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'representing the English people''  
M A N I F E S T O  
"I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my Sword sleep m my hand.
Till we have built Jerusalem
In England's green and pleasant Land"



We, the English, are a people and a nation.

We, the English, have existed as a people living in the land
of England for 1500 years, and it is our intention to
continue to live eternally as a people in the land of England.

We. the English, declare our intention to
preserve our identity, our unity, and our independence.

We, the English, wish to live in harmony with all other
nations around the world in a state of peace and goodwill.

We, the English, wish to cooperate fully in
the effort by all nations around the world to work
together to create a secure and prosperous world based
on the integrity of each nation-state.

JERUSALEM - the hymn of English nationalism

"Not only the nobleness of a nation depends upon the presence of this national consciousness, but also the nobleness of each individual citizen. Our dignity and rectitude are proportioned to our sense of relationship with something great, admirable, pregnant with high possibilities, worthy of sacrifice, a continual inspiration to self-repression and discipline by the presentation of aims larger and more attractive to our generous part than the securing of personal ease or prosperity"

'Impressions of Theophrastus Such' GEORGE ELIOT


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1.1 Our philosophy
Better a UN1TED ENGLAND than a DISUNITED BRITAIN. We are a 'One-nation' party. We believe that if a nation is a coherent whole, it follows that its citizens are bound together by ties of mutual respect and responsibility. We are dependent upon each other mutually to create a great society and culture. As a people we are not a random collection of individuals who happen to be living in the same geographical area called 'England'. We are a nation of interdependent people who share a common history and a common destiny. We believe in the nationalist philosophy of emphasizing NATIONAL UNITY. Our approach to domestic affairs is therefore to stress UNITY rather than DIVISION between existing interest groups, classes, etc.

1.2 'Independence Dividend'
There will be a short-term financial gain for English people from independence, perhaps 20 BILLION (20,000,000,000) a year in the case of Scotland. This money could, for example, be 'ring-fenced' for our English National Health Service.

1.3 Balancing regional prosperity
We are concerned about the 'North : South Divide' and the more general problem of economically depressed areas throughout England. Independence will allow us to transfer our attention from Europe, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to the NEEDY AREAS OF ENGLAND. We will build the fastest Rail Link in the world between Folkstone, Kent, and Newcasle-upon-Tyne, via London and Manchester. Being the inventors of the railway, we will work to keep such rail links faster than any foreign system.

1.4 Ending English class differences
England must finally become a CLASSLESS SOCIETY. We must get rid of the "Them and Us" divisions which are unfair, and which still obstruct full social and economic cohesion. It is ironic that it is we who have created new and relatively classless societies in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but continue to suffer ourselves from the residue of historical class differences. Many of our policies, such as those about education, will aim to eliminate class differences. It should be recognized that the Labour Party has always sought to exploit class differences, not eliminate them.

1.5 Industrial conflict
The development of Socialism, and its misconceived attack on market economics or "Capitalism", led during the twentieth century to a main political party divide in Britain between the "private enterprise" of the Conservative Party and the various manifestations of anti-private enterprise by the Labour Party. This divide encouraged a breakdown in communication between worker and management. Over-powerful trade unions maintained inefficient trade practices and held irresponsible and wasteful strikes. On the other side of the industrial divide, problems arose from an 'elitist', insensitive, and undemocratic attitude of an uncommunicative management, often educated differently from the bulk of their employees. Things got so bad in the 1970s that the nation as a whole learned its lesson, and we realized that our prosperity and quality of life depends upon a UNIFIED APPROACH to our commerce and industry.

1.6 Social cohesion and interdependence
Social cohesion in England has been lost in the course of the last 60 years. The Second World War, in which we could easily have been conquered, caused great danger and hardship for our people, but it also created increased social cohesion. This was then lost as a result of various undesirable developments, such as the breakdown in traditional family life, the impact of technological innovations like television, greater state intervention in peoples' lives, comprehensive building redevelopment by government aimed at fast postwar reconstruction, indiscriminate demolition of old buildings and towns, increased social and physical mobility, and mass immigration and an associated policy of 'multi-culturalism'. It will be one of our main aims to reestablish the CULTURE AND SOCIAL COHESION of the immediate post-WW2 and similar periods, and so mitigate the adverse effects of these developments.

