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Party Manifesto for the General Election 2005

Rodney Hylton-Potts, leader of the Get Britain Back Party, and prospective candidate for Michael Howard’s seat in the constituency of Folkestone and Hythe, says:

“We have one aim and one aim only, and that is to rescue our great country. The country our pensioners fought two world wars to save, and which is now going to the dogs.

“Our party is not afraid to SAY what most Britons think, irrespective of colour, race or religion, which is:


Many would say: “It is already too late- the floodgates have opened and there is nothing more to do but sit and watch and bemoan our fate”. We say there is still time, but drastic measures need to be taken, and they need to be taken NOW.”

“The Get Britain Back Party Manifesto consists of four main cornerstone policies. We have other policies, but by implementing these four basic changes, we can still be in time to get our great country back, and to safeguard it for our children and our grandchildren.”

“Our aim is for a root and branch radical change in Britain to reflect what people actually want, not what the leading political parties give them.”


1: NIL IMMIGRATION: Great Britain is full.



4. : REFERENDUMS. Let Britons help decide important issues CONCERNING EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US.

We must think of our own people first.

Think of our sick and dying, who wait for months for a hospital bed or hip operation.

Think of our pensioners, in the cold, too frightened to turn up their heaters in winter in case they can’t pay their gas bills or get into debt.

Think of our children, who can’t play safely outside for danger of paedophiles and child killers. Who are offered drugs in their school playgrounds, and who are herded up to 50 to a classroom.

Think of our hospitals, so dirty that going in for a small operation is a health-risk in itself.

Think of our streets, riddled with criminals, petty thiefs and drug addicts.

Think of our pensioners, too frightened to leave their homes for fear of attack.

Think of our congested roads and creaking transport systems.

By implementing the following changes, we will be able to put Britain first and get Great Britain Back.

When we have all our own problems under control, there will surely be a time when we can afford to be magnanimous, but NOT JUST YET.

1. Immigration

Great Britain is full as to asylum seekers and immigration. We are closed for business. Send illegal aliens home. Immediate deportation for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants and over stayers. 9 out of every 10 asylum seekers and illegal immigrants whose applications have been rejected, disappear. Any asylum seeker who arrives in this country should be automatically rejected for life. The rules are clear: Any asylum seeker must first go to the nearest safe country. No more “passing the parcel” from Eastern Europe via Dover via our European “friends”. We must stop being a soft touch.

Immigration is out of control. All the major parties are toying with varying degrees of “control”, and have recently all jumped on to our bandwagon now they see the huge support for our policies, but the reality is around for all to see. In January 2005, New Labour and the Tories lifted and stole large chunks of our policies. Do you believe their sincerity? Michael Howard looked an idiot when he had to admit he could not implement his new immigration ideas, as doing so would break European law. We therefore have no option but to leave Europe. For the moment, all immigration and all asylum seekers must be stopped with no exceptions.

We must introduce the strictest of border controls and ID cards for all.

Re-introduce Embarkation Controls, which means physically checking people in and out of our country- and about time too.
We spend 2 billion on asylum seekers/illegal immigrants per year.

44% of HIV patients in the UK come from Southern Africa, costing us 152 million each year, enough to build many new hospitals and look after our own ill people.
“Health tourists” cost us over 100 million per annum.

Set a five-year limit for all public documents to be only in English (or Welsh) saving millions of pounds in translation costs.

We must look after our own people first.


Retain trade links and free common European market but withdraw totally from political ties. Never join the Euro. Repeal the European Community Act (1972) and the Single European Act 1987.
An enormous proportion of immigrants, legal and illegal, come from the European community.

Joining Europe in the first place was the biggest confidence trick since Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia.

To beat being swamped by Immigration, we must leave the EU, because a huge part of the problem comes from our political membership. We have the un-edifying spectacle of Howard and Blair vying to convince the public how strongly they are fighting to get Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania into the EU. Those countries, having a total population of over 100 million, will get the legal right to live and work here, use our free health care, add to our already overcrowded schools, roads, cities and hospitals, and join our dole queues and benefits. Many of the 25 ramshackle countries in the EU already, and the ones on the way, cannot believe their luck.
Reasons to leave Europe:

It will put an end to the drain on finances. In 2004 the UK gave 4 billion MORE to the EU than we got from it. 4 billion is what Greece got from it- i.e. we donated it to the Greeks

1. We are a net contributor giving 8.5bn per year – which is 4p tax per person per pound.

2. Sovereignty at Westminster. 4 out of 5 laws come from the EU.

3. Single market city of London weakened by weaker EU financial sector

4. Huge pressure to join Euro from the European Central Bank.

5. Dominated by France and Germany. Our pensioners didn’t fight two world wars for us to be ruled by faceless German Bankers in Brussels.

