Brent East

By-election, 18th September 2003

LibDem gain
Sarah TeatherLibDem8,15839.12%
Robert EvansLabour7,04033.76%
Uma FernandesConservative3,36816.15%
Noel LynchGreen6383.06%
Brian ButterworthSocialist Alliance against war and privatisation3611.73%
Khidori Fawzi IbrahimPublic Services Not War2191.05%
Winston McKenzieInd1970.94%
Kelly McBrideInd1890.91%
Harold ImmanuelInd1880.90%
Brian HallUKIP1400.67%
Iris CremerSocialist Labour1110.53%
Neil WalshInd1010.48%
Alan Howling Lord HopeOfficial Monster Raving Loony590.28%
Aaron Barschak(no description)370.18%
Jiten Bardwaj(no description)350.17%
Rainbow George WeissXAT3110.05%

Electorate 57,558; Turnout 36.23%; Majority 1,118 (5.36%)

Swing: 28.98% from Lab to LibDem; Declared: 2.35am

NB: Turnout is calculated, as with all results on this site, on the basis of total valid votes. There were 109 spoiled papers.

General Election result, June 2001

Labour hold
Paul Daisley Labour 18,32563.2%
David Gauke Conservative 5,27818.2%
Nowsheen Bhatti LibDem 3,06510.6%
Simone Aspis Green 1,3614.7%
Sarah Macken ProLife 3921.4%
Iris Cremer Socialist Labour 3831.3%
Ashwin Tanna UKIP 1880.6%

Electorate 55,891; Turnout 51.9%; Majority 13,047 (45.0%)

Swing: 0.0%; Declared: 3.16am

General Election result, May 1997

Labour hold
K Livingstone Labour 23,748 67.33%
M Francois Conservative 7,866 22.30%
I Hunter LibDem 2,751 7.80%
S Keable Socialist Labour 466 1.32%
A Shanks ProLife 218 0.62%
C Warrilow Rainbow Dream Ticket 120 0.34%
D Jenkin Natural Law 103 0.29%

Electorate: 53,548; Turnout 65.87%; Lab majority 15,882 (45.03%)

Swing from Con to Lab of 14.40%

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