"If I should die, think only this of me: that there's some corner of a foreign field that is for ever England. There shall be in that rich earth a richer dust concealed; a dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware, gave, once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam, a body of England's, breathing English air, washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home".
'The Soldier' RUPERT BROOK


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2.1 Our philosophy
We believe that the dominant influences on culture in England since the war have been a destructive mixture of individualism and consumerism, and, more recently, state sponsored 'multi-culturalism'. We have lost national, regional and local cultural distinctiveness, and lost a great deal of social cohesion as a result. The time has come to restore an exclusive ENGLISH CULTURE at every level to which people are happy to conform. Such a culture should balance the best of the past and the best of what is new. It should be independent of other national cultures.

2.2 A classless culture
One of the difficulties of talking about a future English culture is that when we look back we see either middle or working class cultures. Neither can be the basis for the future because we do not want a class based society. In establishing a modern, solid English culture, neither the middle nor working class culture of the past is acceptable on its own. Both have benefits. We must forge a new ENGLISH CLASSLESS CULTURE by, for example, combining the concern for education of English middle class culture with the 'living for the moment' quality of English working class culture.

2.3 Mono-culturalism, not multiculturalism
An excess of liberal extremism in the United Kingdom led not only to open door mass immigration, but also to the notion that immigrants should be helped by government to maintain their culture while living in England. This policy saw society as a collection of independent and isolated groups, each with its own way of life. This policy has given official approval to ghettos in our inner cities, and encouraged social tensions and conflicts. The political independence of England will be the ideal moment to jettison this policy, and for us to restore a SINGLE, EXCLUSIVE ENGLISH CULTURE as a basis for government policy.

2.4 Americanisation
English people have been brought up on an almost exclusive diet of American popular cinema and television, to the point where we are now unable to easily distinguish English from American culture. This has produced benefits, but it also threatens our own standards and values, bearing in mind the grave shortcomings of the American mentality and way of life. We will intervene to positively RESTRICT THE INFLUENCE of American culture. We want England to be the ideal model for the world, including for the USA, instead of the USA being an unwelcomed cultural model for England.

2.5 English family life
It is now clear that the weakening of family life has been one of the main destructive force in our society since the 1960s. The media have played a major role in this process. We will do all government can do to restore our TRADITIONAL FAMILY LIFE.

2.6 The role of men and women
We believe the traditional role of men and women should serve as the IDEAL MODEL for our culture, and we will discourage the imported American idea that MOTHERS should have the same career aspirations as men. We will restore conditions where families with children can live on a single modest income.

2.7 Our young people
The way we bring up our children greatly influences our culture in the future. We do not believe in making children worldly wise (and world-weary) as early in life as possible. We will encourage parents to provide an ordered and protective environment so that children can enjoy a prolonged period of INNOCENCE.

2.8 Our old people
Our society has forgotten that wisdom comes from experience, not from ideas. Older people have the experience that younger people lack. We will ensure that older people's involvement in the decision making of society, such as the taking of decisions by government, is INCREASED.

2.11 Animal welfare
We will PROHIBIT in England the ritual slaughter of animals, and the export of live animals.

2.12 'Keep Sunday Special'
We consider Sunday, the day of rest, to be an important part of traditional English life, which should not be changed by commercial pressures. We will PROTECT its character.

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3.1 Our philosophy
Our approach to government is to be concerned with our 'Gross National Happiness', not merely our 'Gross National Product'. We do not believe that English politics is a problem of economics only. A prosperous society is not necessarily a civilized or happy one. Now that the British Empire is a thing of the distant past we face the overriding economic problem of maintaining our national standard of living as the world becomes more developed and more competitive. We need to recognize that we must now look after ourselves, and not the rest of the world. We believe that recent history has proved that it is only the MARKET ECONOMY which creates wealth. Therefore the dream of a Socialist 'command economy' is ended. At the same time we do not advocate only free-for-all, liberal, 'look-after-number-one', economics. We believe that the national government has a coordinating role to play, and should intervene in the economy, but only selectively.

3.2 Supporting an enterprise culture
An economy flourishes not because of its government, but because of its people. People are naturally enterprising, and will invest in new ventures, taking calculated risks, so long as they are not discouraged from doing so. England needs to be, in Napoleon's words, 'a nation of shopkeepers', and we will support such an ENTERPRISE CULTURE, giving greater public recognition to entrepreneurs, particularly those who increase our nation's exports.

3.3 The market economy & intervention
Government must allow MARKET FORCES to indicate what the national economy needs to be produced. It must support competition in order to encourage innovation and the achievement of minimum costs of production. Any act by government to protect citizens as producers penalizes citizens as consumers. However, there are times when the CITIZENS AS PRODUCERS must be protected. For example, sudden large-scale unemployment in an industry or a region is nationally unacceptable. While market forces will indicate the best products and services the nation can produce within the international trading economy, government can recognize and reinforce national trends, so that the nation can, with the help of government, excel in targeted, highly profitable industries. Government can also to some extent coordinate the public and private sectors, for example by ensuring that the universities support industry.

