Candidates in 2001 and their webpages

This is a full list of candidates listed by constituency put together from a variety of sources. I calculate (or, rather, my computer does) that there are 3,318 in total, although the various sources do not always agree on who is standing in some constituencies.

Candidates have adopted a somewhat mixed approach to the internet. Most do not have a webpage, though each of the major parties has a search facility that gives very basic information for all their candidates. The webpages of some MPs standing for re-election have simply been taken down for the duration of the election; some have created special election pages; and others have just left their pages untouched (possibly a technical legal breach). The webpages I have found are linked in the lists below. I have located just over 260 (not including the very cursory pages offered by the central party websites ¶ ) which is not quite 8% !

If you know of a webpage that is not listed please email me

  It is not easy to decide whether to count some webpages. I have ignored those that simply say "Our candidate is X". I have tried to include just those where there has been some effort to provide information specifically for the election. Some of the smaller parties have done this centrally, and I have included these, but have excluded the output from the larger parties' databases, on the ground that they don't really count as the candidate's personal webpage. Given the timescale involved, it is not easy to apply any criteria sytematically, so there may well be anomalies. I shall be happy to receive corrections and additions.

The following abbreviations for parties are used in the lists of candidates:-
ACF - Anti-Corruption Forum; AL - Asian League; Bean - New Millenium Bean; BNP - British National Party; Comm - Communist; Con - Conservative; DCSP - Direct Customer Service Party; DUP - Democratic Unionist Party; DWSB - Defend the Welfare State against Blairism; Elvis - Church of the Militant Elvis Party; FDP - Fancy Dress Party; Grey - Grey Party; Green - Green Party; IKHH - Independent, Kidderminster Hospital and Health Concern; Ind - Independent; IndVFY - Independent Vote for Yourself Party; IOW - Isle of Wight Party; JLDP - John Lilburne Democratic Party; JP - Justice Party; JWP - Jam Wrestling Party; LA - Left Alliance; Lab - Labour Party; LCA - Legalise Cannabis Alliance; LEDP - Lower Excise Duty Party; Lib - Liberal Party; LibDem - Liberal Democrats; LP - Liberated Party; MK - Mebyon Kernow; MP - Marxist Party; MRLP - Monster Raving Loony Party; Mus - Muslim Party; NB - New Britain Party; NF - National Front; NIUP - Northern Ireland Unionist Party; NIWC - Northern Ireland Womens Coalition; PC - Plaid Cymru; PDP - Progressive Democratic Party; PECP - Pro-Euro Conservative Party; PJP - People's Justice Party; PLA - Pro Life Alliance; PPP - Pacifist Party for Peace, Cooperation, Environment; PUP - Progressive Unionist Party; R2000 - Reform 2000; RMGB - Residents and Motorists of Great Britain; RRLP - Rock & Roll Loony Party; RUK - Reform UK; SA - Socialist Alliance; SAlt - Socialist Alternative; SDLP - Social Democratic and Labour Party; SF - Sinn Féin; SFRP - Scottish Freedom Referendum Party; SLP - Socialist Labour Party; SNP - Scottish National Party; SSP - Scottish Socialist Party; Stuc - Stuckist Party; SUP - Scottish Unionist Party; TCP - The Countryside Party; TFP - The Freedom Party; TTG - The Tatton Group; TTP - The Truth Party; TW - Third Way; UKIP - United Kingdom Independence Party; UKP - UK Pathfinders; UKUP - United Kingdom Unionist Party; UPP - Unrepresented People's Party; UUP - Ulster Unionist Party; Wess - Wessex Regionalist; WP - Workers Party; WRP - Workers Revolutionary Party.
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