6. Legal system – No Habeas Corpus. A European arrest warrant- Remember the British plane spotters in Greece.

7. Control of borders and armed forces.

8. Government reserves - North Sea gas and oil fish stocks at the disposal of the EU.

The EU is a corrupt gravy train. In 2003, 500 million was swindled out of EU- fraudulently and corruptly- A grant was given to Croatia for their sugar cane industry- Sugar cane doesn’t even grow in Croatia.


If we give the EU the power to set our taxes we will lose the ability to control our own finances: It would mean us paying more tax. Gordon Brown’s expert, Professor Tim Congdon, conducted a study, which showed tax harmonisation would mean us paying 30% more tax over a period of 10 years.

The French and Germans want tax harmonisation, and a “United States of Europe”- No surprises there.

We must look after our own people first.


Never give up the pound

Deep in the heart of every Britain is the feeling, the knowledge, that to give up the pound would be madness and no price for economic growth would be worth giving up that sovereignty. Pensioners fought two world wars to keep the pound. To even consider giving it up is a betrayal.

As sure as night follows day, if we stay in Europe we will lose the Pound at some future date and future generations will never forgive us.

If we join the Euro, we will lose control of our finances due to tax harmonisation. The only way around it is to pull out of Europe. That is the only way we can avoid the EU from setting our taxes.

We must look after our own people first.


The Get Britain Back Party believes in trusting the British people. Members of Parliament should be our elected servants, not our masters. We believe in referendums on issues that affect everybody, like defending one’s home from burglars, 24 hour drinking, drugs policy and the death penalty. If an issue comes up in Parliament, wherever possible, we would invite our constituents to give us their views. With modern technology, e-mails, sending text messages and pressing the red button on the remote control, all of us including the young, can be involved and politics need not be boring.

Let people be proud and honoured to have their voices and opinions heard.

If elected, we will demand referendums on:


1. Defending our homes from burglars.

2. Castration of paedophiles or life imprisonment without parole

3. Pub Opening hours

4. Drugs: should soft drugs be legalized?

5. Abortion: A referendum on contraception and abortions and the age of girls involved - and
the confidentiality to parents issue

6. Bus lanes and Congestion Charging.

7. Capital punishment.

8 Fox hunting

9. Euthanasia / assisted suicide

10.Divorce: 50%-50% split of time children spend with separated parents.
The introduction of binding pre-nuptial agreements

11.National Lottery: referendum on grants from Lottery. Where should your money go?

12. Tuition Fees

13. Fostering: increase age limits of parents for fostering/adoption

14. Adoption by gay couples

15 .The election of 50 members of the House of Lords for 5 year terms, such as Bob Geldorf, ethnic minority leaders and ordinary people like you and I.


The NHS is politically driven and constantly being tinkered with by politicians who manage by edict, and change strategy and focus on a weekly basis.

A major solution to the problem would be to return to the Matron system where a Matron is in charge of the ward and its’ cleaners. Currently no one is in charge of the wards.

Since labour took office in 1997, up to 40,000 patients may have died from MRSA, the hospital super bug.

Hospitals only have half the cleaners they had 20 years ago- In 1984 there were 100,000 NHS cleaners, now there are barely 55,000.

UNISON (Public Service Union) claims that in order to cut costs, the number of cleaners working for the NHS has nearly halved in 20 years, causing soaring rates of infection.

Hospital acquired infection causes 5000 death per year- and costs the NHS 1 Billion a year.

There is no super bug problem in private hospitals simply because they are cleaner and beds are not so closely squeezed together that cleaning underneath is impossible.

The current NHS system is not devised to help patients- it is politically driven.

