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Natural Law Unites - creating a truly unified Europe as the first step to a United World


Dr Geoffrey Clements

"AT THE TIME OF THIS EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT ELECTION, the Balkans war is creating the worst threat to stability in Europe for 50 years. At the same time, Europe is facing an invasion of another form; genetically modified crops and foods are being thrust upon us, with almost no regard for the wishes of the public or the risks to our health or the safety of the environment.

The Natural Law Party has effective, scientific solutions for these and the other serious ongoing problems in the life of the nation, Europe and the world. The crisis in Yugoslavia can be resolved. The formula of creating a group of experts in Yogic Flying will produce an immediate and lasting effect. Stress and incoherence will subside, and be replaced by harmony, integration and peace.

Our campaign to ban genetically modified crops and foods is based on sound scientific principles. This campaign is being conducted by the Natural Law Party throughout the EU, and in a total of over 70 countries around the world.

The old policies of the old parties will yield the same old problems. The new scientific programmes and policies of the Natural Law Party can create a united problem-free Europe as the first step to a united peaceful world."

 "The policies of the Natural Law Party are not a luxury. Bringing life in accordance with Natural Law is absolutely essential for our individual and collective well-being, and our very survival."
Peter Warburton
 "The Natural Law Party is the only party that offers a bright future for everyone, based on proven programmes, creating a crime-free, disease-free, pollution-free, problem-free nation, Europe and world."
Richard Johnson,

"Our programmes enliven the nourishing and evolutionary values of Natural Law to restore and maintain the health, happiness and harmony of the family of the nation."
Patricia Saunders

 "The European Union is a vast and complex project. Its success can only be assured if collective consciousness is made highly coherent by a group of 7000 Yogic Flyers."
John Collins,
Only a new seed will yield a new crop
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