Labour Cabinet 1945-1951

Prime MinisterC. Attlee1945-1951
Lord PresidentH. Morrison1945-1951
Vt Addison1951-1951
Lord ChancellorLd Jowitt1945-1951
Lord Privy SealA. Greenwood1945-1947
Ld Inman1947-1947
Vt Addison1947-1951
E. Bevin1951-1951
R. Stokes1951-1951
Chancellor of the Exch.H. Dalton1945-1947
S. Cripps1947-1950
H. Gaitskell1950-1951
Foreign SecretaryE. Bevin1945-1951
H. Morrison1951-1951
Home SecretaryC. Ede1945-1951
AdmiraltyA. Alexander1945-1946
AgricultureT. Williams1945-1951
AirVt Stansgate1945-1946
Civil AviationLd Pakenham1948-1950
Colonial OfficeG. Hall1945-1946
A. Jones1946-1950
J. Griffiths1950-1951
Commonwealth RelationsVt Addison1947-1947
P. Noel-Baker1947-1950
P. Walker1950-1951
DefenceC. Attlee1945-1946
A. Alexander1946-1950
E. Shinwell1950-1951
Dominion OfficeVt Addison1945-1947
EducationE. Wilkinson1945-1947
G. Tomlinson1947-1951
Fuel and PowerE. Shinwell1945-1947
HealthA. Bevan1945-1951
India OfficeLd Lawrence1945-1947
El Listowel1947-1948
Labour and National ServG. Isaacs1945-1951
A. Bevan1951-1951
A. Roberts1951-1951
Paymaster GeneralA. Greenwood1946-1947
Vt Addison1948-1949
Cab Min without PortfolioA. Alexander1946-1946
A. Greenwood1947-1947
Scottish OfficeJ. Westwood1945-1947
A. Woodburn1947-1950
H. McNeil1950-1951
Town and Country PlanningH. Dalton1950-1951
Trade (Board of)S. Cripps1945-1947
H. Wilson1947-1951
H. Shawcross1951-1951
War OfficeJ. Lawson1945-1946

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