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S.J.P. Manifesto

The Social Justice Party will be posting the Full Party Manifesto shortly.

I would ask before our radical changes outrage you, that you take the time to follow the links and read our viewpoints.

Change does not come easily

So what do we stand for...

  • The Return of Capital Punishment
  • Higher tax rates for high earners
  • Immediate increases in benefits to equal minimum wage
  • NHS return to original administration system
  • Prescription charge by prescription NOT per item
  • Legalisation of Drugs
  • Advance through school by Knowledge NOT Age
  • Introduce a Social Justice Fund (System absolve debt rather than sentence)
  • Freedom of Information
  • Reduction of FUEL TAX
  • Limits on profit margins
  • No tax on overtime
  • Introduction of professional licensing (security,medical,driving)
  • Removal of T.V. License Fee
  • Removal of Family allowance for high earners
  • Prison Reform
  • No reduction on prison sentences
  • Removal of social facilities in prison
  • Judicial Reform
  • Law Reform
  • Legalisation of assisted Euthanasia
  • Equal Rights for the Disabled
  • Equal Opportunities for the disabled
  • Building and Undergroung Access for the disabled
  • Free Care for all the disabled who need it
  • Strict registration of Nursing Homes
  • Pension Reforms for the Elderly
  • A Dignified senior Pension
  • Scrapping of all Standing Charges on Utilities for the Elderly
  • Better Social Services Support
  • Reform of DHSS
  • Compulsory part time work for Benefit Claimants
  • Compulsory Bank Accounts for Benefit Claimants
  • Compulsory Identity Cards
  • Compulsory DNA Recording
  • Transport Reform

Change does not come easily

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