UK General Election 2005

Altogether there are 3,550 candidacies in the election, including those in the postponed Staffordshire South election, with 113* distinct party labels. However, about a dozen people are standing in more than one constituency. I would estimate that the total number of people standing in the election is 3,521.

Click on the party name for further details of individual candidates and constituencies for that party.

Source: Press Association, which has a list of candidates by constituency. The PA uses abbrebiations for party names. I have tried to expand these to the full name. Unfortunately, the PA key to their abbreviations is hopeless, so it is possible I may have made some errors. If you spot any, I'd be grateful if you would email me, but these numbers are likely to change a bit as the PA makes corrections to its list.

Once a correct version of the final results becomes available, I shall update these figures.

PartyNumber of
Alliance: 12
Alliance for Change: 3
Alliance for Green Socialism: 5
Alternative Party: 1
Save Bristol North Baths: 1
Bean: 1
Blair Must Go Party: 1
British National Party: 119
British Public Party: 1
Bridges: 1
Burnley: 1
Conservative: 630
Community Action Party: 4
Community Group 1
Clause 28 Children's Protection
  Christian Democrats
Communist Party
  of Britain
Community: 1
Civilisation Party: 1
Christian Peoples Alliance: 9
Campaigning for Real Democracy: 1
The Common Good: 1
Croydon Pensions Alliance: 1
Death Dungeons & Taxes Party: 2
Democratic Labour Party: 1
Democratic Socialist Alliance
  - People Before Profit
Democratic Unionist Party: 18
English Parliamentary Party: 1
Elvis: 1
English Democrats Party: 25
Families First UK: 1
Fit Party For Integrity And Trust: 1
Forward Wales Party: 6
Freedom Party: 1
Free Scotland Party: 3
Get Britain Back Party: 1
Green: 202
PartyNumber of
Honesty: 1
Independent: 170
Ind Green Voice: 1
Imperial Party: 1
Independent Progressive Labour
Iraq War, Not In My Name: 1
Independent Working Class
Islam Zinda Baad Platform: 1
Justice Party: 1
Kidderminster Hospital
  and Health Concern
Labour: 595
Labour and Co-op: 32
Legalise Cannabis Alliance: 21
Liberal Democrat: 626
Liberal: 14
Local Community Party: 1
Official Monster Raving Loony: 20
Removal of Tetra masts
  in Cornwall
Max Power Party: 1
Millennium Council: 1
Mebyon Kernow: 4
Motorcycle News Party: 1
Newcastle Academy
  with Christian Values Party
No description 6
National Front: 13
Northern Progress For You: 1
Open-Forum: 1
Operation Christian Vote: 10
Seeks A Worldwide Online
  Participatory Democracy
Pride in Paisley Party: 1
Plaid Cymru: 40
Progressive Democratic Party: 1
People of Horsham First 1
People's Choice
  Making Politicians Work
Peace Party: 2
Pensioners Party Scotland: 1
Peace & Progress: 3
Protest Vote Party: 1
Personality And Rational Thinking?
  Yes! Party
PartyNumber of
Publican Party
  - Free to Smoke (Pubs)
Residents Association: 2
Respect: 26
Safeguard The National Health Service: 1
Scottish Independence Party: 1
Scottish Senior Citizens
  Unity Party
Scottish Unionist: 1
Social Democratic
  & Labour Party
Senior Citizens Party: 2
Sinn Féin: 18
Silent Majority Party: 1
Scottish National Party: 59
Socialist Alternative Party: 17
Socialist Environmental
Socialist: 1
Socialist Labour Party: 49
Socialist Unity Network: 2
SOS!: 2
The Speaker: 1
Scottish Socialist Party: 58
St Albans Party: 1 1
Tigers eye the party for kids: 1
The Resolutionist Party: 1
Third Way: 2
Their Party: 1
UK Community Issues Party: 3
United Kingdom Independence
UK Pathfinders: 1
UK Pensioners Party: 1
Ulster Unionist: 18
The Veritas Party: 66
Virtue Currency Cognitive Appraisal Party: 1
Vote for yourself rainbow
  dream ticket
Wessex Regionalist: 1
Workers Party (NI): 6
Workers' Revolutionary Party: 10
Xtraordinary People Party: 1
Your Party: 2

* Actually, I detect 135 distinct party labels, but ten cases seem to be different labels used by the PA for the same party, though I may be mistaken about this. It may, indeed, be that the groups themselves have not been consistent in the names they have put on their nomination forms, or that different parties have put up joint candidates. In the lists of candidates names, I have grouped them together where I think that they might be the same party, but I have preserved the original AP label. This is particularly a problem with the English Democrats Party. I have also now merged the Ind variants with the Inependents.

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British General Election 2005: List of election candidates

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Thanks to Goalie of the Century for pointing out the errors in the first version of this table, and to Daniel Vulkan and P. Bonifatius Hicks for sharing the fruits of their researches with me.

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