Compiled by David Boothroyd
Just 22 days before nominations close for the 1997 General Election, three
MPs today announced they would not be standing. Meanwhile Labour completed
a hotly disputed selection in the inner east end seat of Bethnal Green and


Name     Constituency    Replacement


Michael Alison   North Yorkshire, Selby  Ken Hind (1)
Sir Tom Arnold   Greater Manchester, Hazel Brendan Murphy
Jack Aspinwall   Avon, Wansdyke    Mark Prisk
Kenneth Baker   Surrey, Mole Valley  Sir A. Beresford (2)
Sir Nicholas Baker  Dorset, North Dorset   Robert Walter
Robert Banks   North Yorkshire, Harrogate  Norman Lamont (2)
John Biffen   Shropshire, North Shropshire Owen Paterson
John Butcher   Coventry, South West   Paul Ivey
John Carlisle   Bedfordshire, North Luton David Senior
Sir Kenneth Carlisle  Lincoln    Tony Brown
Paul Channon   Southend, West    David Amess (2)
Sir Julian Critchley  Hampshire, Aldershot   Gerald Howarth (1)
Sir Anthony Durant  Berkshire, Reading West  Nick Bennett (1)
Barry Field   Isle of Wight   Andrew Turner
Dudley Fishburn  Kensington and Chelsea,  Sir Nicholas Scott
     Kensington    (2)
Dame Janet Fookes  Plymouth, Sutton   Andrew Crisp
Tristan Garel-Jones  Watford    Robert Gordon
Sir Anthony Grant  Cambridgeshire, South West  Andrew Lansley
Sir John Hannam  Exeter     Dr. Adrian Rogers
David Harris   Cornwall, St. Ives   William Rogers
 (but see below)
Robert Hicks   Cornwall, South East Cornwall Warwick Lightfoot
Sir Terence Higgins  Worthing     Peter Bottomley (2)
Sir Peter Hordern  West Sussex, Horsham   Francis Maude (1)
David Howell   Surrey, Guildford   Nick St. Aubyn
Sir Ralph Howell   Norfolk, North Norfolk  David Prior
Sir John Hunt   Bromley, Ravensbourne  John Horam (2)
Douglas Hurd   Oxfordshire, Witney  Shaun Woodward
Michael Jopling  Cumbria, Westmorland and  Tim Collins
Dame Elaine Kellett-Bowman Lancashire, Lancaster  Keith Mans (2)
Dame Jill Knight   Birmingham Edgbaston   Andrew Marshall
Sir David Knox   Staffordshire, Staffordshire Andrew Ashworth
Sir Michael Marshall  West Sussex, Arundel   Nick Gibb
Sir Patrick McNair-Wilson Hampshire, New Forest  Dr. Julian Lewis
Sir Patrick Mayhew  Kent, Tunbridge Wells  Archie Norman
Sir David Mitchell  Hampshire, North West  Sir George Young (2)
Sir Hector Monro   Dumfries and Galloway,  Struan Stevenson
Sir Fergus Montgomery Altrincham and Sale  Graham Brady
Richard Needham  Wiltshire, North Wiltshire  James Gray
Anthony Nelson   West Sussex, Chichester  Andrew Tyrie
Steven Norris   Essex, Epping Forest   Eleanor Laing
Sir Cranley Onslow  Surrey, Woking    Humfrey Malins (1)
John Patten   Oxfordshire, Oxford West and Laurence Harris
Sir Geoffrey Pattie  Chertsey and Walton  Phil Hammond
Sir Tim Renton   West Sussex, Mid Sussex  Nicholas Soames (2)
Sir Wyn Roberts  Gwynedd, Conwy    David Jones
Richard Ryder   Norfolk, Mid-Norfolk   Keith Simpson
Sir Tim Sainsbury  Hove     Robert Guy
Sir Giles Shaw   Pudsey     Peter Bone
Roger Sims    Bromley, Chislehurst   Eric Forth (2)
Sir Trevor Skeet   Bedfordshire, North  Sir Nicholas
     Bedfordshire    Lyell (2)
Sir Keith Speed  Kent, Ashford   Damian Green
Sir James Spicer   Dorset, West Dorset  Oliver Letwin
Allan Stewart   Eastwood
Roy Thomason   Hereford and Worcester,  Julie Kirkbride
Patrick Thompson   Norwich, North    Robert Kinghorn
Neville Trotter  Tynemouth    Martin Callanan
Sir Gerard Vaughan  Berkshire, Reading East  John Watts (2)
George Walden   Buckinghamshire, Buckingham John Bercow
John Ward   Poole     Robert Syms
Sir Jerry Wiggin   Avon, Weston-super-Mare  Margaret Daly (3)
Mark Wolfson   Kent, Sevenoaks   Michael Fallon (1)


