UK General Election 2001

Seats where the Liberal Democrats came second in 2001

Listed in order of percentage majority

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Taunton235 0.43 0.29Conservative67.642.2% to Con from LibDem
Orpington269 0.53 0.34Conservative64.572.2% to LibDem from Con
Surrey South West861 1.74 1.22Conservative70.271.5% to LibDem from Con
Cardiff Central659 1.89 1.10Labour58.288.5% to LibDem from Lab
Dorset West1414 2.85 1.98Conservative69.530.3% to LibDem from Con
Haltemprice & Howden1903 4.33 2.85Conservative65.835.4% to LibDem from Con
Isle of Wight2826 4.45 2.71Conservative60.796.6% to Con from LibDem
Eastbourne2154 4.81 2.87Conservative59.560.5% to Con from LibDem
Wells2796 5.45 3.77Conservative69.172.3% to Con from LibDem
10 Oldham East & Saddleworth2726 6.00 3.66Labour60.960.1% to LibDem from Lab
11 Westmorland & Lonsdale3147 6.57 4.46Conservative67.821.2% to LibDem from Con
12 Totnes3597 7.30 4.96Conservative67.882.9% to Con from LibDem
13 Wiltshire North3878 7.32 4.93Conservative67.340.7% to Con from LibDem
14 Maidenhead3284 7.58 4.70Conservative62.038.0% to LibDem from Con
15 Dorset North3797 7.94 5.26Conservative66.291.4% to Con from LibDem
16 Bristol West4426 7.95 5.22Labour65.630.4% to Lab from LibDem
17 Birmingham Yardley2578 8.59 4.92Labour57.232.7% to LibDem from Lab
18 New Forest East3829 9.08 5.74Conservative63.210.8% to LibDem from Con
19 Bournemouth East3434 9.59 5.58Conservative58.190.2% to LibDem from Con
20 Bridgwater498710.42 6.71Conservative64.423.6% to Con from LibDem
21 Westbury529410.46 6.96Conservative66.570.1% to LibDem from Con
22 Ryedale487511.11 7.29Conservative65.670.4% to Con from LibDem
23 Tiverton & Honiton628411.26 7.79Conservative69.174.2% to Con from LibDem
24 Harborough525211.31 7.17Conservative63.340.5% to LibDem from Con
25 Ceredigion394411.40 7.03Plaid Cymru61.666.9% to LibDem from PC
26 Aberdeen South438811.89 7.43Labour62.502.1% to Lab from LibDem
27 Worcestershire West537411.99 8.05Conservative67.112.1% to Con from LibDem
28 Norfolk South689312.32 8.33Conservative67.620.2% to Con from LibDem
29 Folkestone & Hythe590712.88 8.25Conservative64.060.4% to Con from LibDem
30 Wokingham599413.67 8.76Conservative64.082.5% to LibDem from Con
31 Rochdale565514.35 8.14Labour56.702.5% to Lab from LibDem
32 Aldershot656414.48 8.39Conservative57.911.2% to Con from LibDem
33 Edinburgh South549914.80 8.53Labour57.687.2% to LibDem from Lab
34 Mid Sussex689815.05 9.77Conservative64.881.1% to Con from LibDem
35 Woking675915.75 9.49Conservative60.222.3% to Con from LibDem
36 Salisbury870316.5410.81Conservative65.322.9% to Con from libDem
37 Devon East819517.1311.78Conservative68.791.4% to Con from LibDem
38 Cambridgeshire South East899017.3311.01Conservative63.540.2% to LibDem from Con
39 Cambridgeshire South840317.3811.66Conservative67.050.6% to Con from LibDem
40 Hampshire East889017.6811.36Conservative64.281.1% to LibDem from Con
41 Henley845819.0512.24Conservative64.271.3% to LibDem from Con
42 Solihull940719.4912.33Conservative63.270.1% to Con from LibDem
43 Cambridge857920.0312.14Labour60.628.6% to LibDem from Lab
44 Aylesbury1000920.3912.51Conservative61.362.9% to Con from Lab
45 Worthing West903720.9112.48Conservative59.673.0% to Con from LibDem
46 Blaydon780921.0612.09Labour57.437.6% to LibDem from Lab
47 Windsor888921.1112.04Conservative57.020.8% to Con from LibDem
48 Stratford-on-Avon1180221.4914.01Conservative65.200.7% to LibDem from Con
49 Mole Valley1015321.5714.86Conservative68.901.4% to Con from LibDem
50 Leominster1036722.1915.40Conservative69.422.4% to Con from LibDem
51 Ribble Valley1123822.8515.12Conservative66.165.6% to Con from LibDem
52 Chichester1135522.9014.61Conservative63.812.8% to Con from LibDem
53 Bexhill & Battle1050323.4515.22Conservative64.890.4% to Con from LibDem
54 Edinburgh Central814223.6812.32Labour52.045.2% to LibDem from Lab
55 Saffron Walden1200423.9915.65Conservative65.222.7% to Con from LibDem
