UK General Election 2001

Liberal Democrat marginals after the 2001 election

Listed in order of percentage majority

§ Indicates the sitting MP is not standing for re-election
u Indicates that a university or a significant part of one (e.g. a college campus) is situated in the constituency.

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Cheadle33 0.08 0.05Conservative63.203.0% to LibDem from Con
Weston-Super-Mare338 0.72 0.45Conservative62.810.8% to Con from LibDem
North Norfolk483 0.86 0.60Conservative70.221.5% to LibDem from Con
Mid Dorset & Poole North384 0.88 0.58Conservative65.571.1% to LibDem from Con
Guildford u538 1.12 0.71Conservative62.704.8% to LibDem from Con
Somerton & Frome668 1.27 0.88Conservative69.340.5% to LibDem from Con
Brecon & Radnorshire751 2.00 1.41Conservative70.464.9% to Con from Lab
Devon West and Torridge §1194 2.14 1.51Conservative70.510.6% to Con from LibDem
Hereford968 2.17 1.41Conservative65.175.2% to Con from LibDem
10 Ludlow1630 3.78 2.57Conservative67.908.2% to LibDem from Con
11 Newbury2415 4.75 3.20Conservative67.315.2% to Con from LibDem
12 Romsey2370 4.89 3.29Conservative67.1810.7% to LibDem from Con
13 Teignbridge3011 5.08 3.52Conservative69.342.7% to LibDem from Con
14 Argyll & Bute1653 5.34 3.36Labour62.959.6% to Lab from LibDem
15 Chesterfield2586 5.82 3.53Labour60.708.5% to LibDem from Lab
16 Devon North2984 6.06 4.14Conservative68.312.6% to Con from LibDem
17 Eastleigh §3058 6.43 4.10Conservative63.772.5% to LibDem from Con
18 Southport3007 7.31 4.28Conservative58.622.4% to Con from LibDem
19 Yeovil3928 8.16 5.24Conservative64.186.4% to Con from LibDem
20 Richmond Park §496410.10 6.87Conservative68.032.4% to LibDem from Con
21 Cornwall South East537510.39 6.80Conservative65.440.5% to Con from LibDem
22 Sutton & Cheam430410.84 6.76Conservative62.413.2% to LibDem from Con
23 Caithness Sutherland & Easter Ross274411.03 6.81Labour61.681.6% to LibDem from Lab
24 Carshalton & Wallington454711.20 6.75Conservative60.313.3% to LibDem from Con
25 Cheltenham § u525512.56 7.78Conservative61.920.4% to Con from LibDem
26 Colchester555312.70 7.12Conservative56.104.8% to LibDem from Con
27 Aberdeenshire W & Kincardine482112.72 7.85Conservative61.763.3% to LibDem from Con
28 Torbay670814.10 8.82Conservative62.537.0% to LibDem from Con
29 Twickenham765515.3310.18Conservative66.384.0% to LibDem from Con
30 Tweeddale Ettrick & Lauderdale515715.53 9.84Labour63.355.9% to LibDem from Lab
31 Portsmouth South u609415.54 7.90Conservative50.873.6% to LibDem from Con
32 Truro & St Austell806516.0410.18Conservative63.493.0% to Con from LibDem
33 Winchester963416.2911.78Conservative72.328.1% to LibDem from Con
34 Northavon987717.7112.53Conservative70.727.2% to LibDem from Con
35 Oxford West & Abingdon u918517.8111.49Conservative64.533.8% to LibDem from Con
36 Cornwall North §983218.2111.61Conservative63.762.7% to Con from LibDem
37 Edinburgh West758919.2212.14Labour63.162.6% to Lab from LibDem
38 St Ives1005320.4113.54Conservative66.353.6% to LibDem from Con
39 Orkney & Shetland347520.7710.89Labour52.446.5% to Lab from LibDem
40 Harrogate & Knaresborough884520.9713.56Conservative64.654.0% to LibDem from Con
41 Bath u989421.3713.86Conservative64.872.0% to LibDem from Con
42 Lewes971021.3714.64Conservative68.499.4% to LibDem from Con
43 Montgomeryshire623421.5114.09Conservative65.510.9% to LibDem from Con
44 Hazel Grove843521.9212.96Conservative59.101.0% to Con from LibDem
45 Gordon787922.5113.12Conservative58.283.0% to LibDem from Con
46 Berwick-upon-Tweed845823.3014.86Conservative63.790.9% to LibDem from Con
47 Sheffield Hallam § u934724.4415.85Conservative64.843.1% to LibDem from Con
48 Roxburgh & Berwickshire §751126.0815.81Conservative60.611.7% to LibDem from Con
49 Southwark North & Bermondsey u963226.1313.10Labour50.138.9% to LibDem from Lab
50 Fife North East u973628.0615.73Conservative56.051.7% to LibDem from Con
51 Kingston & Surbiton u1567631.9321.57Conservative67.5415.9% to LibDem from Con
52 Ross Skye & Inverness West1295237.2123.16Labour62.2613.6% to LibDem from Lab

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British General Election 2005: Liberal Democrat marginals

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