UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Henley — Houghton & Washington EastHove — Islington South & Finsbury
[E] Conservative hold
Johnson A.B.*Conservative24,89453.49%
Turner D.G.LibDem12,10126.00%
Saeed K.A.Labour6,86214.75%
Stevenson M.C.Green1,5183.26%
Gray-Fisk D.I. Ms.UKIP1,1622.50%

Electorate: 68,591; Turnout: 67.85%;
Majority: 12,793 (27.49%)
By-election: 27th June 2008

[E] LibDem hold
Keetch P.S.*LibDem20,28543.26%
Taylor V.F.M. Ms.Conservative19,32341.21%
Calver T.S.R.Labour4,80010.24%
Lunt B.R.Green1,0522.24%
Kingsley C.R.UKIP1,0302.20%
Morton P.J.Ind4040.86%

Electorate: 72,293; Turnout: 64.87%;
Majority: 962 (2.05%)

Hertford & Stortford
[E] Conservative hold
Prisk M.M.*Conservative25,07450.46%
Henry R.J.Labour11,97724.10%
Lucas J.O.LibDem9,12918.37%
Hart P.J.Green1,9143.85%
Sodey D.UKIP1,0262.06%
Le May D.G. Ms.Veritas5721.15%

Electorate: 73,394; Turnout: 67.71%;
Majority: 13,097 (26.36%)

Hertfordshire North East
[E] Conservative hold
Heald O.*Conservative22,40247.29%
Harrop A.Labour13,26428.00%
Coleman I.LibDem10,14721.42%
Hitchman D.UKIP1,5613.30%

Electorate: 71,420; Turnout: 66.33%;
Majority: 9,138 (19.29%)

Hertfordshire South West
[E] Conservative hold
Gauke D.M.Conservative23,49446.91%
Featherstone E.H.LibDem15,02129.99%
Cross K.J.Labour10,46620.90%
Rodden C.S.UKIP1,1072.21%

Electorate: 73,017; Turnout: 68.60%;
Majority: 8,473 (16.92%)

[E] Conservative hold
Clappison W.J.*Conservative22,66553.24%
Tebb K.L. Ms.Labour11,57227.18%
Davies J.M.LibDem7,81718.36%
Dry J.D.Socialist Labour5181.22%

Electorate: 67,572; Turnout: 63.00%;
Majority: 11,093 (26.06%)

[E] Conservative hold
Atkinson P.L.*Conservative17,60542.41%
Graham K.A.Labour12,58530.32%
Duffield A.J.R.LibDem10,67325.71%
Riddell I.English Democrats5211.26%
Davison T.H.Imperial Party1290.31%

Electorate: 60,298; Turnout: 68.85%;
Majority: 5,020 (12.09%)

Heywood & Middleton
[E] Labour hold
Dobbin J.*Labour19,43849.77%
Pathmarajah S.A.T.Conservative8,35521.39%
Lavin C.A. Ms.LibDem7,26118.59%
Aronsson G.J.BNP1,8554.75%
Burke P.Liberal1,3773.53%
Whittaker J.UKIP7671.96%

Electorate: 71,510; Turnout: 54.61%;
Majority: 11,083 (28.38%)

High Peak
[E] Labour hold
Levitt T.*Labour19,80939.63%
Bingham A.R.Conservative19,07438.16%
Godwin M.J.LibDem10,00020.00%
Schwartz M.B.UKIP1,1062.21%

Electorate: 75,115; Turnout: 66.55%;
Majority: 735 (1.47%)

Hitchin & Harpenden
[E] Conservative hold
Lilley P.B.*Conservative23,62749.86%
Hedges H.E. Ms.LibDem12,23425.82%
Orrett P.R.Labour10,49922.16%
Saunders J.G.C.UKIP8281.75%
Rigby P.E.Ind1990.42%

Electorate: 67,207; Turnout: 70.51%;
Majority: 11,393 (24.04%)

Holborn & St Pancras
[E] Labour hold
Dobson F.G.*Labour14,85743.24%
Fraser J.E. Ms.LibDem10,07029.31%
James M.C. Ms.Conservative6,48218.87%
Oliver A.J.Green2,7988.14%
Weiss R.G.Vote for yourself
rainbow dream ticket