3.4 Evening out booms and slumps
Government can beneficially intervene in the national economy to even out economic BOOMS AND SLUMPS. For example, high levels of taxes can be collected in times of boom, when, given inflated prices, few public projects should be executed. Public money is then available for public projects, which reduce unemployment in times of slump, when, with deflated prices, public projects can be carried out most beneficially.

3.5 Reducing unemployment
We will do everything practical to REDUCE unemployment. For example, when necessary we will set up government companies ('National Companies') which will compete in the open market with private companies, and we will locate their offices and factories in areas which need a greater diversity of employment. Where an industry or large private company is in decline or closing down, we will move into that area a National Company office or factory. We will encourage such companies to be as profitable as possible, and use any profits to finance the programme.

3.6 Economic regionalism
Too much of our national economy is focused on London. We want to encourage the economic development of all the regions, and will support the development of the MAJOR CITY IN EACH REGION.

Governments must support the principle of Free Trade in order to keep foreign markets open to our products. Individuals, however, are free to BUY HOME PRODUCTS, and should do so whenever possible. We will require traders to label all English and British Isles products.

"There is no land like England, Where'er the light of day be, There are no maids like English maids, So beautiful as they be... And these shall wed with freemen, And all their sons be free, To sing the songs of England, Beneath the greenwood tree."
'There is no land like England' ALFRED TENNYSON
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4.1 Our philosophy
We believe that in an increasingly mobile world, one of the most important responsibilities of an English government is POPULATION CONTROL. We need to control the number of people living in England in relation to our population density, urban:rural balance, the impact of road building on cities and countryside, etc. We also need to control who lives in England in relation to the need to maximize social cohesion and a sense of community, and in order to preserve our English identity as a people of Scandinavian origin. We deplore those irresponsible political parties which have operated an open-door policy since the Second World War. Immigration is an emotive issue but it must be faced. WHAT IS IMMIGRATION? It is when individuals or families uproot themselves from their home country and culture on the assumption that the economic benefit of living in another country will be greater than the loss of their roots. For the receiving nation it means the accommodation of people from an alien identity and culture, most of whom initially make severe economic demands, some of whom become permanent financial drains. It also means in the longer term an expanding number of citizens in a host country who are only partially committed to the country in which they live. At a local level it means indigenous people, usually in relatively poor urban areas, observing an influx of foreigners transforming their locality so that it can hardly any more be described as being part of their own country. It was a MISTAKE to allow post WW2 mass immigration from the British Empire, and we are now suffering the consequences.

4.2 Immigration,
We will allow NO MORE IMMIGRATION into England. We will enforce this by increasing the resources of the Customs and Immigration Service, using available military personnel when convenient.

4.3 Repatriation
The number of immigrants and people from immigrant families now living in England has become so great that the time has come to turn the inward flow into an outward flow. We will implement a 20 year programme of the repatriation of post-WW2 immigrants. This will be carried out sympathetically but with determination. It will be done by 'Constructive Repatriation' i.e. by the normal government process of passing Acts of Parliament which will make England less and less attractive for the immigrants to remain.

4.4 European migration and anti-Semitism
European migration needs to be considered in relation to our policy on EUROPE GENERALLY, AND THE EU IN PARTICULAR. European migrants will tend to return to their country when its economy and welfare system is comparable to our own. At times we might welcome temporary migration from Europe, such as the proposal to recruit surplus Spanish doctors due to our failure to train enough of our own. We are opposed to anti-Semitism. During the 20th Century Jews migrated from Europe to England at a time when they had NO HOMELAND OF THEIR OWN. It is also appropriate to note the exceptional contribution to British society of cultured Jews from developed European countries. Pre-WW2 Jewish immigration is not to be confused with the unnecessary and undesirable mass immigration from the British Empire.

4.5 Political asylum
The present asylum system means continued immigration into England every time there is a political crisis somewhere in the world. Asylum seekers should be required to take refuge in neighbouring slates so that they can easily return home. We will accept only EXCEPTIONAL CASES of asylum seekers on a short-term basis, and only subject to the direct personal initiative of the English Home Secretary. If a country is so misgoverned as to cause an exodus of asylum seekers, we consider ourselves justified in putting pressure on that country, diplomatic or military, until stable government is achieved.

