Conservative Cabinet, 1955-1959

Prime MinisterSir A. Eden1955-1957
H. MacMillan1957-1959
Lord PresidentM of Salisbury1955-1957
El. of Home1957-1957
Vt. Hailsham1957-1959
Lord ChancellorVt. Kilmuir1955-1959
Lord Privy SealH. Crookshank1955-1955
R. Butler1955-1959
Chancellor of the ExchR. Butler1955-1955
H. MacMillan1955-1957
P. Thorneycroft 1957-1958
D. Heathcoat-Amory1958-1959
Foreign SecretaryH. MacMillan1955-1955
S. Lloyd1955-1959
Home Office & WalesG. Lloyd George 1955-1957
Home OfficeR. Butler1957-1959
Agriculture & FisheriesD. Heathcoat-Amory1955-1958
J. Hare1958-1959
Colonial OfficeA. Lennox-Boyd1955-1959
Commonwealth RelationsEl. of Home1955-1959
DefenceS. Lloyd1955-1955
Sir W. Monckton1955-1956
A. Head1956-1957
D. Sandys1957-1959
EducationSir D. Eccles1955-1957
Vt Hailsham1957-1957
Sir D. Eccles1957-1959
Housing and Local GvtD. Sandys1955-1957
Housing, Local Gvt, WalesH. Brooke1957-1959
Labour and Nat ServiceSir W. Monckton1955-1955
I. MacLeod1955-1959
Duchy of LancasterVt. Woolton 1955-1955
El. of Selkirk1955-1957
C. Hill1957-1959
Paymaster GeneralSir W. Monckton 1956-1957
R. Maudling1957-1959
Pensions and Nat Ins.O. Peake1955-1955
PowerLd Mills1957-1959
Scottish OfficeJ. Stuart1955-1957
J. Maclay1957-1959
Board of TradeP. Thorneycroft 1955-1957
Sir D. Eccles1957-1959
TransportH. Watkinson1957-1959
WorksP. Buchan-Hepburn 1955-1957

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