UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Norfolk South — Old Bexley & SidcupOldham East & Saddleworth — Pontefract & Castleford
Norfolk South
[E] Conservative hold
Bacon R.M.*Conservative26,39944.76%
Mack I.J.LibDem17,61729.87%
Morgan J.G.Labour13,26222.49%
Tye P.J.UKIP1,6962.88%

Electorate: 85,891; Turnout: 68.66%;
Majority: 8,782 (14.89%)

Norfolk South West
[E] Conservative hold
Fraser C.J.Conservative25,88146.95%
Morgan C. Ms.Labour15,79528.65%
Pond A.H. Ms.LibDem10,20718.52%
Hall D.M. Ms.UKIP2,7384.97%
Hayes K.E. Ms.Ind5060.92%

Electorate: 89,727; Turnout: 61.44%;
Majority: 10,086 (18.30%)

[E] Labour hold
Balls E.M.Labour19,16151.20%
Percy A.Conservative9,15924.47%
Butterworth S. Ms.LibDem6,35716.99%
Aveyard J.BNP1,9675.26%
Harrop M.Ind7802.08%

Electorate: 65,129; Turnout: 57.46%;
Majority: 10,002 (26.73%)

Northampton North
[E] Labour hold
Keeble S.C. Ms.*Labour16,90540.20%
Collins D.N.T.Conservative12,94530.79%
Simpson A.S.J.LibDem10,31724.54%
Howsam J.M.UKIP1,0502.50%
Withrington P.F.SOS! Voters Against
of Northampton
Otchie A.A.Christian Peoples Alliance3360.80%

Electorate: 72,660; Turnout: 57.87%;
Majority: 3,960 (9.42%)

Northampton South
[E] Conservative gain
Binley B.A.R.Conservative23,81843.72%
Clarke A.R.*Labour19,39935.61%
Barron K.C.LibDem8,32715.28%
Clark D.R.UKIP1,0321.89%
Green A.E.Veritas5080.93%
Harrisson J.P.SOS! Voters Against
of Northampton
Percival J.G.Loony3540.65%
Fitzpatrick E.Ind3460.64%
Webb T.S.D.Christian Peoples Alliance2600.48%

Electorate: 88,378; Turnout: 61.65%;
Majority: 4,419 (8.11%)

[E] LibDem hold
Webb S.J.*LibDem30,87252.28%
Butt C.J.Conservative19,83933.59%
Gardener P.N. Ms.Labour6,27710.63%
Blake A.UKIP1,0321.75%
Pinder A.L.Green9221.56%
Beacham T.E.R.Ind1140.19%

Electorate: 80,467; Turnout: 73.39%;
Majority: 11,033 (18.68%)

Norwich North
[E] Labour hold
Gibson I.*Labour21,09744.86%
Tumbridge J.R.Conservative15,63833.25%
Whitmore R.T.LibDem7,61616.19%
Holmes A.St.J.Green1,2522.66%
Youles J.B.UKIP1,1222.39%
Holden B.Ind3080.65%

Electorate: 77,128; Turnout: 60.98%;
Majority: 5,459 (11.61%)
Byelection: 23 July 2009

Norwich South
[E] Labour hold
Clarke C.R.*Labour15,90437.70%
Aalders-Dunthorne A.P.LibDem12,25129.04%
Little A.D.Conservative9,56722.68%
Ramsay A.P.Green3,1017.35%
Ahlstrom V.S. Ms.UKIP5971.42%
Constable C. Ms.English Democrats4661.10%
Barnard D.E.Legalise Cannabis
Blackwell R.A.Workers Revolutionary Party850.20%

Electorate: 70,410; Turnout: 59.92%;
Majority: 3,653 (8.66%)

Nottingham East
[E] Labour hold
Heppell J.*Labour13,78745.82%
Ghazni I.LibDem6,84822.76%
Thornton J.G.Conservative6,82622.68%
Baxter A.J.Green1,5175.04%
Ellwood A.R.UKIP7402.46%
Radcliff P.R.Socialist Unity3731.24%

Electorate: 60,634; Turnout: 49.63%;
Majority: 6,939 (23.06%)

Nottingham North
[E] Labour hold
Allen G.W.*Labour17,84258.72%
Patel P.S. Ms.Conservative5,67118.67%
Ball T.S.LibDem5,19017.08%
Marriott I. Ms.UKIP1,6805.53%

