UK General Election 2001

Seats where the SNP came second in 2001

Listed in order of percentage majority

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Galloway & Upper Nithsdale74 0.21 0.14Conservative67.446.8% to Con from SNP
Western Isles1074 8.16 4.95Labour60.627.0% to SNP from Lab
Inverness East Nairn & Lochaber471611.11 7.10Labour63.903.1% to Lab from SNP
Dundee East447513.83 7.92Labour57.245.4% to SNP from Lab
Aberdeen North444914.66 8.41Labour57.415.7% to SNP from Lab
Ochil534915.15 9.29Labour61.342.3% to Lab from SNP
Clydesdale779420.3912.10Labour59.335.0% to SNP from Lab
Dundee West680023.2512.65Labour54.393.7% to SNP from Lab
Cunninghame North839824.8315.27Labour61.493.5% to SNP from Lab
10 Aberdeen Central664625.1513.24Labour52.664.2% to SNP from Lab
11 Glasgow Govan640025.3111.84Labour46.768.2% to Lab from SNP
12 Cumbernauld & Kilsyth752025.3215.12Labour59.712.8% to SNP from Lab
13 Renfrewshire West857525.6016.21Labour63.332.7% to Lab from SNP
14 Kilmarnock & Loudoun1033427.4416.93Labour61.706.1% to Lab from SNP
15 Falkirk West853227.6215.77Labour57.104.1% to SNP from Lab
16 Dumbarton957528.1717.21Labour61.090.9% to Lab from SNP
17 Linlithgow912928.8416.72Labour57.970.8% to Lab from SNP
18 Livingston1061629.4616.37Labour55.561.0% to Lab from SNP
19 East Kilbride1275530.5919.16Labour62.622.5% to SNP from Lab
20 Fife Central1007530.9916.91Labour54.551.4% to SNP from Lab
21 Midlothian901431.3818.54Labour59.071.7% to Lab from SNP
22 Falkirk East1071231.7818.41Labour57.910.2% to SNP from Lab
23 Kirkcaldy896331.8317.38Labour54.610.6% to Lab from SNP
24 Clydebank & Milngavie1072433.0120.63Labour62.510.5% to SNP from Lab
25 Paisley North932134.3319.42Labour56.581.6% to SNP from Lab
26 Edinburgh East & Musselburgh1216835.3220.54Labour58.160.4% to Lab from SNP
27 Dunfermline West1098035.4520.22Labour57.050.8% to Lab from SNP
28 Motherwell & Wishaw1095636.9220.90Labour56.611.0% to Lab from SNP
29 Airdrie & Shotts1233438.8721.14Labour54.380.7% to Lab from SNP
30 Paisley South1191039.0022.32Labour57.242.5% to Lab from SNP
31 Glasgow Cathcart1081639.4920.76Labour52.570.3% to Lab from SNP
32 Cunninghame South1123040.0922.47Labour56.040.9% to SNP from Lab
33 Hamilton South1077540.2823.09Labour57.323.9% to SNP from Lab
34 Glasgow Anniesland1105441.3720.74Labour50.141.7% to SNP from Lab
35 Glasgow Baillieston983942.3019.97Labour47.212.2% to SNP from Lab
36 Glasgow Rutherglen1262543.2224.35Labour56.340.5% to Lab from SNP
37 Glasgow Maryhill988844.4817.84Labour40.111.8% to SNP from Lab
38 Glasgow Pollok1126844.5822.90Labour51.371.3% to Lab from SNP
39 Hamilton North & Bellshill1356144.6025.33Labour56.790.1% to SNP from Lab
40 Glasgow Springburn1137847.2020.62Speaker (Lab)43.673.8% to SNP from Lab
41 Glasgow Shettleston981847.9719.04Labour39.695.6% to SNP from Lab
42 Dunfermline East1506350.0728.52Labour56.970.6% to SNP from Lab
43 Coatbridge & Chryston1531450.5229.35Labour58.090.4% to SNP from Lab

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British General Election 2005: SNP in second place

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