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Rose Gentle Election Statement

I  have decided to stand in the forthcoming General Election in the constituency of East Kilbride, Strathaven & Lesmahagow against the sitting Labour MP Adam Ingram, the Armed Forces Minister.

Many of you are aware of my story. Last summer my son Gordon was killed in Iraq. He was one of 86 Britons who have died in Iraq, out of a total 1,701 coalition troop deaths. Iraqi deaths, including civilians, are estimated to be in the range of 100,000.

The reason we went to war in Iraq was to rid the world of the threat of weapons of mass destruction. We were told that weapons of mass destruction could strike our cities with only 45 minutes warning.

That was a lie – one lie among many. Our government lied to us. It was a lie that cost my son his life. They should be ashamed of themselves.

If my son had died for a noble cause, I would be just as heartbroken. If my son had died defending his country, I would have cried just as many tears. A noble and just cause would be some wee consolation for my boy’s death.

But my son died for a lie and I want justice. Justice is two things. It is seeing that people get what they deserve. And it is making things right, the way they are supposed to be. A just society would be one in which young people join the military to serve their country with honour and not because they have no other economic options.

Like many youngsters across the country, Gordon joined up for the promise of escaping poverty for a better future – to travel and learn a trade. Yet with only 6 months training he was sent to die in Iraq, without even having the proper equipment.

We need policies which offer hope for the future. Many people feel betrayed because they believe this Governments priorities are all wrong. I believe the billions of pounds wasted on this criminal war would be better spent on providing good pensions for our elderly and decent jobs for our youngsters.

Adam Ingram and all those other MPs who voted for war in the House of Commons share the blame for the death of Gordon and all the other victims of Bush and Blair’s war for oil.

3 days ago I was informed that the military have been investigating Gordon’s death since February and that the investigation is due to run until June.  My family have received no information about the investigation, and nor have the Barrister or Lawyers that are representing us in our effort to sue the government over Gordon’s death.

The leaders of our country who dragged us into this war will probably not get the justice they deserve. My son Gordon is never coming back.

But we can make things right. We can elect a government that listens to the people. We can elect a government that will not lie. We must bring our troops home safe, where they belong.

My name is Rose Gentle. I am standing for Parliament. I am standing for justice.