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July 29th

A by-election will be held in Paisley South following the death of the sitting MP, Gordon McMaster. Mr McMaster had a majority of 12,750.

July 10th

The date for the Uxbridge by-election was announced as 31st July. The Uxbridge seat was previously held by the late Sir Michael Shersby by 724 votes.

Ken Livingstone, MP for Brent East, has announced his intention to stand for election to the NEC in the constituency section. It is likely that he will be competing against Peter Mandelson, MP for Hartlepool.

July 9th

Allegations of electoral fraud in the Winchester constituency are being investigated by police. It is alleged that there were cases of 'personation' - i.e. votes being cast under someone else's name.

July 2nd

Details of Gordon Brown's Budget.
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