UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Gravesham — Hampshire North WestHampstead & Highgate — Hendon
[E] Conservative gain
Holloway A.J.H.Conservative19,73943.69%
Pond C.R.*Labour19,08542.24%
Parmenter B.E.LibDem4,85110.74%
Coates G.UKIP8501.88%
Nickerson C.A.English Independence Party6541.45%

Electorate: 68,672; Turnout: 65.79%;
Majority: 654 (1.45%)

Great Grimsby
[E] Labour hold
Mitchell A.V.*Labour15,51247.06%
Taylor G.E.A.Conservative7,85823.84%
De Freitas A.LibDem6,35619.28%
Fyfe S.P.BNP1,3384.06%
Grant M.UKIP1,2393.76%
Brooks D.M.Green6612.01%

Electorate: 63,711; Turnout: 51.74%;
Majority: 7,654 (23.22%)

Great Yarmouth
[E] Labour hold
Wright A.D.*Labour18,85045.56%
Fox J.M.Conservative15,79538.17%
Newton S.C.LibDem4,58511.08%
Poole B.R.UKIP1,7594.25%
Skipper M.R.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 68,887; Turnout: 60.07%;
Majority: 3,055 (7.38%)

Greenwich & Woolwich
[E] Labour hold
Raynsford W.R.N.*Labour17,52749.21%
Le Breton C.D.G.LibDem7,38120.72%
Craig A.J.Conservative7,14220.05%
Sharman D.T.Green1,5794.43%
Bushell G.English Democrats1,2163.41%
Gain S.J.UKIP7091.99%
Nagalingam P.T. Ms.Ind610.17%

Electorate: 63,631; Turnout: 55.97%;
Majority: 10,146 (28.49%)

[E] Conservative gain
Milton A.F. Ms.Conservative22,59543.76%
Doughty S.K. Ms.*LibDem22,24843.09%
Landles K. Ms.Labour5,0549.79%
Pletts J.M.Green8111.57%
Haslam M.N.UKIP6451.25%
Morris J.H.Peace Party1660.32%
Lavin A.V. Ms.Ind1120.22%

Electorate: 75,564; Turnout: 68.33%;
Majority: 347 (0.67%)

Hackney North & Stoke Newington
[E] Labour hold
Abbott D.J. Ms.*Labour14,26848.56%
Blanchard J.C.LibDem6,84123.28%
Hurer E.Conservative4,21814.36%
Borris M. Ms.Green2,9079.89%
Vail D.B.Ind6022.05%
Sen N.Socialist Labour2961.01%
Barrow N.G.A.Loony2480.84%

Electorate: 59,274; Turnout: 49.57%;
Majority: 7,427 (25.28%)

Hackney South & Shoreditch
[E] Labour hold
Hillier M. Ms.Labour17,04852.88%
Baylis H.LibDem6,84421.23%
Moss J.Conservative4,52414.03%
Dan Iyan I.Green1,7795.52%
Ryan D.Respect1,4374.46%
Rae B.Liberal3130.97%
Goldman M.Communist2000.62%
Leff J.Workers Revolutionary Party920.29%

Electorate: 64,826; Turnout: 49.73%;
Majority: 10,204 (31.65%)

Halesowen & Rowley Regis
[E] Labour hold
Heal S.L. Ms.*Labour19,24346.56%
Jones L.Conservative14,90636.07%
Turner M.LibDem5,20412.59%
Sinclaire N.C. Ms.UKIP1,9744.78%

Electorate: 65,447; Turnout: 63.15%;
Majority: 4,337 (10.49%)

[E] Labour hold
Riordan L. Ms.Labour16,57941.80%
Hopkins K.F.Conservative13,16233.19%
Taylor M.F.LibDem7,10017.90%
Wallace G.J.BNP2,6276.62%
Holmes T.F.National Front1910.48%

Electorate: 65,041; Turnout: 60.98%;
Majority: 3,417 (8.62%)

