Conservative Cabinet 1990-

Prime MinisterJ. Major1990-
Deputy Prime MinisterM. Heseltine1995-
Lord PresidentJ. MacGregor1990-1992
A. Newton1992-
Lord ChancellorLd Mackay1990-
Lord Privy SealLd Waddington1990-1992
Ld Wakeham1992-1994
Vt Cranborne1994-
Chancellor of the ExchequerN. Lamont1990-1993
K. Clarke1993-
Chief Secretary to the TreasuryD. Mellor1990-1992
M. Portillo 1992-1994
J. Aitken1994-1995
W. Waldegrave1995-
Foreign SecretaryD. Hurd1990-1995
M. Rifkind1995-
Home SecretaryK. Baker1990-1992
K. Clarke1992-1993
M. Howard1993-
Agriculture, Fisheries and FoodJ. Gummer1990-1993
G. Shephard1933-1994
W. Waldegrave1994-1995
D. Hogg1995-
Public Service and ScienceW. Waldegrave1992-1994
D. Hunt1994-1995
DefenceT. King1990-1992
M. Rifkind1992-1995
M. Portillo 1995-
Education and ScienceK. Clarke1990-1992
J. Patten1992-1994
G. Shephard 1994-1995
Education and EmploymentG. Shephard1995-
EmploymentM. Howard1990-1992
G. Shephard1992-1993
D. Hunt1993-1994
M. Portillo1994-1995
EnergyJ. Wakeham1990-1992
EnvironmentM. Heseltine1990-1992
M. Howard1992-1993
J. Gummer1993-
HealthW. Waldegrave1990-1992
V. Bottomley1992-1995
S. Dorrell1995-
Duchy of LancasterC. Patten1990-1992
W. Waldegrave1992-1994
D. Hunt1994-1995
A. Newton1995-
Minister without PortfolioJ. Hanley1994-1995
B. Mawhinney1995-
National Heritage D. Mellor1992-1992
P. Brooke1992-1994
S. Dorrell1994-1995
V. Bottomley1995-
Northern IrelandP. Brooke1990-1992
P. Mayhew1992-
ScotlandI. Lang1990-1995
M. Forsyth1995-
Social SecurityA. Newton1990-1992
P. Lilley1992-
TradeP. Lilley1990-1992
M. Heseltine1992-1995
I. Lang1995-
TransportM. Rifkind1990-1992
J. MacGregor1992-1994
B. Mawhinney1994-1995
G. Young 1995-
WalesD. Hunt1990-1993
J. Redwood1993-1995
W. Hague1995-

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