UK General Election 2005
  Election timetable

The following represents the timetable of events assuming that the election is held on 5th May 2005

1st December:Publication of the electoral register
11th March:Deadline for final application under rolling registration
11th April:Issue of writ for the election
14th April:Nominations commence
19th April:Deadlines for:-
  • nominations
  • withdrawal of candidates
  • appointment of agents
  • making objections
  • publication of names of candidates
  • receipt of changes to postal votes and proxy votes
26th April:Deadline for receipt of late postal and proxy vote applications
27th April:Final Issue of postal/proxy votes and proxy poll cards
Last day to make alterations to the register
28th April:First day to apply for replacement postal vote
3rd May:Deadline for appointment of polling and counting officers
4th May:Deadline for application of replacement postal vote
5th May:Election Day (hours of poll 7 am to 10 pm)
Counting the vote commences at 10 pm
10th June:Candidates file election expenses

Based in part on the Electoral Commission's Election Planner

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British General Election 2005: Timetable

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