As stated all People's Party Policies are subject to ratification by a majority of the people.

Solely as a basis for discussion we now put forward policy proposals as fundamental principle's which we hope will be agreed by the majority of the people.

1) Everyman should have the right to propose policies for debate and vote.

All people will be able to propose policies in their local congress.

The people will initially vote on whether or not to debate all policy proposals.

If the majority of the local congress agrees to debate a proposal, said proposal will be carried forward to debate in the next local congress.

The proposal will be published in all forms of media, and every deputy will be required to post their opinion regarding that proposal on the Internet.

The proposer of the policy will open the debate. The deputy with the most support will speak next.

The debate will then be open to the floor, and the chair will allow all those wishing to participate to speak.

Following the debate all present will vote, deputies casting block votes. The local population will be allowed 24 hours to alter their deputies vote, following which the result will stand and be carried forward to the regional congress.

2) Everyman should have the right to vote on every policy.

3) Everyman should have the right to participate in the National Congress.

Examples for Policies to debate


Should we keep the pound or accept the Euro?

Should the UK hand over control to Europe or pull away?

Law and order

Should the death penalty be brought back and if so for what offences?


Should the TV licence be fazed out?

The Armed Forces

Do we bring back national service?

The National Health Service

Should more subsidies be given to the private sector (in the form of tax relief) to alleviate the burden on the NHS?


Should cars be banned from city centres?