Electorate: 61,894; Turnout: 49.09%;
Majority: 12,171 (40.06%)

Nottingham South
[E] Labour hold
Simpson A.J.*Labour16,50647.38%
Mattu S.Conservative9,02025.89%
Sutton T.B.LibDem7,96122.85%
Browne J.K.UKIP1,3533.88%

Electorate: 68,921; Turnout: 50.55%;
Majority: 7,486 (21.49%)

[E] Labour hold
Olner W.J.*Labour19,94544.05%
Pawsey M.J.F.Conservative17,66439.01%
Asghar A.LibDem5,88412.99%
Tyson K.V.UKIP1,7863.94%

Electorate: 73,446; Turnout: 61.65%;
Majority: 2,281 (5.04%)

Ochil & South Perthshire
[S] Labour win
Banks G.R.Labour14,64531.36%
Ewing A. Ms.*SNP13,95729.89%
Smith E.J. Ms.Conservative10,02121.46%
Whittingham C. Ms.LibDem6,21813.32%
Baxter G.Green9782.09%
Campbell I.Scottish Socialist4200.90%
Bushby D.UKIP2750.59%
Kelly M.Free Scotland Party1830.39%

Electorate: 70,731; Turnout: 66.02%;
Majority: 688 (1.47%)

[W] Labour hold
Irranca-Davies I.H.*Labour18,29560.42%
Radford J. Ms.LibDem4,59215.17%
Lloyd-Nesling N.V. Ms.Conservative4,24314.01%
Williams J.Plaid Cymru3,14810.40%

Electorate: 52,349; Turnout: 57.84%;
Majority: 13,703 (45.26%)

Old Bexley & Sidcup
[E] Conservative hold
Conway D.L.*Conservative22,19149.79%
Moore G.F.Labour12,27127.53%
O'Hare N.LibDem6,56414.73%
Barnbrook M.J.UKIP2,0154.52%
Sayers C. Ms.BNP1,2272.75%
Peters G.J.Ind3040.68%

Electorate: 68,226; Turnout: 65.33%;
Majority: 9,920 (22.26%)

Oldham East & Saddleworth
[E] Labour hold
Woolas P.J.*Labour17,96841.43%
Dawson T.LibDem14,37833.15%
Chapman K.A.Conservative7,90118.22%
Treacy M.BNP2,1094.86%
Nield V. Ms.UKIP8732.01%
O'Grady P.G.Ind1380.32%

Electorate: 75,540; Turnout: 57.41%;
Majority: 3,590 (8.28%)

Oldham West & Royton
[E] Labour hold
Meacher M.H.*Labour18,45249.12%
Moore S.B.Conservative7,99821.29%
Bodsworth S.A.LibDem7,51920.02%
Corbett A. Ms.BNP2,6066.94%
Short D.A.UKIP9872.63%

Electorate: 70,446; Turnout: 53.32%;
Majority: 10,454 (27.83%)

Orkney & Shetland
[S] LibDem hold
Carmichael A.*LibDem9,13851.50%
Meade R.S.Labour2,51114.15%
Nairn C.F.S.Conservative2,35713.28%
Mowat J.R.SNP1,83310.33%
Aberdein J.H.Scottish Socialist9925.59%
Dyble S.D.S.UKIP4242.39%
Cruickshank P.S.T.Legalise Cannabis
Nugent B.Free Scotland Party1760.99%

Electorate: 32,639; Turnout: 54.36%;
Majority: 6,627 (37.35%)

[E] Conservative hold
Horam J.R.*Conservative26,71848.81%
Maines C.S.LibDem21,77139.78%
Bird E.C. Ms.Labour4,9148.98%
Greenhough J.M.UKIP1,3312.43%

Electorate: 78,240; Turnout: 69.96%;
Majority: 4,947 (9.04%)

Oxford East
[E] Labour hold
Smith A.D.*Labour15,40536.86%
Goddard S.H.LibDem14,44234.56%
Morris V. Ms.Conservative6,99216.73%
Sanders J.E.Green1,8134.34%
Blair N.H.Ind1,4853.55%
Leen M.A.Independent Working
Class Association
Gardner P.P.UKIP7151.71%
Mylvaganam P.S.Ind460.11%

Electorate: 71,934; Turnout: 58.09%;
Majority: 963 (2.30%)

