UK General Election results May 2005

5th May 2005
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The region in which each constituency is situated is indicated in square brackets
Warwick & Leamington — Westmorland & LonsdaleWeston-super-Mare — Woodspring
Warwick & Leamington
[E] Labour hold
Plaskitt J.A.*Labour22,23840.59%
White C.M.F.Conservative21,97240.11%
Forbes L.C. Ms.LibDem8,11914.82%
Davison I.W.Green1,5342.80%
Warwick G.J.G.UKIP9211.68%

Electorate: 80,769; Turnout: 67.83%;
Majority: 266 (0.49%)

Warwickshire North
[E] Labour hold
O'Brien M.*Labour22,56148.06%
Gibb I.Conservative15,00831.97%
Roodhouse J.M.LibDem6,21213.23%
Mackenzie M. Ms.BNP1,9104.07%
Campbell I.UKIP1,2482.66%

Electorate: 75,435; Turnout: 62.22%;
Majority: 7,553 (16.09%)

[E] Labour hold
Ward C.M. Ms.*Labour16,57533.56%
Brinton S. Ms.LibDem15,42731.23%
Miraj M.A.Conservative14,63429.63%
Rackett S.L.Green1,4662.97%
Wight K.J.UKIP1,2922.62%

Electorate: 76,034; Turnout: 64.96%;
Majority: 1,148 (2.32%)

[E] Labour hold
Blizzard R.J.*Labour22,50545.32%
Aldous P.Conservative16,59033.41%
Bromley N.J.LibDem7,49715.10%
Aylett B.UKIP1,8613.75%
Elliott G.J.Green1,2002.42%

Electorate: 77,138; Turnout: 64.37%;
Majority: 5,915 (11.91%)

[E] Conservative hold
Hendry C.*Conservative28,97552.06%
Wigley C.J.LibDem13,05423.46%
Rose D.E.Labour9,36016.82%
Salmon J.P.Green2,1503.86%
Riddle K.A.UKIP2,1143.80%

Electorate: 82,261; Turnout: 67.65%;
Majority: 15,921 (28.61%)

Weaver Vale
[E] Labour hold
Hall M.T.*Labour18,75947.59%
Mackie J.D.Conservative11,90430.20%
Griffiths T.N.LibDem7,72319.59%
Swinscoe B.V. Ms.UKIP1,0342.62%

Electorate: 69,072; Turnout: 57.07%;
Majority: 6,855 (17.39%)

[E] Conservative gain
Bone P.W.Conservative22,67442.78%
Stinchcombe P.D.*Labour21,98741.48%
Church R.W.LibDem6,14711.60%
Wrench J.L.UKIP1,2142.29%
Alex N.Veritas7491.41%
Dickson A.Socialist Labour2340.44%

Electorate: 79,267; Turnout: 66.87%;
Majority: 687 (1.30%)

[E] Conservative hold
Heathcoat-Amory D.P.*Conservative23,07143.56%
Munt T.J. Ms.LibDem20,03137.82%
Whittle D.Labour8,28815.65%
Reed A.S.UKIP1,5752.97%

Electorate: 78,234; Turnout: 67.70%;
Majority: 3,040 (5.74%)

Welwyn Hatfield
[E] Conservative gain
Shapps G.V.Conservative22,17249.58%
Johnson M.J. Ms.*Labour16,22636.29%
Bedford S.L. Ms.LibDem6,31814.13%

Electorate: 65,617; Turnout: 68.15%;
Majority: 5,946 (13.30%)

[E] Labour hold
Healey J.*Labour21,22559.63%
Hughes M.J.Conservative6,16917.33%
Orrell J.K.LibDem4,80013.48%
Pygott J.BNP1,7985.05%
Wilkinson J.UKIP1,6044.51%

Electorate: 63,527; Turnout: 56.03%;
Majority: 15,056 (42.30%)