Roland Boyes   Houghton and Washington  Fraser Kemp
Dr. Jeremy Bray  Motherwell, South   Frank Roy
Jim Callaghan   Greater Manchester, Heywood Jim Dobbin
      and Middleton
Don Dixon   Jarrow     Stephen Hepburn
Ken Eastham   Manchester, Blackley   Graham Stringer
Andrew Faulds   Warley, East    John Spellar (2)
Peter Hardy   South Yorkshire, Wentworth  John Healey
Roy Hattersley   Birmingham, Sparkbrook  Roger Godsiff (2)
Norman Hogg   Strathclyde, Cumbernauld and (Mike Watson (2)?)
Doug Hoyle    Warrington, North   (Bryan Davies (2)?)
Robert Hughes   Aberdeen, North   Malcolm Savidge
Roy Hughes    Gwent, Newport East  Alan Howarth (2)(4)
Greville Janner  Leicester, West   Patricia Hewitt 
Bob Litherland   Manchester, Central  Tony Lloyd (2)
Eddie Loyden   Liverpool, Garston   Maria Eagle
Max Madden (5)   Bradford, West    Marsha Singh
Alf Morris    Manchester, Wythenshawe  Paul Goggins
Gordon Oakes   Cheshire, Halton   Derek Twigg
Stan Orme   Salford, East   Hazel Blears
Bob Parry   Liverpool, Riverside   Louise Ellman
Peter Shore   Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green Oona King
      and Stepney
Jack Thompson   Northumberland, Wansbeck  Dennis Murphy
Sir Harold Walker  Doncaster, Central   Rosie Winterton
Gareth Wardell   West Glamorgan, Gower  Martin Caton

Liberal Democrat

David Alton   Liverpool, Mossley Hill  Richard Kemp
Alex Carlile   Powys, Montgomery   Lembit Opik
Sir Russell Johnston  Highland, Inverness, Nairn  Stephen Gallagher
      and Lochaber
Emma Nicholson (6)  Devon, Torridge and West Devon David McBride
Sir David Steel  Borders, Tweeddale, Ettrick Michael Moore
      and Lauderdale
Peter Thurnham (7)  Bolton, North East   Dr. Edmund Critchley

Ulster Unionist

James Molyneaux  Lagan Valley    Jeffrey Donaldson



David Ashby   Leicestershire, North West  Robert Goodwill
Sir George Gardiner (8) Reigate    Crispin Blunt
Sir Nicholas Scott  Kensington and Chelsea,  Alan Clark (1)
Michael Stephen  West Sussex, Shoreham  Peter Bottomley (2)

(in addition, Robert Banks and Roy Thomason announced they would retire
after their constituency associations voted to open up the selection to
other candidates; see the Retiring MPs section)


Bryan Davies   Oldham, Central and Royton  Michael Meacher (2)
John Fraser   Lambeth, Norwood   Tessa Jowell (2)
Mildred Gordon   Tower Hamlets, Bow and Poplar Jim Fitzpatrick (9)
Max Madden (5)   Bradford, West    Marsha Singh
Nigel Spearing   Newham, Newham South   Jim Fitzpatrick (9)
Mike Watson   Glasgow, Central   Mohammed Sarwar
David Young   Bolton, South East   Brian Iddon



Hartley Booth   Barnet, Finchley
Winston Churchill  Davyhulme
Terry Dicks (10)   Hillingdon, Hayes and
David Harris (11)  Cornwall, St. Ives
Michael Stephen  West Sussex, Shoreham


Bryan Davies   Oldham, Central and Royton  ?Warrington North?
Mike Watson   Glasgow, Central   ?Cumbernauld/Kilsyth?





Strathclyde, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth
Warrington, North


(1) - Former MP
(2) - Current MP
(3) - Former MEP
(4) - Alan Howarth defected from the Conservative Party on 12th October 1995.
(5) - Max Madden announced his decision to retire in 1994 but has since
  decided to rescind it and contested the selection. The Labour Party
  NEC has decided that he must do so without the advantages of
  incumbency (ie automatic reselection if nominated by two thirds of
  branches). In the event, he lost heavily; this counts as both a
  retirement and a deselection.
(6) - Emma Nicholson defected from the Conservative Party on 29th December
(7) - Peter Thurnham defected from the Conservative Party and joined the
  Liberal Democrats on 12th October 1996.
(8) - Sir George Gardiner defected from the Conservative Party and joined
  the Referendum Party on 8th March 1997.
(9) - Selected for the new seat of Poplar and Canning Town over two sitting
(10) - Terry Dicks declined to seek reselection in his own unchanged
(11) - David Harris stood down in 1995 in order to care for his wife; she has
  since died and he has attempted to find another seat.

\/ David Boothroyd, psephologist, Libertarian socialist.De minimis non curat DB
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