General Election result, June 2001

Liberal Democrat hold
Mark Oaten LibDem 32,28254.6%
Andrew Hayes Conservative 22,64838.3%
Stephen Wyeth Labour 3,4985.9%
Joan Martin UKIP 6641.1%
Henrietta Rous Wessex Region 660.1%

Electorate 81,801; Turnout 72.3%; Majority 9,634 (16.3%)

Swing: 8.1% to LibDem from Con; Declared: 5.17am

By-Election: 20th November 1997

The election of Mark Oaten was declared void on petition on 6th October 1997

Liberal Democrat hold

M. OatenLibDem37,00668.0%
G.P. MaloneConservative15,45028.4%
P. DaviesLabour*9441.7%
R. PageUKIP*5211.0%
L.D. SutchMRLP*3160.6%
R.J. HuggettInd L Dem*590.1%
R.J. BarryNatural Law*480.1%
R.J. EverestInd C*400.1%

Electorate: ; Turnout: 68.9% Liberal Democrat majority 21,556

General Election result, May 1997

LibDem gain

M OatenLibDem26,10042.06%
G MaloneConservative26,09842.06%
P DaviesLabour6,52810.52%
P StrandReferendum1,5982.58%
R HuggettInd6401.03%
D RumseyUKIP4760.77%
J BrowneInd3070.50%
P StocktonLoony3070.50%

Electorate: 79,272; Turnout: = 78.28%; LibD majority 2 (0.003%)

Swing from Con to LibD of 7.40%

This result is contested in the High Court (18th June 1997)

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