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Could you please put up a page with the attached together with a note added that two ex Ben Line men are standing as regional list candidates in North East Scotland. They are myself, David Toshack and Tom Robertson who was known in his Ben Line Days as Smoky.  We can be contacted on and





A New Voice for the Senior Citizens of Scotland

How does your weekly pension compare?

 Lord Irvine              Lord Advocate             6 Years Work          £2000

Henry McLeish          1st Minister                 1 Year Work              £654

  Average Worker                                            45 Years Work            £76


We will actively push to get a major increase in pensions and benefits for the elderly so that none have to worry about heating and eating.

  Remember, we will all be pensioners one day. 

Pensioners are the most vulnerable section of our society.

It is wrong that they should be frightened to leave their home because of violence on our streets. We will actively push for much harsher sentences for villains and thugs who target pensioners, either on the streets or in their home. Muggers, burglars and con - men who target pensioners deserve no less than a lengthy spell in prison

  The Pensionerís Party is Independent of all other parties

  Pensioners have contributed to society all of their working days, now society should contribute to them. They are more likely to need spectacles, dental treatment and health care. Why should they have to pay again for these necessities? We will actively push for all facets of health care to be free for pensioners and no aspect of health care to be based on postcodes.

  The Pensionerís Party Walks a Central Road

  At each and every election we are promised by the various parties what they will do for the pensioners and after the election we are forgotten and sidelined. This time you can make it different, by giving your second vote to the Pensionerís Party you will have representatives in Parliament who will actively pursue issues which mainly concern pensioners. We who are standing are not professional politicians but pensioners with a lifetime of experience of life and our main priority will be the pensioners. 

  Remember we will all be pensioners one day, so even though you are not a pensioner you will know or you are related to one, so give us your list vote. They will benefit now and you in the future.

  We are not a single issue party however our main concern will be issues dealing with pensioners to get a better deal for pensioners throughout Scotland.



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