Natural Law Party's consciousness-based approach to education everyone can grow in wisdom and knowledge throughout their life. Universal free education is now quite feasible with the dramatic reduction in costs made possible through the development of digital satellite communications and the World Wide Web.   The global satellite university, Maharishi Open University, is a perfect example of what can be achieved.   In stark contrast to the segmented education offered by existing universities, which develops only a part of the brain, this unique university offers to everyone in the world total knowledge for the total development of the brain, the basis of successful management of life.

  7. Eliminate 50% of disease within the first term of the new parliament, and eventually create a disease-free society.   Promote Vedic health care - natural prevention-oriented health care - including healthy daily routine, nourishing Vedic diet, and harmonious behaviour.   Today, the discovery of the Veda and Vedic literature at the basis of the human physiology offers a perfect system of health care on the basis of the complete knowledge of Natural Law available within the inner intelligence of the body of everyone.
  8. Reduce crime by 50% within the first term of the new parliament, and eventually create a crime-free society.   Implement Natural Law programmes which spontaneously disallow disharmonious behaviour and prevent crime and injustice by anyone to anyone.
  9. Reconstruct our cities, towns and homes to promote the health and good fortune of everyone   Rebuild all cities, towns and homes, including all government offices, according to the Vedic principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda - architecture, design, construction and planning that is fully in accord with Natural Law, connecting individual life with cosmic life and creating ideal living conditions on earth where everyone will feel, "I am living in Heaven".
  10. As a first step it is imperative that the new Scottish Parliament is housed in a building designed according to these principles, in order to support coherent thinking and successful decision making.

  11. Create a stable flourishing economy in Scotland with full employment; and reduce taxes.   Introduce Natural Law-based principles of business and industry, incliuding education and training that unfold the full creative potential of everyone.   Our policies will promote corporate and individual progress on the ground of pure, pious principles, revitalising the economy, damaging no one, and providing nourishing, life-supporting employment opportunities for everyone.
  12. Since Natural Law programmes will lead to dramatic reductions in government expenditure on crime, sickness and other problems, at the same time as stimulating the economy and promoting employment, the Scottish Parliament will be in a position to use its maximum tax varying power and cut taxes by 3%. reducing taxes is the best measure any government can take to boost the economy.   Our principle is: Create more wealth and feel free to enjoy it!

  13. Guarantee the availability of healthy, life-promoting food for the whole population   Use Vedic principles of agriculture - natural, sustainable agriculture that excludes the manufacture and use of toxic fertilisers and genetic modification, for which there is increasing scientific evidence of great risks for human health and the environment.
  14. Cut pollution by 50% and eventually create a pollution-free nvironment.   Promote pollution-free industry, energy, transport and agriculture; and through the introduction of Vedic programmes to eliminate the violation of Natural Law, eliminatethe basis of all pollution.
  15. Eliminate the causes of family disintegration and strengthen cultural values   Promote Vedic programmes to dissolve stress in collective consciousness and create an upsurge of happiness, harmony and stability in the family and community; creating a world where every culture rises to express its full value while living in harmony with all other cultures - "The whole world is my family".