Parliamentary By-election: Haltemprice & Howden

10th July 2008

The by-election followed the resignation of David Davis after the Government's narrow win on the issue of 42 day detention without trial.

[E] Conservative hold

David Michael DavisConservative17,11371.57%
Shan OakesGreen1,7587.35%
Joanne RobinsonEnglish Democrats: Putting England First1,7147.17%
Tess CulnaneNational Front Britain For the British5442.28%
Gemma Dawn GarrettMiss Great Britain Party5212.18%
Jill SawardInd4922.06%
Mad Cow-GirlOfficial Monster Raving Loony Party4121.72%
Walter Edward SweeneyInd2381.00%
John NicholsonInd1620.68%
David CraigInd1350.56%
David PinderThe New Party1350.56%
David IckeInd1100.46%
Hamish HowittFreedom 4 Choice910.38%
Christopher John TalbotSocialist Equality Party840.35%
Grace Christine AstleyInd770.32%
George HargreavesChristian Party760.32%
David Laurence BishopChurch of the Militant Elvis Party440.18%
John Randle UpexInd380.16%
Greg WoodInd320.13%
Eamonn "Fitzy" FitzpatrickInd310.13%
Ronnie CarrollMake Politicians History290.12%
Thomas Faithful DarwoodInd250.10%
Christopher Mark ForenInd230.10%
Herbert Winford CrossmanInd110.05%
Tony FarnonInd80.03%
Norman ScarthInd80.03%

Electorate: 70,226; Total vote: 23,911; Turnout: 34.05%;
Majority: 15,355 (64.22%)

General election result

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