4.6 Racial discrimination and victimization
The responsibility for RACIAL DISCRIMINATION as a response to mass immigration lies with those British politicians who allowed excessive immigration into England in the past. We will remove racial discrimination as a separate area of law on the grounds of the Englishman's historic right of freedom of thought and speech. We will oppose all forms of VICTIMISATION, including those on grounds of religion or race. This includes the victimization of English people. If anyone deserves to be prosecuted about unwanted immigration it is the British politicians responsible.

"Oh, to be in England now that April's there, and whoever wakes in England sees, some morning unaware, that the lowest boughs and the brushwood sheaf round the elm-tree bole are in tiny leaf, while the chaffinch sings on the orchard bough In England - now I"
'Home Thoughts, from Abroad' ROBERT BROWNING
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5.1 Our philosophy
There is a general consensus that a government should do what it can to protect and improve the physical environment, which comprises both the RURAL and the URBAN. One of the acknowledged glories of England is our 'Green and Pleasant (rural) Land', and we have some excellent urban architecture, as well as some ugly cities and towns left over from our industrial past. All political parties promise improvements, but they never offer radical change. We will bring about radical change by our promise to reduce the population of our congested Enland, from about 50 million to about 45 million. The result will be the end to further building of houses and roads in our countryside, and the greater of our cities.

5.2 Our urban environment
We will CONSERVE the best parts of our urban environment, and encourage a form of modern ARCHITECTURE, which is understood and enjoyed by the general public.

5.3 Mixed employment opportunities
Our main Town Planning objective will be for all towns and cities to offer MIXED EMPLOYMENT opportunities as far as is possible, in order to reduce the danger of large scale unemployment when a large company or industry declines. In doing this we also recognize the need to keep ESTABLISHED COMMUNITIES together.

5.4 Public-use transport
We will support the greater use of group transportation systems (trains, buses, etc) in order to attract people away from the unnecessary and unhealthy OVER-USE of the private car. We want to reduce pollution by car fumes, and hold down the need for new road building. We will support the development in England of pollution-free (e.g. electric) private cars and similar innovations.

"At independent schools, teachers are highly accountable, but how they get results is left to them."
Head of Roedean School PATRICIA METHAM
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6.1 Our philosophy
We are a 'One-Nation' party and believe that if a nation is a coherent whole, it follows that we the English are bound together by ties of mutual respect and responsibility. We believe that health, education, and justice are not simple services to be provided by the open market. They help determine the nature of our society and civilization. They must be provided EQUALLY TO ALL so as to achieve A UNIFIED SOCIETY. Furthermore, they must be FINANCED by government so as to be free at the time of need, with appropriate costs possibly being reclaimed subsequently. However, they are most efficiently PROVIDED by competing, independent, not-for-profit organizations. Efficient organizations will prosper and grow, inefficient organizations will decline and close. Therefore, our philosophy is the PUBLIC FINANCE and INDEPENDENT PROVISION of health, education and justice services.

6.2 Health care: Provision
In the context of the general principle of health care being financed by government but provided by independent organizations, we will finance the user of the National Health Service at least at the same level as those nations, which provide the highest standard of service. We will not take advantage of the good will of medical professionals by holding down their incomes.

6.3 Health care: Medical research
We are proud of the contribution England has made to world medical research and development, and will encourage this to continue. In particular we want English scientists to continue to make a disproportionately large contribution to MEDICAL RESEARCH and the creation of medical discoveries and innovations.

6.4 Education: Social divisiveness
Nothing has prolonged historical CLASS DIVISIONS in England more than our two-tier education system. When parents send their child to a private school, they do so to achieve the best education available and almost guaranteed access to higher education for their child. However these same people collectively also create the problem of a body of public school educated adults who have little in common with state educated adults, particularly those from a deprived background. The solution is not state education for all because state education has been proved to be mostly, though not entirely, second rate. The solution is independent education for all, with all financed by government. All schools would be run by their professional teachers in collaboration with parents, and only a minimum of supervision would be necessary by the state which is providing the finance.

6.5 Education: No political indoctrination
We will ensure that our children are protected from all forms of political indoctrination. Our children must be allowed to think for themselves and form their own opinions free from interference.

6.6 Education: Spoken and written English
We consider that the primary objective of basic education must be to produce in every individual the ability to speak and write GOOD ENGLISH. With good command of language, people are free to study and attempt most things they wish. Without a command of language they are severely restricted.

6.7 Education: Course content
We will specify a limited SET OF NATIONAL requirements for all schools, e.g. all schools would be required to achieve university entry standard. English language should be taught with reference to its historic roots. English history should be taught from the beginning of England's origins, AD 400, not from the Norman conquest, AD 1066.

