Labour UK General Election 2001

Seats where Labour came second in 2001

Listed in order of percentage majority

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Boston & Skegness515 1.28 0.74Conservative58.290.1% to Lab from Con
Beverley & Holderness781 1.68 1.04Conservative62.050.3% to Lab from Con
Bedfordshire South West776 1.77 1.10Conservative62.060.8% to Con from Lab
Basingstoke880 1.83 1.11Conservative60.671.2% to Lab from Con
Castle Point985 2.48 1.45Conservative58.382.4% to Con from Lab
Upminster1241 3.67 2.18Conservative59.575.2% to Con from Lab
Canterbury2069 4.58 2.79Conservative60.871.4% to Lab from Con
Bury St Edmunds2503 4.98 3.29Conservative66.002.2% to Con from Lab
Bosworth2280 5.05 3.26Conservative64.441.6% to Con from Lab
10 Moray1744 5.25 3.01SNP57.388.3% to Lab from SNP
11 Argyll & Bute1653 5.34 3.36LibDem62.959.6% to Lab from LibDem
12 Chesterfield2586 5.82 3.53LibDem60.708.5% to LibDem from Lab
13 Hexham2529 5.96 4.23Conservative70.912.7% to Con from Lab
14 Uxbridge2098 6.28 3.61Conservative57.552.2% to Con from Lab
15 Chipping Barnet2701 6.36 3.85Conservative60.452.1% to Con from Lab
16 Gosport2621 6.59 3.76Conservative57.153.2% to Lab from Con
17 Altrincham & Sale West2941 6.75 4.07Conservative60.271.9% to Con from Lab
18 Carmarthen East & Dinefwr2590 6.81 4.79Plaid Cymru70.427.6% to PC from Lab
19 Norfolk North West3485 6.81 4.43Conservative65.064.6% to Con from Lab
20 Wycombe3168 7.04 4.26Conservative60.531.3% to Con from Lab
21 Suffolk Central & Ipswich North3469 7.36 4.68Conservative63.480.3% to Con from Lab
22 Hertfordshire North East3444 7.71 5.01Conservative64.970.9% to Con from Lab
23 Spelthorne3262 7.80 4.75Conservative60.810.6% to Con from Lab
24 Old Bexley & Sidcup3345 7.94 4.93Conservative62.110.5% to Con from Lab
25 Meriden3784 8.49 5.13Conservative60.393.7% to Con from Lab
26 Suffolk Coastal4326 8.58 5.63Conservative65.611.4% to Con from Lab
27 Mid Norfolk4562 8.68 5.91Conservative68.103.2% to Con from Lab
28 Newark4073 9.02 5.73Conservative63.537.4% to Con from Lab
29 Grantham & Stamford4518 9.76 5.98Conservative61.312.3% to Con from Lab
30 Aldridge-Brownhills3768 9.97 6.04Conservative60.632.3% to Con from Lab
31 Suffolk West429510.12 6.12Conservative60.523.2% to Con from Lab
32 Banbury521910.13 6.19Conservative61.061.0% to Con from Lab
33 Faversham & Mid Kent418310.19 6.15Conservative60.370.9% to Con from Lab
34 Eddisbury456810.29 6.60Conservative64.163.9% to Con from Lab
35 Havant420710.40 5.99Conservative57.561.4% to Con from Lab
36 Lichfield442610.62 7.00Conservative65.915.1% to Con from Lab
37 Yorkshire East468210.81 6.50Conservative60.112.0% to Con from Lab
38 Beckenham495910.88 6.81Conservative62.610.9% to Con from Lab
39 Billericay501310.99 6.38Conservative58.074.2% to Con from Lab
40 Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross274411.03 6.81LibDem61.681.6% to LibDem from Lab
41 Suffolk South508111.22 7.42Conservative66.161.6% to Con from Lab
42 Wantage560011.40 7.36Conservative64.530.2% to Con from Lab
43 Hertsmere490211.81 7.12Conservative60.282.9% to Con from Lab
44 Hertford & Stortford560311.88 7.39Conservative62.240.4% to Lab from Con
45 Caernarfon351112.08 7.49Plaid Cymru62.014.7% to Lab from PC
46 Chelmsford West626113.01 8.02Conservative61.660.6% to Lab from Con
47 Blaby620913.03 8.40Conservative64.460.5% to Con from Lab
48 Stone603613.22 8.77Conservative66.293.0% to Con from Lab
49 Cities of London & Westminster449913.24 6.25Conservative47.230.5% to Con from Lab
50 Cambridgeshire North East637313.26 7.98Conservative60.152.0% to Con from Lab
51 Shropshire North624113.42 8.47Conservative63.114.6% to Con from Lab
52 Rushcliffe735713.51 8.99Conservative66.522.7% to Con from Lab
53 Bracknell671313.64 8.28Conservative60.682.0% to Lab from Con
54 Bournemouth West471814.02 7.47Conservative53.241.5% to Lab from Con
55 Worthing East & Shoreham613914.25 8.51Conservative59.731.2% to Lab from Con
56 Bognor Regis & Littlehampton564314.48 8.43Conservative58.250.6% to Lab from Con
57 Derbyshire West737014.57 9.87Conservative67.773.0% to Con from Lab
58 Hitchin & Harpenden666314.83 9.92Conservative66.861.0% to Con from Lab
59 Chingford & Woodford Green548714.84 8.67Conservative58.471.0% to Con from Lab
60 Devon South West714415.2310.07Conservative66.130.6% to Con from Lab
