Conservative Cabinet 1959-1964

Prime MinisterH. MacMillan1959-1964
A. Douglas-Home1963-1964
1st Secretary of StateR. Butler1962-1963
Lord PresidentEl of Home1959-1960
Ld Hailsham 1960-1964
Lord ChancellorVt Kilmuir1959-1962
Ld Dilhorne1962-1964
Lord Privy SealVt Hailsham 1959-1960
E. Heath 1960-1963
S. Lloyd 1963-1964
Chancellor of ExchequerD. Heathcoat-Amory 1959-1960
S. Lloyd1960-1962
R. Maudling1962-1964
Foreign OfficeS. Lloyd 1959-1960
El of Home1960-1963
R. Butler1963-1964
Home OfficeR. Butler1959-1962
H. Brooke1962-1964
Agriculture, Fisheries & FoodJ. Hare1959-1960
C. Soames1960-1964
AviationD. Sandys1959-1960
P. Thorneycroft1960-1962
ColoniesI. MacLeod1959-1961
R. Maudling1961-1962
C.R.O.El of Home1959-1960
D. Sandys 1960-1962
Colonies + C.R.O.D. Sandys1962-1964
DefenceH. Watkinson1959-1962
P. Thorneycroft1962-1964
EducationD. Eccles1959-1962
E. Boyle1962-1964
Education and ScienceE. Boyle1964-1964
Q. Hogg1964-1964
HealthE. Powell 1962-1963
A. Barber1963-1964
Housing, Local Gvt, WalesH. Brooke1959-1961
C. Hill1961-1962
K. Joseph1962-1964
Labour and Nat. Serv.E. Heath1959-1959
LabourE. Heath1959-1960
J. Hare1960-1963
J. Godber1963-1964
Duchy of LancasterC. Hill1959-1961
I. McLeod1961-1963
Vt Blakenham (J. Hare)1963-1964
Paymaster GeneralLd Mills1959-1961
Chief Sec to TreasuryH. Brooke 1961-1962
J. Boyd-Carpenter1962-1964
Cab Min without portfolioLd Mills1961-1962
W. Deedes1962-1964
2nd positionLd Carrington1963-1964
Power F. Erroll1963-1964
ScienceVt Hailsham1959-1964
ScotlandJ. Maclay1959-1962
M. Noble1962-1964
Board of TradeR. Maudling1959-1961
F. Erroll1961-1963
E. Heath1963-1964
Transport and AviationE. Marples1959-1964
WorksG. Rippon1963-1964

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