Haltemprice & Howden
[E] Conservative hold
Davis D.M.*Conservative22,79247.45%
Neal J.LibDem17,67636.80%
Hart E.A.Labour6,10412.71%
Mainprize J.P.BNP7981.66%
Lane P.A.UKIP6591.37%

Electorate: 68,436; Turnout: 70.18%;
Majority: 5,116 (10.65%)
By-election: 10th July 2008

[E] Labour hold
Twigg J.D.*Labour21,46062.78%
Bloom C.C.Conservative6,85420.05%
Barlow R.J.LibDem5,86917.17%

Electorate: 64,375; Turnout: 53.10%;
Majority: 14,606 (42.73%)

Hammersmith & Fulham
[E] Conservative gain
Hands G.W.Conservative22,40745.43%
Smallman M.L. Ms.Labour17,37835.23%
Bullion A.J.LibDem7,11614.43%
Harrold F. Ms.Green1,9333.92%
Fisher G.M.A.UKIP4931.00%

Electorate: 78,615; Turnout: 62.75%;
Majority: 5,029 (10.20%)

Hampshire East
[E] Conservative hold
Mates M.J.*Conservative24,27345.68%
Bright R.K. Ms.LibDem18,76435.31%
Broughton M.A.C. Ms.Labour8,51916.03%
Samuel D.M.UKIP1,5832.98%

Electorate: 79,801; Turnout: 66.59%;
Majority: 5,509 (10.37%)

Hampshire North East
[E] Conservative hold
Arbuthnot J.N.*Conservative25,40753.73%
Carew A.S.LibDem12,85827.19%
McGrath K.D.Labour7,63016.14%
Birch P.UKIP1,3922.94%

Electorate: 72,939; Turnout: 64.83%;
Majority: 12,549 (26.54%)

Hampshire North West
[E] Conservative hold
Young G.S.K.*Conservative26,00550.73%
Tod M.P.N.LibDem12,74124.85%
Mumford M.J.Labour10,59420.67%
Sumner F.C.P.UKIP1,9253.75%

Electorate: 79,035; Turnout: 64.86%;
Majority: 13,264 (25.87%)

Hampstead & Highgate
[E] Labour hold
Jackson G.M. Ms.*Labour14,61538.29%
Wauchope P.A.Conservative10,88628.52%
Fordham E.T.LibDem10,29326.96%
Berry S.R. Ms.Green2,0135.27%
Nielsen M.UKIP2750.72%
Weiss R.G.Vote for yourself
rainbow dream ticket

Electorate: 68,737; Turnout: 55.53%;
Majority: 3,729 (9.77%)

[E] Conservative hold
Garnier E.H.*Conservative20,53642.85%
Hope J.S. Ms.LibDem16,64434.73%
Evans P.G.Labour9,22219.24%
King M.E.N. Ms.UKIP1,5203.17%

Electorate: 74,585; Turnout: 64.25%;
Majority: 3,892 (8.12%)

[E] Labour hold
Rammell W.E.*Labour16,45341.41%
Halfon R.H.Conservative16,35641.16%
Spenceley L.H. Ms.LibDem5,00212.59%
Felgate J.S.UKIP9812.47%
Bennett A.J.S.Veritas9412.37%

Electorate: 63,180; Turnout: 62.89%;
Majority: 97 (0.24%)

Harrogate & Knaresborough
[E] LibDem hold
Willis G.P.*LibDem24,11356.26%
Punyer M.A. Ms.Conservative13,68431.93%
Ferris L.M. Ms.Labour3,6278.46%
Royston C.A.UKIP8451.97%
Banner C.T.BNP4661.09%
Allman J.W.Ind1230.29%

Electorate: 65,044; Turnout: 65.89%;
Majority: 10,429 (24.33%)

Harrow East
[E] Labour hold
McNulty A.J.*Labour23,44546.13%
Ashton D.J.Conservative18,71536.82%
Nandhra P.K.LibDem7,74715.24%
Cronin P.D.UKIP9161.80%

Electorate: 83,904; Turnout: 60.57%;
Majority: 4,730 (9.31%)