6.8 Education: Working classes
We recognize that for historic reasons, English working class people have yet to realize the benefits that can be gained from the investment of time and effort in education. We will ensure that working class children receive appropriate SUPPLEMENTARY GUIDANCE in order to overcome this deficiency. We want to see in our universities a proportionate number of students from working class backgrounds.

6.9 Education: Vouchers for Higher Education
We will issue all school leavers with higher education vouchers for use, subject to achieving academic qualifications, AT ANY STAGE during their rives, as a way of encouraging adults back into education.

6.10 Justice: Provision
Many legal costs will be initially paid by government, with costs being reclaimed by the state in appropriate cases. This will reassure people that justice is IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE TO ALL, and force government to ensure that legal procedures keep costs to a minimum. A stage would be introduced into current procedures so that the initiation of a legal case must be justified where the cost will be ultimately public.

6.11 Justice: The legal profession
The public feels that legal procedures are designed by lawyers for the benefit of lawyers. People must feel confident to use the justice system when they need to. We will overhaul the legal system to ensure that it is USER FRIENDLY, and caters for the consumer, not the producer.

6.12 Professionalism
The traditional professions have contributed much to society, and to their various fields by virtue of the principles which have been developed within them. These principles have ensured that health, education, justice, and other services to society, have been provided at a level above simple commercial activity. We recognize this and will ENCOURAGE the continuation of these professions

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7.1 Our philosophy
We believe that the gradual improvement in our material standard of living and the elimination of abject poverty should have resulted in a radical reduction in crime. That this has not happened is a failure of politicians, not the police. It is the result of the POLITICAL MISMANAGEMENT of society. We will act to reduce crime, and reduce the SOCIAL CAUSES OF CRIME, such as poor working class education. We will aim to create a society in which crime becomes increasingly unthinkable.

7.2 Social cohesion and conformism
In the last 60 years there has been a complete loss of SOCIAL COHESION in the working class areas of our inner cities. This loss of cohesion means that individuals, often from immigrant backgrounds, no longer feel constrained by agreed norms. This attitude is reinforced by our English culture of individualism. We will take all measures necessary to restore social cohesion in the areas which breed crime.

7.3 The link with immigration
A disproportionate amount of crime in England is the work of immigrants and those from immigrant families. This is due to immigrants being alienated from English society. Our policy of repatriation with an initial emphasis on criminals will radically help to reduce crime.

7.4 Education to reduce crime
Many people turn to crime despite that fact that it is not in their real interests. With little education, training and social skills they have no better options. We will ensure that the national education system provides SPECIAL RESOURCES AND TECHNIQUES to ensure that no adolescent leaves general education with so little intellectual and technical training that they need to take up a life of crime. It is particularly important that such people are helped to go directly from school to a secure long-term job without a break. Our proposed National Service will assist in this by 'filling the gap'.

7.5 Verdict: Sentence
At the present time juries determine verdicts, and judges alone decide sentences, which they base on past decisions and their own value judgements. However, an act of violence is an act against a person before it is an act against society. VICTIMS OR THEIR FAMILIES have a right to influence the character and severity of a sentence, and we will alter procedures so that this is possible.

7.6 The punishment should fit the crime
We believe that EXCESSIVE TOLERANCE towards crime means that the balance between the benefits and costs of crime to the hardened criminal have tended to favour a career in crime. We will redress this balance, taking no account of the civil liberties lobby.

7.7 Death Penalty
We will restore the DEATH PENALTY for terrorists who kill, serial killers, and the premeditated murder of a child by an adult. We will make the changes retrospective.

7.8 Drugs
We REJECT any idea of legalizing the use of drugs. We will do more than any other party to stamp it out. We aim to create a society where people have better and safer ways of enjoying themselves.

"I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he."
Lt Colonel WILLIAM RAINSBOROOUGH (a Leveller speaking at the time of the English Civil War 1649)
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8.1 Our philosophy
We believe that free enterprise and risk-taking creates prosperity, but also leaves the risk-taker exposed if he/she fails. Everybody, and not just the deprived, needs what Sir Winston Churchill called a PUBLIC WELFARE SAFETY NET.

8.2 Eligibility
Our approach will be to support those people whom the PUBLIC WOULD WISH TO SUPPORT if they knew their circumstances, and not support those people whom the public would not wish to support it if they knew their circumstances. This will be facilitated by involving the public in relatively detailed discussion of who should and should not be supported by taxation. We will publish information about what categories of assistance have been claimed, granted, and refused, in order than the public can calibrate policies and trends. We also think that a FLEXIBLE approach is required. Norms are useful, but some people may require more assistance than can be legislated for by general rules. The severely physically disabled, for example, require a great deal of expensive assistance if they are to live a life as normal as possible.

