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The sole aim of The Blair Must Go Party is to remove Mr Blair from office at the forth coming General Election. We hope to do this by one of the following two ways:-

1. Get an outright victory at the polls, or, by taking Labour votes away from Mr Blair, help another party or independent candidate to get an outright victory over Mr Blair.

2. In combination with others, reduce his majority so significantly that Mr Blair will lose all credibility, hence forcing the Parliamentary Labour Party to acknowledge that they have now got a ‘lame duck’ leader who must be ejected for the greater good of the party.


As our only candidate is standing in the constituency of Sedgefield, our manifesto is geared solely towards the electorate who live within this same said constituency. 

We make just 2 election promises:-

1. Our candidate, Jonathan Cockburn, will base himself locally in the Sedgefield area if elected to Parliament.

2. He will consult the Sedgefield electorate and then vote according to the wishes of the majority on all major issues coming before
Parliament. You will, therefore, have an independent MP
who actually represents your views for a change

Important Questions

We ask you, the electorate of Sedgefield, to consider the following questions before casting your vote:

1. Given his track record, can you trust Mr Blair not to break his promises in the future?

2.Can you trust Mr Blair to tell you the truth?

3.Did Mr Blair tell us a pack of lies about Iraq or was he just ill-informed?

4. If Mr Blair led us into a war that was based on erroneous information, then why has none of Mr Blair’s key advisers or staff been sacked for incompetence?

5. Given that this invasion has cost about 100,000 Iraqis their lives, should Mr Blair keep his job?

6. Do you think the invasion of Iraq was legal? According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations it was illegal. Even our own Attorney General had serious misgivings about the legality of the war. Therefore, is it possible that Mr Blair has broken international law? If so, does someone who could be described as ‘a war criminal’ deserve your vote?

7. If you voted Labour last time, has Mr Blair delivered Labour policies in return for your Labour vote? Did you expect to see university top-up fees being introduced, or an increasingly privatised NHS and a poorly performing privately controlled railway network continue to operate under Labour?

8.Was it Mr Blair or Mr Brown who has handled the economy so successfully under Labour?

9. If Mr Blair lost his seat, do you think Mr Gordon Brown deserves to become our next Prime Minister?

10. Would you like to have a locally based MP working for the good of the community instead of your existing, rarely seen, presidential MP, who has become very rich on the back of socialism?

Our view is that Labour will be returned to Government with a clear majority, but the country would be better off if Gordon Brown was our next Prime Minister, and you would be better off with an MP that lives and works in your community.

We therefore ask you to seriously consider voting for The Blair Must Go Party, as every vote against Mr Blair is a vote for peace and sanity.

It’s time to change the face of British politics.