Harrow West
[E] Labour hold
Thomas G.R.*Labour20,29842.50%
Freer M.W.Conservative18,27038.25%
Noyce C.D.LibDem8,18817.14%
Cronin J. Ms.UKIP5761.21%
Daver B.J.Ind4270.89%

Electorate: 74,133; Turnout: 64.42%;
Majority: 2,028 (4.25%)

[E] Labour hold
Wright I.D.*Labour18,25151.50%
Dunn J. Ms.LibDem10,77330.40%
Vigar A.A. Ms.Conservative4,05811.45%
Springer G.A.UKIP1,2563.54%
Harrison F.Socialist Labour3731.05%
Ryder I. Ms.Green2880.81%
Hobbs J.N.Ind2750.78%
Headbanger J.C.B.Loony1620.46%

Electorate: 68,813; Turnout: 51.50%;
Majority: 7,478 (21.10%)

[E] Conservative gain
Carswell J.D.W.Conservative21,23542.13%
Henderson I.J.*Labour20,31540.30%
Tully K.LibDem5,91311.73%
Titford J.W.UKIP2,3144.59%
Tipple J.E.Respect4770.95%
Humphrey C.A.Ind1540.31%

Electorate: 80,319; Turnout: 62.76%;
Majority: 920 (1.83%)

Hastings & Rye
[E] Labour hold
Foster M.J.*Labour18,10742.11%
Coote M.S.Conservative16,08137.39%
Stevens R.D.LibDem6,47915.07%
Grant T.C.UKIP1,0982.55%
Phillips S. Ms.Green1,0322.40%
Ord-Clarke J.Loony2070.48%

Electorate: 72,371; Turnout: 59.42%;
Majority: 2,026 (4.71%)

[E] Conservative hold
Willetts D.L.*Conservative18,37044.42%
Bogle S.J. Ms.Labour11,86228.69%
Bentley A.M.LibDem8,35820.21%
Dawes T.M.Green1,0062.43%
Harris S.A.UKIP9982.41%
Johnson I.R.BNP5621.36%
Thomas R.M.Veritas1950.47%

Electorate: 67,635; Turnout: 61.14%;
Majority: 6,508 (15.74%)

Hayes & Harlington
[E] Labour hold
McDonnell J.M.*Labour19,00958.69%
Worrall R.G.Conservative8,16225.20%
Ball J.T.A.LibDem3,1749.80%
Hazel T.L.BNP8302.56%
Haley M.A.UKIP5521.70%
Outten B.A.Green4421.36%
Goddard P.F.Ind2200.68%

Electorate: 57,449; Turnout: 56.38%;
Majority: 10,847 (33.49%)

Hazel Grove
[E] LibDem hold
Stunell A.*LibDem19,35549.48%
White A.G.Conservative11,60729.67%
Graystone A.P.Labour6,83417.47%
Ryan S.K.UKIP1,3213.38%

Electorate: 64,353; Turnout: 60.79%;
Majority: 7,748 (19.81%)

Hemel Hempstead
[E] Conservative gain
Penning M.A.Conservative19,00040.33%
McWalter T.*Labour18,50139.27%
Grayson R.S.LibDem8,08917.17%
Newton B.UKIP1,5183.22%

Electorate: 72,635; Turnout: 64.86%;
Majority: 499 (1.06%)

[E] Labour hold
Trickett J.H.*Labour21,63058.79%
Mortimer J.N.Conservative8,14922.15%
Hall-Matthews D.LibDem5,76615.67%
Burdon H.J.Veritas1,2473.39%

Electorate: 67,339; Turnout: 54.64%;
Majority: 13,481 (36.64%)

[E] Labour hold
Dismore A.H.*Labour18,59644.45%
Evans R.G.Conservative15,89738.00%
Boethe N. Ms.LibDem5,83113.94%
Williams D.G.Green7541.80%
Smallman M.UKIP6371.52%
Weiss R.G.Vote for yourself
rainbow dream ticket
Stewart M.M.Progressive Democratic Party560.13%

Electorate: 71,924; Turnout: 58.17%;
Majority: 2,699 (6.45%)

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