Conservative Government, 1970-1974

Prime MinisterE. Heath1970-1974
Lord PresidentW. Whitelaw1970-1972
R. Carr1972-1972
J. Prior1972-1974
Lord ChancellorQ. Hogg1970-1974
Lord Privy SealEl Jerricoe1970-1973
Ld Windlesham1973-1974
Chancellor of ExchequerI. MacLeod1970-1970
A. Barber1970-1974
Foreign SecretaryA. Douglas-Home1970-1974
Home OfficeR. Maudling1970-1972
R. Carr1972-1974
Ag, Fisheries and FoodJ. Prior1970-1972
J. Godber1972-1974
DefenceLd Carrington1970-1974
I. Gilmour1974-1974
Education and ScienceM. Thatcher1970-1974
EmploymentR. Carr1970-1970
Employment + ProductivityR. Carr 1970-1972
M. MacMillan1972-1973
W. Whitelaw1973-1974
EnergyLd Carrington1974-1974
P. Jenkin1974-1974
EnvironmentP. Walker1970-1972
G. Rippon1972-1974
Health + Social Security K. Joseph1970-1974
Housing and Local GvtP. Walker1970-1970
Duchy of LancasterA. Barber1970-1970
G. Rippon1970-1972
J. Davies1972-1974
Northern IrelandW. Whitelaw1972-1973
F. Pym1973-1974
Paymaster GeneralM. MacMillan1973-1974
ScotlandG. Campbell1970-1974
TechnologyG. Rippon1970-1970
J. Davies1970-1970
Trade M. Noble1970-1970
Trade and IndustryJ. Davies1970-1972
P. Walker1972-1974
Trade + Consumer AffairsG. Howe 1972-1974
Wales P. Thomas1970-1974

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