Scotland's Place in the World

The Scottish Green Party is part of a global movement of over 70 Green Parties from all over the world. Green politicians hold Ministerial positions in the Governments of many countries including Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Germany, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico and Sweden.

Scottish Greens act at local, regional, national and international levels. We believe that Scotland should build on the initiative and abilities of its citizens as well as on its natural resources. We believe that decisions should be taken at the most local level possible, although we recognise that some of the most pressing environmental and social challenges require action by organisations that function on a global scale.

Scotland has a role to play in demonstrating a new model of democracy that aims to give power to our citizens and communities. The setting-up of a Scottish Parliament is of great interest to the new democracies in Eastern Europe. Greens seek to work within international organisations that are democratically accountable, not dominated by the military or economic power of individual states or influenced by multinational companies. Greens also believe that Scotland has the potential to be a leader in sustainable development, demonstrating new ways to live within the planet’s means. Greens all over the world abhor the actions of those countries that ignore their role in the implementation of treaties on climate change, environmental degradation and human rights. Greens welcome the creation of an International Criminal Court. We believe that the Court should be used in advance of and as an alternative to war as well as being used to deal with the aftermath of conflicts.

Green MSPs will work for the following:

  • We will ensure that the First Minister has official responsibility for sustainable development and chairs the Cabinet Sub- Committee on Sustainable Scotland. The Sustainable Development Unit will be upgraded by transferring it to the Executive Secretariat, and staffed by high-ranking civil servants. We will create a dedicated Minister for the Environment to oversee the introduction of Strategic Environmental Assessment: a tool to assess the environmental impact of policies at the very early stages of development.

  • We will push for Scotland and the other nations of the UK to take a lead in further developing their programmes of international debt relief. Commitment to treaties such as the Kyoto Protocol need to be strengthened by establishing clear and challenging targets in areas such as the reduction of climate-changing emissions.

  • We will continue our vigorous opposition to war in Iraq and seek non-violent solutions, where possible, to similar potential conflicts. We believe the Ambassadors to the UN Security Council and General Assembly should be directly elected. We will work to abolish the rights of the permanent five members of the Security Council who represent the most prolific arms-trading nations in the world.

  • We will work for greater independence for Scotland. Devolution of power is a process. The next stage is for the Scottish Parliament to have greater control over its finances and increased powers in areas such as energy, transport, health and consumer affairs.

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