Thursday, March 17, 2005

FNF Election 2005 Manifesto

Families Need Fathers, the largest charity supporting children and parents who live apart, makes these demands: In the name of the 3.96 million children in the UK, who live apart from one of their parents, and in the name of their parents;

1. No child shall be denied a full and proper relationship with both of its parents unless it has been shown that such a relationship presents a risk to the child.

2. Gender discrimination in social attitudes towards parenting, in policy in relation to the family and the family 'justice' system should end.

3. The 'winner takes all' nature of legal proceedings about children should end. The objective should become the best blend of both parents. Both parents should be given Residence Orders. Demeaning ‚€˜Contact Orders‚€™ should be replaced by ‚€˜Parenting Time Orders‚€™ given to both parents.

4. Breach of a court order to allow a child a relationship with both parents should become legally and socially unacceptable.

5. Fathers' involvement with their children is increasing rapidly. This should be welcomed and encouraged until it equals the care provided by mothers.

6. No child shall be put in day care or looked after by others if parental care is available.

7. Legal aid should cease to be available to fuel conflict between parents. Public funding should be available only to seek child centred and non-adversarial solutions to differences between parents.

8. ‚€˜Family friendly‚€™ entitlements should be available to both parents equally.

9. Public money to support parenting - Child Benefit, Family Tax credits and the like - should be shared between carers according to the care and costs that fall on each. Child Support Agency calculations should be changed to reflect these costs fairly.

10. Allegations of violence and abuse should be investigated even-handedly with a thoroughness and speed that reflects their seriousness and urgency. Action should be taken against false or malicious allegations.

11. Parental Alienation should be recognised and dealt with.

12. Funding should cease to agencies that promote gender stereotypes.

13. Parenting should be given more social respect. The decline in the amount of time children spend with a parent - the cause of many of our social problems - should be reversed with priority going to making the contributions of the parents equal.

14. The importance of grandparents needs recognition. They should have the right to apply directly for court orders for the children to have time with them.

15. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child should be incorporated into British domestic law.

16. The clause 'equality between spouses' in the European Convention on Human Rights should be ratified by the UK and included in the Human Rights Act.


The largest, oldest and most respected of the bodies promoting shared parenting. Its first priority is offering personal support to parents excluded from the lives of their children against their will. It also lobbies in traditional charity ways. It has a local network of branches. It publishes leaflets and advice manuals and has other helping services including a Telephone Helpline Associations accredited helpline. Membership £30.00 pa
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