Conservative party leadership 2005

 David Cameron elected Leader

  cameron David Cameronvoting record
  clarke Ken Clarkevoting record
  davis David Davisvoting record
  fox Liam Foxvoting record

27th September 2005: Michael Howard's proposal for a new method of electing the leader failed to achieve a two-thirds majority, and so the leadership election will take place under the rules that were introduced in 1998. 61% voted for the change and 39% against.

The Returning Officer will be the Chairman of the 1922 Committee, Sir Michael Spicer MP. The vote among party members will be conducted by Electoral Reform Ballot Services Ltd

Election timetable:
3 - 6 Oct  Party Conference
10th Oct  Nominations open
13th Oct  Nominations close
18th Oct  First ballot among MPs
1st Ballot
David Davis62
David Cameron56
Liam Fox42
Ken Clarke38
Ken Clarke is eliminated
20th Oct  Second ballot among MPs
2nd Ballot
David Cameron90
David Davis57
Liam Fox51
Liam Fox is eliminated
  David Cameron v. David Davis
3rd Nov  Contenders appear on BBC1's Question Time
4th Nov  Ballot papers sent to members
5th Dec  Ballot closed
6th Dec  Final result
Ballot of members:
CandidateVotes% of votes
% of eligible
David Cameron134,44667.61%53.00%
David Davis64,39832.39%25.38%
Majority: 70,048 (35.23%)
Total vote: 198,844
Total electorate: 253,689
Turnout: 78.38%
David Cameron is elected Leader

Also - not quite - rans:
  duncan Alan Duncan decided not to stand. See his article in the guardian. He favours a Clarke-Davis run-off
  lansley Andrew Lansley has previously backed Ken Clarke for leader
  leigh Edward Leigh considered standing because none of the current runners was 'radical' enough
  rifkind Malcolm Rifkind eventually decided not to stand and supports Ken Clarke
  willetts David Willetts decided not to stand and is supporting David Davis
  yeo Tim Yeo decided not to stand and supports Ken Clarke. There's a stalking weblog

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