Electorate: 68,327; Turnout: 50.29%;
Majority: 4,787 (13.93%)

[E] Conservative gain
Brokenshire J.P.Conservative16,35542.85%
Cryer J.R.*Labour15,87541.59%
Green N.J.LibDem2,8947.58%
Moore I.BNP1,3133.44%
Webb L.J.UKIP1,0332.71%
Brown M.P.Residents' Association
of London
Williamson G.K.Third Way3040.80%

Electorate: 59,741; Turnout: 63.89%;
Majority: 480 (1.26%)

Hornsey & Wood Green
[E] LibDem gain
Featherstone L.C. Ms.LibDem20,51243.34%
Roche B.M. Ms.*Labour18,11738.28%
Forrest P.Conservative6,01412.71%
Forbes J.E. Ms.Green2,3775.02%
Freshwater R.A.UKIP3100.65%

Electorate: 76,630; Turnout: 61.76%;
Majority: 2,395 (5.06%)

[E] Conservative hold
Maude F.A.A.*Conservative27,24049.99%
Sharpley R. Ms.LibDem14,61326.82%
Chishti R.Labour9,32017.10%
Miller H.P.J.UKIP2,5524.68%
Duggan J.J.People's Justice Party4160.76%
Jeremiah M.J.People of Horsham First Party3540.65%

Electorate: 80,974; Turnout: 67.30%;
Majority: 12,627 (23.17%)

Houghton & Washington East
[E] Labour hold
Kemp F.*Labour22,31064.31%
Greenfield M.LibDem6,24518.00%
Devenish A.S.Conservative4,77213.75%
Richardson J.BNP1,3673.94%

Electorate: 67,713; Turnout: 51.24%;
Majority: 16,065 (46.30%)

[E] Labour hold
Barlow C.A. Ms.Labour16,78637.47%
Boles N.E.C.Conservative16,36636.53%
Elgood P.LibDem8,00217.86%
Ballam A. Ms.Green2,5755.75%
Bower S.N.UKIP5751.28%
O'Keeffe P.Respect2680.60%
Dobbs B.Ind950.21%
Franklin R.K.Silent Majority Party780.17%
Ralfe B.Ind510.11%

Electorate: 69,871; Turnout: 64.11%;
Majority: 420 (0.94%)

[E] Labour hold
Sheerman B.J.*Labour16,34146.77%
Bone E.J. Ms.LibDem7,99022.87%
Meacock D.G.Conservative7,59721.74%
Stewart-Turner J. Ms.Green1,6514.73%
Hanson K.S.M.BNP1,0362.97%
Quarmby T. Ms.Ind3250.93%

Electorate: 61,723; Turnout: 56.61%;
Majority: 8,351 (23.90%)

Hull East
[E] Labour hold
Prescott J.L.*Labour17,60956.58%
Sloan A.S.LibDem5,86218.84%
Lindsay K.A. Ms.Conservative4,13813.30%
Siddle A.BNP1,0223.28%
Toker J.H. Ms.Liberal1,0183.27%
Morris G.E.Veritas7502.41%
Noon R.E.Ind3341.07%
Muir L. Ms.Socialist Labour2070.67%
Wagner C.A.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 65,407; Turnout: 47.58%;
Majority: 11,747 (37.75%)

Hull North
[E] Labour hold
Johnson D.R. Ms.Labour15,36451.93%
Healy D.G.LibDem8,01327.09%
Rivlin Y.L. Ms.Conservative3,82212.92%
Deane M.J.Green8582.90%
Wainwright B.D.BNP7662.59%
Robinson T.S. Ms.Veritas3891.31%
Veasey C.M.Northern Progress1930.65%
Wagner C.A.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 62,590; Turnout: 47.27%;
Majority: 7,351 (24.85%)

Hull West & Hessle
[E] Labour hold
Johnson A.A.*Labour15,30555.02%
Nolan D.P.LibDem5,85521.05%
Woods K.A. Ms.Conservative5,76920.74%
Wallis S.J.Veritas8893.20%

