UK General Election 2001
U Unionist

Seats where Ulster Unionist came second in the 2001 election

Listed in order of percentage majority

ConstituencyMajorityMajority as
% of
Total Vote
Majority as
% of
Fermanagh and South Tyrone53 0.10 0.08Sinn Fein77.9914.2% to SF from UUP
Strangford1110 2.57 1.54Democratic Unionist59.928.3% to DUP from UUP
Londonderry East1901 4.77 3.16Democratic Unionist66.217.4% to DUP from UUP
West Tyrone504010.39 8.30Sinn Fein79.907.1% to SF from UUP
Belfast East711719.3212.18Democratic Unionist63.021.0% to DUP from UUP
Antrim North1422428.9019.11Democratic Unionist66.113.0% to DUP from UUP

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British General Election 2005: seats with Ulster Unionist in second place

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