8.3 Pensions
Prosperity today is the result of past sacrifices, investments and endeavor, so we must look after our elderly in need. We will give priority to maintaining a NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM as generous as the economy allows, with pensions indexed at least to average earnings and at the highest level internationally.

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9.1 Our philosophy
We believe that all English people are entitled to a home of their own, and in an ideal world every home would be owned by its occupants. It should be possible to acquire a basic home without the need for great personal sacrifices, and Government should be prepared to protect people from the vagaries of a free-for-all housing market. We will make the housing market MORE USER FRIENDLY.

9.2 Housing supply
Our policy of repatriation will result at no public cost in the steady supply of ADDITIONAL PUBLIC HOUSING for rent over the next 20 years. This will reduce, and with the reduction in our population eliminate, the shortages in problem areas, particularly in London.

9.3 Nationalization of public housing
We will manage public housing nationally so that it provides a BETTER SERVICE FOR TENANTS and better serves the nation. Demunicipilisation of public housing will rescue tenants from areas of extremely bad housing and management, and allow tenants to move nationwide.

9.4 Eligibility
We will allocate public housing only to people holding an English passport, and aim to be able to house all categories of people, including SINGLE MEN AND THE YOUNG. We will require the allocation of public housing to discriminate in favour of those who have the greatest historical claim on public housing in a specific location, as an aid to enhancing the social cohesion of established communities.

9.5 Right-to-buy
We will CONTINUE AND EXTEND the right of public housing tenants to own their own home.

9.6 Supply and Demand
We want the cost of housing to be as LOW AS POSSIBLE. The price of housing should only marginally be above its current cost of construction. We therefore do not want it to continue to serve as a primary form of investment. In order to keep its price down to the minimum necessary to support private investment, we will ensure that supply stays ahead of demand wherever possible.

"With proud, thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit, fallen in the cause of the free... As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust, moving in marches upon the heavenly plain, as the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness, to the end, to the end, they remain."
'For the Fallen' LAURENCE BINYON
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10.1 Our philosophy
What do we mean by 'defence'? 60 years ago national defence meant protecting ourselves from invasion by other European states. This is now a problem of the past. European nation-states are now our allies through NATO against aggression from outside Europe. There has been a RADICAL CHANGE in our military requirements, and the need now is for a combination of excellent international diplomacy to avoid conflicts and maximize cooperation, and a suitable military force for essential international policing operations.

10.2 Maintaining technical superiority and military alliances
Our best form of defence is to be as TECHNICALLY ADVANCED as possible in military strategy and weaponry. Being so means investing in research and development with other states, because we cannot afford it alone. It also means continuing to export arms because this is necessary to cover our investments. So long as we maintain a realistic view of our military requirements, we will not find ourselves in the same desperate situation as in 1939-41, when we lacked the independent means to resist an aggressor.

10.3 Policing the world
The devastating attack on New York by a small group of individuals with few resources demonstrated that we cannot contract out of being capable of POLICING INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMS as they arise. We are in the fortunate position of having a close relationship with the most powerful democracy in the world, and we have the ability to enhance the USA's quality of response to situations. At present we correctly describe our military concerns, as being with the threats from rogue states, such as Argentina's attack on the Falklands, Iraq's attack on Kuwait, and Afghanistan's protection of Muslim terrorists. Also, the mis-government of a state can result in genuine but unwanted applications to us for political asylum. Such a problem is sufficient reason for us to consider a policing action, because providing asylum in England is no longer an option in modem conditions. We must establish criteria for involvement in events, and not try to solve every problem. As nationalists we must say, for example, that we were wrong to interfere in Kosovo as we did, because then we overlooked Serbia's sovereignty.

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country".
Former President of the United States of America JOHN KENNEDY
"Modern nationalism is a language of the blood: a call to arms, which can end in the horror of ethnic cleansing. But it is also a language of belonging: a call to come home".
" 'Blood & Belonging' by MICHAEL IGNATIEFF
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11.1 Our philosophy
We reject the drift towards individualism and the 'atomisation' of our society into unrelated groups with nothing in common. We will reestablish SYMBOLS OF ENGLISHNESS, and of England as a united community of interdependent compatriots.

11.2 The media
Newspapers, television and radio shape the way we think. We will introduce the principle of government guidance of media content for a five-year period in order to ELIMINATE ITS ABILITY TO INDOCTRINATE. The BBC will be replaced by a new English Broadcasting Corporation. We will require all English national newspapers to be English registered and owned.