56 Surrey Heath1081923.9914.26Conservative59.462.9% to LibDem from Con
57 Hornsey & Wood Green1061424.0913.97Labour58.0013.2% to LibDem from Lab
58 Tunbridge Wells973024.2015.08Conservative62.294.4% to Con from LibDem
59 Islington South & Finsbury728025.8112.23Labour47.397.7% to LibDem from Lab
60 Oxford East1034425.9614.50Labour55.848.1% to LibDem from Lab
61 Cotswold1198326.0617.59Conservative67.481.3% to Con from LibDem
62 Huntingdon1279226.0615.92Conservative61.117.3% to LibDem from Con
63 Wealden1377226.1116.58Conservative63.511.0% to Con from LibDem
64 Chesham & Amersham1188226.2416.97Conservative64.670.2% to LibDem from Con
65 Skipton & Ripon1293026.3217.40Conservative66.102.5% to Con from LibDem
66 Edinburgh North & Leith881726.5314.06Labour52.983.7% to LibDem from Lab
67 St Helens South898526.5813.67Labour51.4214.3% to LibDem from Lab
68 Horsham1366626.9217.17Conservative63.780.5% to Con from LibDem
69 Glasgow Kelvin726027.0911.80Labour43.564.9% to LibDem from Lab
70 Christchurch1354427.3218.44Conservative67.4911.8% to Con from LibDem
71 Surrey East1320328.0617.76Conservative63.290.2% to Con from LibDem
72 Strathkelvin & Bearsden1171728.2418.64Labour65.997.5% to LibDem from Lab
73 Arundel1370429.8619.31Conservative64.671.3% to Con from LibDem
74 New Forest West1319129.9219.48Conservative65.103.6% to Con from LibDem
75 Hampshire North East1325730.1718.59Conservative61.631.0% to Con from LibDem
76 City of Durham1344132.4019.31Labour59.607.8% to LibDem from Lab
77 Manchester Withington1152432.8817.08Labour51.947.6% to LibDem from Lab
78 Penrith & The Border1467733.1721.39Conservative64.506.1% to Con from LibDem
79 Newcastle upon Tyne Central1160533.2817.07Labour51.305.5% to LibDem from Lab
80 Sheffield Hillsborough1456934.2519.64Labour57.341.6% to Lab from LibDem
81 Sheffield Heeley1170434.2818.89Labour55.112.6% to LibDem from Lab
82 Greenock & Inverclyde989034.8020.65Labour59.353.8% to LibDem from Lab
83 Wansbeck1310135.0120.75Labour59.277.3% to LibDem from Lab
84 Blyth Valley1218835.2819.29Labour54.683.2% to LibDem from Lab
85 Holborn & St Pancras1117535.9017.82Labour49.638.3% to LibDem from Lab
86 Kingston-upon-Hull North1072137.4417.03Labour45.496.9% to LibDem from Lab
87 Liverpool Garston1249438.2719.19Labour50.162.0% to LibDem from Lab
88 Liverpool Wavertree1231938.3316.98Labour44.292.3% to LibDem from Lab
89 Streatham1427038.5718.77Labour48.675.3% to LibDem from Lab
90 Vauxhall1301838.9917.48Labour44.844.4% to LibDem from Lab
91 Manchester Gorton1130441.5117.71Labour42.663.1% to LibDem from Lab
92 Sheffield Central1254441.7220.64Labour49.482.3% to LibDem from Lab
93 Islington North1295842.8820.91Labour48.766.4% to LibDem from Lab
94 Newcastle upon Tyne East & Wallsend1422343.5023.13Labour53.178.5% to LibDem from Lab
95 Birmingham Sparkbrook & Small Heath1624644.3321.85Labour49.285.3% to LibDem from Lab
96 Islwyn1530948.3129.88Labour61.868.7% to LibDem from Lab
97 Salford1101248.9120.34Labour41.584.9% to LibDem from Lab
98 Hackney South & Shoreditch1504949.5923.52Labour47.422.6% to Lab from LibDem
99 Kingston-upon-Hull East1532549.6423.08Labour46.505.9% to LibDem from Lab
100 Jarrow1759551.0328.09Labour55.051.4% to LibDem from Lab
101 Barnsley East & Mexborough1678951.6425.57Labour49.515.5% to LibDem from Lab
102 Manchester Central1374253.0020.74Labour39.132.8% to LibDem from Lab
103 Gateshead East & Washington West1790453.2627.96Labour52.494.1% to LibDem from Lab
104 Liverpool Riverside1395054.7018.64Labour34.081.2% to LibDem from Lab
105 Barnsley Central1513054.9325.18Labour45.846.3% to LibDem from Lab
106 Camberwell & Peckham1412356.2626.31Labour46.761.0% to LibDem from Lab
107 Knowsley South2131658.2630.16Labour51.775.3% to LibDem from Lab
108 Liverpool Walton1799663.2427.17Labour42.962.0% to LibDem from Lab
109 Bootle1904369.0134.34Labour49.764.1% to LibDem from Lab

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British General Election 2005: Liberal Democrats in second place

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