Conservative Leadership Election 2001

Iain Duncan Smith becomes the new Leader

The final result: (13th September 2001)
Iain Duncan Smith155,933(60.72%)
Ken Clarke100,864(39.28%)

256,797 valid votes were cast

The candidates:

First Round Result: 10th July

Michael Portillo49
Iain Duncan Smith39
Ken Clarke36
Michael Ancram21
David Davis21

Because of the tie for last place there is a First Round Re-run.

Re-run Result: 12th July

Michael Portillo50
Iain Duncan Smith42
Ken Clarke39
David Davis18
Michael Ancram17

Michael Ancram is eliminated and David Davies withdraws. They both back Duncan Smith.

Second Round Result: 17th July

Ken Clarke59
Iain Duncan Smith54
Michael Portillo53

Michael Portillo is eliminated, and withdraws from 'frontline politics'

Ballot papers sent out to members: 20th Aug 2001
Those who have been members of the Party since at least 28 March 2001 are eligible to vote. The ballot closes at noon on 11th September.

The Times reports that about 25,000 people who joined the party after 28th March have been rules ineligible, but that thousands of lapsed members who have not paid their subscriptions in this millenium have received ballot papers. Initially some 318,000 ballot papers were issued, but a further 2,000 have been sent out after complaints from people who had not received forms. The party decided that no further requests for forms would be entertained after 4.0pm September 5th. 181,000 ballots had already been returned by early September.

Because Central Office would not make lists of members available to the candidates, each candidate used email to garner support. See examples.

The Times reports that the party announced that 235,500 ballot papers had been returned by 6th September. This is roughly 72% of eligible members. About 1% of the 300,000 membership were involved in queries about their eligibility to vote, but it was expected these would be resolved before the ballot closed.

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