The NHS is a big monopoly and stifles competition. Private practice is unable to compete on an equal footing and so although it is potentially cheaper that the NHS, it is unable to reach a critical force and size to compete. It just picks off a few cherries, such as cataract surgery and hip replacements.

Health care is not really about high tech surgery. It is about chronic care of the elderly and people who have long term multiple disabilities, rheumatism, depression, diabetes and heart disease, who need long term low grade high cost care as well as social care.

Human Rights Act

Scrap this charter for gypsies and transsexuals. It only makes Cherie Blair and other bleeding-heart liberal lawyers even fatter.


Upon a separation or divorce there should be an absolute presumption of a 50/50 split of time children spend with separated parents. This works well in other countries, and is for the benefit of all parties concerned, but most of all for that of the children. Shared parenting should be the norm, and enforced, so that children can gain love and support from both parents and the wider family, without lengthy and costly Court battles.

The same rights should apply for unmarried fathers and mothers as to married couples.

Grandparents should be given much stronger rights to see their grandchildren. To split families and refusing contact to grandparents and other family members is barbaric and a major backwards step.

Rodney Hylton-Potts is the father and stepfather of 7 children, and has himself been divorced twice.



Only prison works.


Judges passing sentence are currently being restrained from passing custodial sentences due to a chronic lack of prison space. This is an outrage and every criminal and would be criminal is aware of this, resulting in more and more crimes being committed whilst they cock a snoot at our Legal system.

We propose a massive prison building programme and to use army camps, boats, disused hospitals and football stadiums to lock criminals up whilst new prisons are under construction.

95% of prisoners are scum and most re-offend. Make the game not worth the candle.

More prisons will enable judges to hand out harsher and longer prison terms for serious crimes and to repeat offenders.


Make them to do useful work in community such as cleaning graffiti,
hospitals, old-age people’s homes, housing estates.

Drugs in prisons

Prisons are rife with drug use. Many first time prisoners who come in clean come out as hardened Heroin addicts, ready to commit their next crime for their next fix.

Prison authorities in the Britain turn a blind eye to drug use, as it keeps prisoners under control and makes their lives easier.

Drug prevention in prisons is essential. Weekly urine testing should be mandatory with severe punishments for those who are shown to be taking drugs, and parole and visits withdrawn for those found positive. Cold turkey treatment and solitary confinement for good measure.

Sex Offenders

Mandatory surgical castration of paedophiles or life imprisonment with no possibility of parole. Stop the segregation of paedophiles in prisons- let them make new friends as they made friends with little people on the outside.

Divorce Law

Binding pre-nuptial agreements to rid us of expensive Court battles, which rip families apart, and impact on the children.

About Rodney Hylton-Potts

Rodney is 59 and a Legal Consultant. He has had hundreds of thousands of messages of support for the party’s policies, and in January 2005 won the ITV political programme “Vote for Me” by a landslide, obtaining over 80% of the votes.

Rodney was a practising solicitor for twenty-five years involved in family and criminal work. He has known considerable wealth and considerable hardship with many ups and downs in life. He was send to prison and sentenced to five years for a crime he says he didn’t commit, but doesn’t dwell on that and claims it has enabled him to see things from a wide perspective and has taught him tolerance and compassion backed with determination.

Rodney said: “Having been to Brixton prison has made me tough and not afraid to fight for what I see is the right thing to do for our country.”

“I will fight for my constituents and my beliefs, as I have fought in my life.
We all know that the Tories are going to lose the next election. Vote for me if you agree with my policies but also consider voting for me if you do not. If Michael Howard loses his seat, even if I do not win it, it will send a message to all the major parties in the UK. I believe our people have had enough. Great Britain is full. We are closed for business.”

“Let us together show the parties in this country that the voice of the ordinary person, the pensioner walking his dog on the common, the housewife on the school run, the man in the corner shop or on the football terrace, must not be ignored.”

“Our main four policies are all interlinked with each other as they are with our other Manifesto points, and by making these essential changes we will be able to look after our own people first.”

“We will be the party who say what people are reluctant to say out loud or only say in private. In Great Britain people are no longer allowed to make discriminatory remarks or say what they feel, which is a nonsense and not “politically correct”. By focussing on our specific and radical changes, stated in plain English without the nauseating political spin the main parties give, it will enable us to push the government of the day to give people what they actually want, not what is stuffed down their throats.”

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