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European Election Manifesto 1999

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Introduction - "Taking back our freedom!"

It would be possible for the British National Party's European parliamentary election manifesto to be the shortest such document ever printed, for our policy in relation to the European Union can be summed up in three words: 'Get Britain Out!' However, after years of almost uninterrupted pro-EU propaganda by the upper echelons of all of the old political parties and by the broadcasting media -- particularly what has become known as the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation -- it is necessary to take rather more space to explain just how and why membership of the European Union has proved such a disaster for Britain and the British people.

The corruption and waste endemic in the EU bureaucracy are so notorious that they do not need to be listed here, although it is worth pointing out that when Euro-fraud whistle-blower Paul van Buitenen was suspended on halfpay by the European Commission, one of the loudest voices which successfully urged the European Parliament not to reinstate him was that of the leader of the Socialist group, Labour MEP Pauline Green.

The present British Government's unthinking support for the United States of Europe project is, however, best summed up by the fact that Tony Blair signed the Amsterdam Treaty -- the latest update to the Treaties of Rome and Maastricht, which signals another big leap forward on the road to fully fledged federalism -- without even reading it properly. This is known for certain because at the time when our Prime Minister signed the Amsterdam Treaty on our behalf, it had not even been translated into English! While Mr. Blair speaks reasonable French, the idea that he would be able to read and digest an entire treaty written in French legalese is frankly absurd. Nor are the Conservatives any better; Kenneth Clarke, for example, famously announced that he was in favour of the Maastricht Treaty, before going on in the very next breath to admit that he had never even read it.

Such uncritical faith in the wonders of an institution which everybody else knows to be a corrupt, vainglorious and dictatorial monster can only be described as perverse. We therefore make no apology for describing its supporters as 'federasts', a term which perfectly sums up the warped nature of those who are selling a thousand years of British independence for a place for themselves on the Brussels bandwaggon.

Although the simple answer to the danger posed by the EU to our freedom and prosperity is to get Britain out, this manifesto does provide a constructive solution to each prbblem thrown up by our membership of the European Union as long as we remain in it. In the cases where a handful of Members of the European Parliament could do something to throw a spanner in the works of the federal juggernaut, specific proposals for actions by British National Party MEPs are given.

These may be taken as firm pledges made by all of our candidates in the 1999 European election campaign. But such actions can only delay the advent of the United States of Europe, whose establishment has, regrettably, to be recognised as a virtual certainty in the near future.

The real significance of this election campaign, therefore, is the part it will play in building the British National Party, helping to establish us as the only party with a coherent and practical alternative vision to the ·coming federal Europe. So-called 'Euro-sceptic' groups like UKIP cannot 6t this bill, not least because their commitment to globalism means that they can only offer the electorate the choice of jumping from the Euro-federal frying-pan into the economically devastating fire of international free trade.

The triumph of the Euro-federasts will be short-lived, as their project flies in the face of history and human nature. Even as they put the finishing touches to their castle of fraud and lies, patriots in every one of the enchained nations of Europe will be building the grass-roots popular support which will one day overthrow the Euro-dictatorship of bankers and bureaucrats. We shall be free!