West Bromwich East
[E] Labour hold
Watson T.A.*Labour19,74155.59%
Bromwich R. Ms.Conservative8,08922.78%
Garrett I.A.G.LibDem4,38612.35%
Butler C.R.BNP2,3296.56%
Grey S.G.UKIP6071.71%
Sambrook J.R. Ms.Socialist Labour2000.56%
Macklin M. Ms.Ind1600.45%

Electorate: 60,121; Turnout: 59.07%;
Majority: 11,652 (32.81%)

West Bromwich West
[E] Labour hold
Bailey A.E.*Labour18,95154.27%
Harker M. Ms.Conservative8,05723.07%
Smith M.G.LibDem3,58310.26%
Lloyd J.BNP3,4569.90%
Walker K.R.UKIP8702.49%

Electorate: 66,265; Turnout: 52.69%;
Majority: 10,894 (31.20%)

West Ham
[E] Labour hold
Brown L.C. Ms.Labour15,84051.15%
German L.A. Ms.Respect6,03919.50%
Whitbread C.L.Conservative3,61811.68%
Sugden A.E. Ms.LibDem3,36410.86%
Lithgow J.A. Ms.Green8942.89%
Hammond S.C.Christian Peoples Alliance4371.41%
Mayhew H.E.B.UKIP4091.32%
Alcantara G.Veritas3651.18%

Electorate: 62,188; Turnout: 49.79%;
Majority: 9,801 (31.65%)

[E] Conservative hold
Murrison A.W.*Conservative24,74944.51%
Hames D.J.LibDem19,40034.89%
Gibby P.J.S.Labour9,64017.34%
Williams L.V.UKIP1,8153.26%

Electorate: 82,380; Turnout: 67.50%;
Majority: 5,349 (9.62%)

Westmorland & Lonsdale
[E] LibDem gain
Farron T.J.LibDem22,56945.47%
Collins T.W.G.*Conservative22,30244.93%
Reardon J.B.Labour3,7967.65%
Gibson R.UKIP6601.33%
Kemp A.D.Ind3090.62%

Electorate: 70,262; Turnout: 70.64%;
Majority: 267 (0.54%)

[E] Conservative gain
Penrose J.D.Conservative19,80440.34%
Cotter B.J.M.*LibDem17,72536.10%
Egan D.J.Labour9,16918.68%
Spencer P.D.UKIP1,2072.46%
Courtney C.BNP7781.58%
Human W.D.Ind2250.46%
Hemingway-Arnold P.Demanding Honesty in
Politics and Whitehall

Electorate: 74,985; Turnout: 65.47%;
Majority: 2,079 (4.23%)

[E] Labour hold
Turner N.*Labour18,90155.14%
Coombes J.L.Conservative7,13420.81%
Capstick D.M. Ms.LibDem6,05117.65%
Whittaker J.UKIP1,1663.40%
Williams K.V.Community Action Party1,0262.99%

Electorate: 64,267; Turnout: 53.34%;
Majority: 11,767 (34.33%)

Wiltshire North
[E] Conservative hold
Gray J.W.*Conservative26,28246.88%
Fox P.J.LibDem20,97937.42%
Nash D.J.Labour6,79412.12%
Dowdney N.F.UKIP1,4282.55%
Allnatt P.G.Ind5781.03%

Electorate: 80,874; Turnout: 69.32%;
Majority: 5,303 (9.46%)

[E] Conservative gain
Hammond S.W.Conservative17,88641.21%
Casale R.M.*Labour15,58535.91%
Gee S.M.LibDem7,86818.13%
Barrow G.T.Green1,3743.17%
Mills A.T.UKIP4080.94%
Coverdale C.J.Ind2110.49%
Wilson A.P.Tiger's Eye-the Party for Kids500.12%
Weiss R.G.Vote for yourself
rainbow dream ticket

Electorate: 63,696; Turnout: 68.14%;
Majority: 2,301 (5.30%)

[E] LibDem hold
Oaten M.*LibDem31,22550.64%
Hollingbery G.M.E.Conservative23,74938.52%
Davies P.Labour4,7827.76%
Abbott D.F.UKIP1,3212.14%
Pendragon A.U.Ind5810.94%

