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DHSS Reform

It is time for the Social Justice Party to reform the DHSS.

It cannot be justified for a claimant to claim support for themselves and families where applicable, and offer nothing in return. It is traumatic to loose ones income for whatever reason.

The Social Justice Party will employ all claiments and enforce the following..

  • Benefit Review to raise All benefit above the poverty level.

  • Emergency Increase of benefit for pensioners.

  • Removal of Family Allowance for those above 50k p.a.

    The benefit is intended for those who need it.

  • Compulsory Indentity Cards

    This will use fingerprint technology, as a counter-fraud measure.

  • Compulsory Bank Accounts

    Payment books & girocheques will be phased out as an anti-fraud measure.

  • Compulsory Part Time Work

    Claimants will be required to work irregular Mornings, or Afternoons helping the Community,Elderly, or the Disabled.

    • Painting
    • Decorating
    • Gardening
    • Shopping
  • An open Reward for information on Fraud.

Change does not come easily

Please read our Manifesto

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