11.3 The Church of England
The Church of England should more fully play the role of a NATIONAL CHURCH, helping to maintain our national institutions and day-to-day way of life. We will financially help a national Church, for example to maintain its supportive role in the daily lives of our villages, towns, and cities, and to conserve our priceless old church buildings. In return we would expect the Church of England to be sensitive to the views of the democratically elected government of the day.

11.4 St. George's Day
Nothing indicates more the neglect of our English identity than the lack of attention paid by English people and our institutions to St. George's Day. We will make it a NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

11.5 English National Festival
We will establish an English NATIONAL FESTIVAL similar to the Welsh National Eisteddfod, to take place during the week of St. George's Day.

11.6 National service
When manpower rather than technology provided our main line of defence, military National Service for all helped shape a law-abiding and cohesive society which recognized the importance of the nation and the national interest. National Service took in adolescents and passed out mature, self-confident adults. Our drug infested society need this process still. We will restore a MODERN FORM OF NATIONAL SERVICE, military and non-military, with the main aim of preparing young people for adult life. As was the case formerly, it would bring together young English people from all areas and walks of life and provide them with a period between school and normal work which would broaden their mind and help them better choose the best career for themselves. It would guarantee them some WORLD TRAVEL AND TECHNOLOGICAL TRAINING, and help ensure that no individual entered adult life without a positive attitude to the future.

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12.1 Our philosophy
Local authorities should be small and should do a FEW THINGS WELL, not many things badly. Local authorities should not be run on a party political basis, but by the most capable and motivated local people keen to provide the best possible services to residents. We will impose central government control on the terms of employment of staff, so that local authorities do not operate primarily in the interests of those they employ.

12.2 Finance
We will remove the power of local authorities to collect taxes, and will finance their services entirely from NATIONAL TAXATION. This will make possible a transfer of funds from wealthy areas with few problems to poor areas with many problems.

12.3 Our Inner Cities
Our cities have followed the same pattern as in the USA, with wealthier people commuting to quiet places outside, and poorer people living in rundown public housing in the Inner City. There are many notorious areas in our cities, which people know to avoid, and law-abiding people living in those areas are trapped. The local councils there are weak and often preoccupied with 'Politically Correct' ideas. They are also the areas where racial ghettos become established. These areas represent one of our major political challenges. Our remedy will be radical intervention by skilled Central Government Urban Teams with special powers to REGENERATE AREAS QUICKLY. We will transform these areas so that they are no longer deprived places to be avoided by the wealthy, and endured by the poor.

12.4 Gypsies
We will require Gypsies to live on property for which Planning Approval has already been obtained.

"How is it possible, in this wondrous land where the relics of genius and enterprise confront you at every step, where every realm of human possibility has been probed and challenged and generally extended, where many of the very greatest accomplishments of industry, commerce and the, arts find their seat, how is it possible that when at length I returned to my hotel and switched on the television it was 'Cagney and Lacey' again?"
'Notes from a Small Island' (P301) BILL BRYSON
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13.1 Our philosophy
The literary and visual arts have a powerful influence on our thinking, and we want them to protect and enhance OUR ENGLISH CULTURE. We will apply our belief in the principle of monoculture by actively reestablishing English culture as the only basis for our arts and sports. This involves things like reestablishing a strong English film industry and ensuring that our cricket is played in the traditional manner.

13.2 Broadcasting
We will practice POS1TIVE CENSORSHIP of public TV/radio because they have such a strong influence on our culture. We will ensure that these reflect what the public wants, not what an elite of programme controllers want. We will make TV more educational. We will employ the media fully in order to communicate with the public and so achieve greater 'Direct Democracy'.

13.3 English film industry
Blessed with the English language, the American film industry based in Los Angeles has acquired a near monopoly in the production of English-speaking cinema and television films, and so dominates the style and standard of our other television programmes. We will combat this, and limit the influence of trivial American junk culture. We will actively SUPPORT a good quality English film industry, though we will expect it to become self-supporting very quickly.

13.4 English sport
We want to see sports teams and individuals representing England being FULLY SUPPORTED so that they can be winners. We will therefore ensure that our national facilities are of the highest international standards. We also want to see English sport being sport, not business, with greater emphasis on health-related amateur participation. We will ensure that all national events are available on public television.

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14.1 Our philosophy
It is now technically possible for a democratic electorate to determine national policy without always using representatives as an intermediary. There remains a role for experienced Members of Parliament to engage in parliamentary procedures and exercise judgements in the interest of constituents. However, government should allow the electorate to exercise DIRECT POWER whenever this is both appropriate and practicable.