Electorate: 61,494; Turnout: 45.24%;
Majority: 9,450 (33.97%)

[E] Conservative hold
Djanogly J.S.*Conservative26,64650.83%
Huppert J.L.LibDem13,79926.32%
Sartain S.M.Labour9,82118.74%
Norman D.A.UKIP2,1524.11%

Electorate: 81,808; Turnout: 64.07%;
Majority: 12,847 (24.51%)

[E] Labour hold
Pope G.J.*Labour18,13645.97%
Mawdsley J.R.R.Conservative12,54931.81%
Greene W.L.LibDem5,57714.14%
Jackson C.M.BNP2,4446.20%
Whittaker J.UKIP7431.88%

Electorate: 66,543; Turnout: 59.28%;
Majority: 5,587 (14.16%)

Ilford North
[E] Conservative gain
Scott L.Conservative18,78143.68%
Perham L. Ms.*Labour17,12839.83%
Gayler M.A.LibDem5,89613.71%
Cross A.G.UKIP9022.10%
Levin M.Ind2930.68%

Electorate: 70,721; Turnout: 60.80%;
Majority: 1,653 (3.84%)

Ilford South
[E] Labour hold
Gapes M.J.*Labour20,85648.85%
Metcalfe S.J.Conservative11,62827.24%
Lake M.E.LibDem8,76120.52%
Rana K.British Public Party7631.79%
Taylor C.H.UKIP6851.60%

Electorate: 79,646; Turnout: 53.60%;
Majority: 9,228 (21.61%)

[S] Labour win
Cairns D.*Labour18,31850.75%
McMillan S.SNP7,05919.56%
Herbison D.LibDem6,12316.96%
Fraser G.J.Conservative3,69210.23%
Landels D.W.Scottish Socialist9062.51%

Electorate: 59,291; Turnout: 60.88%;
Majority: 11,259 (31.19%)

Inverness Nairn Badenoch & Strathspey
[S] LibDem win
Alexander D.G.LibDem17,83040.29%
Stewart D.J.*Labour13,68230.92%
Thompson D.G.SNP5,99213.54%
Rowantree R.I.Conservative4,57910.35%
MacLeod D.Green1,0652.41%
Lawson D.S.Publican Party
-Free to Smoke
MacDonald G.Scottish Socialist4290.97%

Electorate: 69,395; Turnout: 63.77%;
Majority: 4,148 (9.37%)

[E] Labour hold
Mole C.D.*Labour18,33643.78%
West P.M.Conservative13,00431.05%
Atkins R.S.LibDem8,46420.21%
West A.J. Ms.UKIP1,1342.71%
Kay R.J.English Democrats6411.53%
Wainman S. Ms.Ind2990.71%

Electorate: 68,409; Turnout: 61.22%;
Majority: 5,332 (12.73%)

Isle of Wight
[E] Conservative hold
Turner A.J.*Conservative32,71748.95%
Rowlands A.F.LibDem19,73929.53%
Chiverton M.H.Labour11,48417.18%
Tarrant M.N.A.UKIP2,3523.52%
Corby E.D.P.Ind5510.82%

Electorate: 107,737; Turnout: 62.04%;
Majority: 12,978 (19.42%)

Islington North
[E] Labour hold
Corbyn J.B.*Labour16,11851.18%
Willoughby L. Ms.LibDem9,40229.85%
Talbot N.E. Ms.Conservative3,74011.88%
Nott J.R.Green2,2347.09%

Electorate: 58,428; Turnout: 53.90%;
Majority: 6,716 (21.32%)

Islington South & Finsbury
[E] Labour hold
Thornberry E. Ms.Labour12,34539.87%
Fox B.C. Ms.LibDem11,86138.31%
McLean M.L. Ms.Conservative4,59414.84%
Humphreys J.W.Green1,4714.75%
Theophanides P.T. Ms.UKIP4701.52%
Gardner A.J.E.Loony1890.61%
Gidden C.Ind310.10%

Electorate: 57,748; Turnout: 53.61%;
Majority: 484 (1.56%)

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