Oxford West & Abingdon
[E] LibDem hold
Harris E.L.*LibDem24,33646.27%
McLean A.C. Ms.Conservative16,65331.66%
Bance A.K. Ms.Labour8,72516.59%
Lines T.J.Green2,0913.98%
Watney M.J.A.UKIP7951.51%

Electorate: 80,195; Turnout: 65.59%;
Majority: 7,683 (14.61%)

Paisley & Renfrewshire North
[S] Labour win
Sheridan J.Labour18,69745.73%
Wilson W.L.SNP7,69618.82%
Hutton L.LibDem7,46418.26%
Lardner P.Conservative5,56613.61%
McGregor A. Ms.Scottish Socialist6461.58%
McGavigan K. Ms.Socialist Labour4441.09%
Pearson J.G.UKIP3720.91%

Electorate: 63,076; Turnout: 64.82%;
Majority: 11,001 (26.91%)

Paisley & Renfrewshire South
[S] Labour win
Alexander D.G.*Labour19,90452.57%
McCartin E. Ms.LibDem6,67217.62%
Doig A.SNP6,65317.57%
Begg T.Conservative3,1888.42%
Hogg I.Scottish Socialist7892.08%
Matthew G.R.Pride in Paisley Party3811.01%
Rodgers R.M.Ind1660.44%
Broadbent H.Socialist Labour1070.28%

Electorate: 60,181; Turnout: 62.91%;
Majority: 13,232 (34.95%)

[E] Labour hold
Prentice G.*Labour15,25037.08%
Ellison J.E. Ms.Conservative13,07031.78%
Anwar S.LibDem9,52823.16%
Boocock T.F.BNP2,5476.19%
Cannon G.G.UKIP7371.79%

Electorate: 64,590; Turnout: 63.68%;
Majority: 2,180 (5.30%)

Penrith & The Border
[E] Conservative hold
Maclean D.J.*Conservative24,04651.29%
Walker K.G.LibDem12,14225.90%
Boaden M.W.Labour8,95819.11%
Robinson W.UKIP1,1872.53%
Gibson M.Legalise Cannabis

Electorate: 70,689; Turnout: 66.32%;
Majority: 11,904 (25.39%)

Perth & North Perthshire
[S] SNP win
Wishart P.*SNP15,46933.68%
Taylor D.S.Conservative13,94830.37%
Maughan D.Labour8,60118.73%
Campbell G.G.LibDem7,40316.12%
Stott P.A.Scottish Socialist5091.11%

Electorate: 71,842; Turnout: 63.93%;
Majority: 1,521 (3.31%)

[E] Conservative gain
Jackson S.J.Conservative17,36442.14%
Clark H.R. Ms.*Labour14,62435.49%
Sandford J.N.LibDem6,87616.69%
Herdman M. Ms.UKIP1,2423.01%
Blackham T.S.National Front9312.26%
Potter M.A.Motorcycle News1670.41%

Electorate: 67,499; Turnout: 61.04%;
Majority: 2,740 (6.65%)

Plymouth Devonport
[E] Labour hold
Seabeck A.J. Ms.Labour18,61244.30%
Cuming R.A.Conservative10,50925.01%
Jolly J.A. Ms.LibDem8,00019.04%
Wakeham W.J.UKIP3,3247.91%
Greene K.R.Ind7471.78%
Hawkins R.O.Socialist Labour4451.06%
Staunton A.N.Respect3760.89%

Electorate: 72,848; Turnout: 57.67%;
Majority: 8,103 (19.29%)

Plymouth Sutton
[E] Labour hold
Gilroy L. Ms.*Labour15,49740.58%
Colvile O.N.Conservative11,38829.82%
Gillard K. Ms.LibDem8,68522.74%
Cumming R.P.UKIP2,3926.26%
Hawkins R.J.Socialist Labour2300.60%

Electorate: 67,202; Turnout: 56.83%;
Majority: 4,109 (10.76%)

Pontefract & Castleford
[E] Labour hold
Cooper Y. Ms.*Labour20,97363.66%
Jones S.A.P.Conservative5,72717.38%
Paxton W.LibDem3,94211.96%
Cass S.C. Ms.BNP1,8355.57%
Hague R.Alliance for
Green Socialism

Electorate: 61,877; Turnout: 53.25%;
Majority: 15,246 (46.27%)

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