61 Ashford735915.35 9.59Conservative62.502.8% to Con from Lab
62 Fareham700915.42 9.80Conservative63.542.2% to Lab from Con
63 Tweeddale Ettrick & Lauderdale515715.53 9.84LibDem63.355.9% to LibDem from Lab
64 Macclesfield720015.79 9.85Conservative62.340.1% to Lab from Con
65 Congleton713415.82 9.92Conservative62.671.1% to Con from Lab
66 Thanet North665015.88 9.36Conservative58.965.1% to Con from Lab
67 Essex North718615.9910.04Conservative62.772.6% to Con from Lab
68 Charnwood773916.0310.33Conservative64.442.8% to Con from Lab
69 Witney797316.2010.69Conservative65.951.9% to Con from Lab
70 Staffordshire South688116.31 9.84Conservative60.290.5% to Con from Lab
71 Romford597716.74 9.98Conservative59.619.2% to Con from Lab
72 Louth & Horncastle755416.9910.56Conservative62.131.6% to Con from Lab
73 Daventry964917.0211.15Conservative65.522.6% to Con from Lab
74 Mid Bedfordshire806617.2911.39Conservative65.881.9% to Con from Lab
75 Hertfordshire South West818117.3111.17Conservative64.530.4% to Lab from Con
76 Norfolk South West936617.6911.16Conservative63.116.7% to Con from Lab
77 Sleaford & North Hykeham862217.7011.49Conservative64.914.0% to Con from Lab
78 Bromsgrove813817.8111.95Conservative67.104.3% to Con from Lab
79 Woodspring879818.0412.39Conservative68.662.8% to Lab from Con
80 Poole716618.2711.09Conservative60.691.1% to Lab from Con
81 Rutland & Melton861218.3011.75Conservative64.230.8% to Con from Lab
82 Cambridgeshire North West810118.4311.37Conservative61.701.3% to Con from Lab
83 Rochford & Southend East703418.78 9.91Conservative52.754.9% to Con from Lab
84 Bedfordshire North East857718.9612.27Conservative64.753.6% to Con from Lab
85 Gainsborough807119.0712.25Conservative64.252.4% to Con from Lab
86 Tewkesbury866319.1712.21Conservative63.720.2% to Lab from Con
87 Maldon & Chelmsford East846219.1912.05Conservative62.770.4% to Lab from Con
88 Edinburgh West758919.2212.14LibDem63.162.6% to Lab from LibDem
89 Croydon South869719.3011.85Conservative61.411.3% to Lab from Con
90 Rayleigh829019.3811.73Conservative60.540.7% to Lab from Con
91 Tonbridge & Malling825019.4412.50Conservative64.320.7% to Lab from Con
92 Runnymede & Weybridge836019.7011.06Conservative56.140.3% to Con from Lab
93 Epping Forest842619.8711.61Conservative58.435.0% to Con from Lab
94 Ruislip Northwood753720.2912.40Conservative61.101.5% to Con from Lab
95 Reigate802520.3312.23Conservative60.162.2% to Con from Lab
96 Orkney & Shetland347520.7710.89LibDem52.446.5% to Lab from LibDem
97 Tatton861120.8613.26Conservative63.550.0%
98 Bromley & Chislehurst903720.9013.45Conservative64.350.1% to Lab from Con
99 Southend West794121.2512.32Conservative57.982.6% to Con from Lab
100 Fylde961021.4813.08Conservative60.902.1% to Con from Lab
101 Epsom & Ewell1008021.6113.57Conservative62.810.2% to Con from Lab
102 Devizes1189622.3414.35Conservative64.211.9% to Con from Lab
103 Maidstone and the Weald1031822.6413.94Conservative61.592.4% to Con from Lab
104 Sutton Coldfield1010423.2514.06Conservative60.472.5% to Lab from Con
105 Mid Worcestershire1062723.6714.75Conservative62.312.6% to Con from Lab
106 Broxbourne899323.7613.23Conservative55.674.8% to Con from Lab
107 Sevenoaks1015423.8315.24Conservative63.941.5% to Con from Lab
108 South Holland & The Deepings1109924.0214.92Conservative62.114.0% to Con from Lab
109 Hampshire North West1200924.6915.39Conservative62.311.5% to Con from Lab
110 Esher & Walton1153825.3415.69Conservative61.910.8% to Lab from Con
111 Vale of York1251725.8117.07Conservative66.123.8% to Con from Lab
112 Southwark North & Bermondsey963226.1313.10LibDem50.138.9% to LibDem from Lab
113 Meirionnydd Nant Conwy568426.9817.24Plaid Cymru63.900.4% to Lab from PC
114 Buckingham1332529.4320.42Conservative69.362.2% to Con from Lab
115 Beaconsfield1306531.0018.84Conservative60.780.9% to Lab from Con
116 Kensington & Chelsea877131.2813.55Conservative43.332.8% to Con from Lab
117 Wyre Forest1763035.9324.43Kidderminster Hosp68.004.8% to Con from Lab
118 Richmond (Yorks)1631937.0624.97Conservative67.378.0% to Con from Lab
119 Ross Skye & Inverness West1295237.2123.16LibDem62.2613.6% to LibDem from Lab

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British General Election 2005: Labour in second place

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