Would Independence make a difference to me?

Our potential
On May 1st you have a simple choice. Vote for Labour and you’ll wait… and wait. Contrary to what they tell you, nothing has changed. And nothing will. The wealth gap between Scotland and the UK is widening as Scotland languishes at the bottom of the European growth league — but in Labour’s thinking, Scotland is not a priority. Vote for the SNP on May 1st and you’ll see a difference.

That is because our ambition is to release our country's potential. We think Scotland could, and should, be free of poverty. Our old and infirm should be respected and well treated. No one should feel afraid on our streets. We should all be able to achieve every bit as much as other countries our own size.

Proving ourselves
What we are asking for on May 1st is for the chance to prove ourselves to you. To make as much of a difference as we can with the current powers of the Scottish Parliament, and to show why we need the powers of Independence.

So if you support us in May and give us the chance to be the new government of Scotland, we will start to sort out the problems in our public services that Labour and the Liberal Democrats have created.

We will improve public services and make them more accountable. We will increase nurses’ pay which will mean more nurses, and more nurses mean more beds for patients. We will cut business rates which will boost competitiveness and growth. We’ll provide 1,000 more police to make our streets safer. We’ll also reduce class sizes to give Scotland’s children the best start to their education. And by cutting government down we will reclaim our public services for the people.

By doing this, and by being honest about what we can’t do within the limited powers of the Scottish Parliament, we’ll persuade you that only with Independence can we release Scotland’s potential.

We want Independence because only with Independence can we release Scotland’s potential. But it’s not the SNP that will decide when Scotland becomes independent. It’s the people of Scotland in a referendum that will be held during our four-year term.

It is our job to convince anyone who still needs persuaded of the case for Independence. We’ll do that by proving ourselves as a government and by demonstrating how Scotland could achieve so much more with the normal powers that Independence would bring.

Delivering our potential
Scotland is one of the richest countries in the world. So, like every other normal country and nation, we want to use the money raised in our own country on the priorities of our own country. We want more people to be in more jobs to increase the tax base and decrease reliance on benefits. Only with a fast growing economy can government raise more in taxes without increasing the burden on the individual.

The SNP will give our economy, the engine of our prosperity and our future, all the attention that it needs. We will increase our links to Europe and the wider world. We will get our public services back on track after years of neglect and mismanagement. Throughout all areas of public life we will deliver.

Other small European countries have the power to compete on their own terms. They are led by politicians whose utmost priority is creating a better future for their people and their country. They have the advantage of sitting at Europe’s top table and of arguing for their own interests and industries.

For too long, Scotland has been led by politicians who say we cannot afford to be independent. Yet it is those same politicians who over the next five years will put the UK over £100 billion into the red. To those who say we cannot afford to be independent, we say: why the economic double standard?

Why shouldn’t Scotland’s economy grow and prosper for the benefit of the people. We want Scotland to work for economic success so that economic success works for Scotland. We want to release our potential.

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