14.2 Topics
We will make the maximum use of REFERENDA using advances in communication techniques. We will consider all proposals for referenda received from the public, and hold referenda on the following type of issues: the general level of taxation, the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, fox hunting, homosexual rights.

"The prosperity of others makes for our own prosperity; theft peace is our tranquility; their progress smoothes our oath.... We rejoice at every diminution of the internal tariffs and martial armaments of Europe...; But we have our own dream and our own task. We are with Europe but not of it. We are linked but not compromised. We are interested and associated but not absorbed..."
"The idea of the law of nations presupposes the distinction between the independent states. Although this is a state of war...it is still, according to reason, better than the fusion of those states by means of a hierarchy of power culminating in a universal monarchy. Laws which are passed for a large area lose their vigour, and such a soulless despotism, after it has hollowed out the kernel of goodness, ultimately collapses into anarchy".

'Zum Ewigen Frieden (Perpetual Peace)' IMMANUEL KANT

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15.1 Our philosophy of National Independence
As nationalists we reject absolutely and on principle any loss of our national sovereignty. We believe in preserving the division of the world into a 'patchwork quilt' of INDEPENDENT NATION-STATES, each with its unique identity and culture developed over past centuries. We are opposed to anything which tends to reduce the differences between nations, and which reduces their and our political independence, identity, and unity. We recognize that England must now fight vigorously to maintain our economy and quality of fife, having lost our former advantages as a preeminent power in a world of many underdeveloped nations unable to compete with us. Our approach to international relations will be based only on protecting the INTERESTS OF ENGLAND AND THE ENGLISH.

15.2 Rebirth of England
We will WITHDRAW England from the United Kingdom. England will then be a 'reborn' nation-state, as will Scotland and Wales. We assume that Northern Ireland might as a result establish itself as an independent state, but this needs to be decided in Ireland. On establishing an independent England, we will carry out from a purely English perspective a comprehensive REVIEW of all legislation passed by past British governments.

15.3 Not a Federal United Kingdom
As Devolution develops, a federal UK will eventually be proposed as a compromise to full independence, but it can be RULED OUT. It would not work. It would lead only to inefficient and costly disagreements between the federal UK Parliament, and the national English, Scottish and Welsh Parliaments. For what reason would an English Parliament accept dictation by a UK Parliament? A federal UK could also continue to see England subsidizing nations, which are otherwise independent.

15.4 Council of the British Isles
Well prior to our withdrawal from the United Kingdom, we will establish with the appropriate political parties of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and with the government of the Republic of Ireland, arrangements for the successful dose cooperation of all the states of the British Isles. We propose for this purpose a consultative COUNCIL OF THE BRITISH ISLES, including Ireland. This would be based on equal representation of each state, and would coordinate policies according to the wishes of each independent state. It would meet. at a mutually convenient central location within the Isles.

15.5 Our relations with Ireland
We believe that our proposals will lead to new and BETTER RELATIONS with Ireland, putting the problems of the past behind us. This should improve our relations with Irish people throughout the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, where there remains a residual resentment of England's imperial past.

15.6 Europe
Our policy is 'Cooperation not Integration'. We want an ENGLAND GOVERNED BY ENGLISH MPs FROM WESTMINSTER. We will withdraw from the European Union until it reforms itself into a loose ASSOCIATION of independent European nation-states. We recognize that the nations of Europe have greatly influenced each other's development in the past, and we support the maximum cooperation between the nations of Europe. However, we reject any moves towards political integration. Europe is a Continent, not a Country. We will never allow laws from outside bodies to be imposed on England.

15.7 English speaking nations
Our ability to form close relations with other nations depends to some extent on the availability of a common language and on historical ties, leading to the possibility of mutual understanding. In these respects there are opportunities for reestablishing closer links with Australia and New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. We will encourage citizens and the governments of these nations to increasingly recognize THEIR ENGLISH AND BRITISH ROOTS as a basis for greater cooperation with us. We will also explore the possibility of greater cooperation with the other maritime nations of North-West Europe: Denmark, Norway, Iceland, etc.

15.8 World peace
We believe that peace in the world will only be achieved by the further development of INDEPENDENT NATION-STATES, each with secure borders and a homogenous and socially cohesive population. We recognize that there are global security and environmental problems, which require underdeveloped nations to take actions, which they cannot afford. Only in such cases will we, in cooperation with other developed nations, provide TARGETFED ASSISTANCE.