Plaid Cymru UK General Election 2001

Seats where Plaid Cymru came second in 2001

Listed in order of percentage majority

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Ynys Mon800 2.35 1.50Labour63.714.3% to Lab from PC
Llanelli640317.6911.01Labour62.2510.6% to PC from Lab
Caerphilly1442537.1521.43Labour57.7010.5% to PC from Lab
Neath1481642.3126.46Labour62.5311.5% to PC from Lab
Pontypridd1768446.1624.64Labour53.385.6% to PC from Lab
Merthyr Tydfil & Rhymney1492347.1027.17Labour57.6911.8% to PC from Lab
Rhondda1604747.1928.59Labour60.597.0% to PC from Lab
Ogmore1457448.0227.93Labour58.169.5% to PC from Lab
Cynon Valley1299848.2226.72Labour55.425.4% to PC from Lab
10 Aberavon1610853.3632.53Labour60.966.1% to PC from Lab
11 Swansea East1614853.7028.07Labour52.289.2% to PC from Lab
12 Blaenau Gwent1931360.8836.20Labour59.466.7% to PC from Lab

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British General Election 2005: Plaid Cymru in second place

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