Electorate: 83,935; Turnout: 73.46%;
Majority: 7,476 (12.12%)

[E] Conservative hold
Afriyie A.Conservative21,64649.54%
Wood A.S.LibDem11,35425.99%
Muller M.O.B.Labour8,33919.09%
Black D.M.UKIP1,0982.51%
Wall D.N.Green1,0742.46%
Hooper P.J.Ind1820.42%

Electorate: 66,827; Turnout: 65.38%;
Majority: 10,292 (23.56%)

Wirral South
[E] Labour hold
Chapman J.K.*Labour16,89242.54%
Cross C.R.Conservative13,16833.17%
Holbrook S.A.LibDem8,56821.58%
Scott D.A.UKIP6161.55%
Jones L.C.Ind4601.16%

Electorate: 58,834; Turnout: 67.48%;
Majority: 3,724 (9.38%)

Wirral West
[E] Labour hold
Hesford S.*Labour17,54342.55%
McVey E.L. Ms.Conservative16,44639.89%
Clarke J.J.LibDem6,65216.13%
Moore J.H.UKIP4291.04%
Taylor R.S.Alternative Party1630.40%

Electorate: 61,050; Turnout: 67.54%;
Majority: 1,097 (2.66%)

[E] Conservative hold
Cameron D.W.D.*Conservative26,57149.33%
Leffman E.P.R. Ms.LibDem12,41523.05%
Gray A.J.Labour11,84521.99%
Dossett-Davies R.W.Green1,6823.12%
Wesson P.G.UKIP1,3562.52%

Electorate: 77,502; Turnout: 69.51%;
Majority: 14,156 (26.28%)

[E] Conservative hold
Malins H.J.*Conservative21,83847.43%
Lee A.M.L. Ms.LibDem15,22633.07%
Blagbrough E.C. Ms.Labour7,50716.30%
Davies M.K.P.UKIP1,3242.88%
Osman M.UK Community Issues Party1500.33%

Electorate: 72,676; Turnout: 63.36%;
Majority: 6,612 (14.36%)

[E] Conservative hold
Redwood J.A.*Conservative22,17448.13%
Bray P. Ms.LibDem14,93432.41%
Black D.P.Labour6,99115.17%
Carstairs F.J.UKIP9942.16%
Owen P.T.Loony5691.24%
Colborne R.P.BNP3760.82%
Hall M.D.Telepathic Partnership340.07%

Electorate: 67,369; Turnout: 68.39%;
Majority: 7,240 (15.71%)

Wolverhampton North East
[E] Labour hold
Purchase K.*Labour17,94854.46%
Robson A.E.K. Ms.Conservative9,79229.71%
Jack D.R.LibDem3,84511.67%
Simpson L.P. Ms.UKIP1,3714.16%

Electorate: 60,502; Turnout: 54.47%;
Majority: 8,156 (24.75%)

Wolverhampton South East
[E] Labour hold
McFadden P.B.Labour16,79059.43%
Fairbairn J.E.Conservative6,29522.28%
Murray D.R.V.LibDem3,68213.03%
Simmons K.G.UKIP1,4845.25%

Electorate: 54,033; Turnout: 52.28%;
Majority: 10,495 (37.15%)

Wolverhampton South West
[E] Labour hold
Marris R.H.*Labour18,48944.36%
Verma S. Ms.Conservative15,61037.45%
Ross C.A.LibDem5,56813.36%
Hope J.D.S.UKIP1,0292.47%
Mullins E.P.BNP9832.36%

Electorate: 66,817; Turnout: 62.38%;
Majority: 2,879 (6.91%)

[E] Conservative hold
Fox L.*Conservative21,58741.82%
Bell M.LibDem15,57130.17%
Stevens C.Labour11,24921.79%
Lewis R. Ms.Green1,3092.54%
Butcher A.J.UKIP1,2692.46%
Howson M.BNP6331.23%

Electorate: 71,758; Turnout: 71.93%;
Majority: 6,016 (11.65%)

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