UK General Election 2001

Democratic Unionist marginals after the 2001 election

Listed in order of percentage majority

u Indicates that a university or a significant part of one (e.g. a college campus) is situated in the constituency.

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Strangford1110 2.57 1.54Ulster Unionist59.928.3% to DUP from UUP
Londonderry East u1901 4.77 3.16Ulster Unionist66.217.4% to DUP from UUP
Belfast North u638715.6010.48Sinn Fein67.17-
Belfast East711719.3212.18Ulster Unionist63.021.0% to DUP from UUP
Antrim North1422428.9019.11Ulster Unionist66.113.0% to DUP from UUP

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British General Election 2005: Democratic Unionist marginals

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