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Malvin Brown, contesting the Hornchurch Parliamentary Seat for the London Residents' Association, has been on the campaign trail.

Malvin has set out a clear message: "Every vote for an independent, sends a strong message that people want their views heard in Parliament and not erased by party whips!"

His election leaflet addresses a range of issues -

Independence - Only an independent can truly represent the electorate, the mainstream parties are just more of the same.

Immigration - This is a major issue impacting on many other areas of concern. For the last 7 years both Labour and the Tories have surprised any meaningful discussion on this most important subject.

Housing - More housing is an essential requirement, but not at any price. If we are to avoid building the slums of tomorrow we must insist on high standards today. We must tell John Prescott and Ken Livingstone that their plans for Hornchurch are out of step with what the people of Hornchurch want.

EU - A constitution in which we appear to relinquish control of our borders, taxation and our armed forces, is a step too far! We should be in Europe, but not controlled by Europe.

Casino - The possibility of a leisure complex and casino being built in Rainham could be fantastic news for Hornchurch and for the whole of Havering. But only if your MP fights for it! This is an investment worth 200 million and if elected I will do my utmost to reel in that positive development.

Thames Gateway - Government plans will mean blocks of flats crammed into the south of the borough. This is designed to meet the population overspill from London. This overspill will keep growing because the government is out of synch with people's views on uncontrolled immigration. The Labour government does not recognise there is a problem and so does not have the will to solve it.

Support - I will continue my support for local initiatives such as Adamsgate, and will strive with vigour to open up the Thames as a focal point for Leisure and as a means of transport into London.

MY PROMISE - I have no intention of making promises that, through no fault of my own, I may not be able to keep. But I will make this promise. I will do my utmost to truly represent the concerns of the people of Hornchurch and indeed Havering. And within the remit of a Constituency MP, will forcefully initiate possible solutions to those concerns so that Hornchurch, Elm Park, Rainham & Wennington might become nicer places in which to live.



While the Election campaign produces masses of information, guidance and persuasive argument on a whole host of issues, Malvin Brown (RA Candidate, Hornchurch) has struck on a novel 'campaign' idea in the shape of a website blog. The site is called Hornchurch Jack and to find out more click here.




The much anticipated General Election has been called for Thursday 5th May! With nominations set to close on Tuesday April 19th candidates have been busily preparing themselves for the campaign ahead.

The latest runners and riders are as follows:


Tory held seat gained from Labour in 2001 with a 1,241 winning margin

Angela Watkinson (Conservative)
Keith Darvill (Labour)
Ron Ower (Independent Residents’ Association)
Melanie Collins (Green Party)
David Durant (Romford & Hornchurch Third Way)
Alan Hindle (UKIP)
Peter Truesdale (Lib Dem)
Chris Roberts (BNP)


Tory held seat with a 6,000 majority

Andrew Rosindell (Conservative)
Margaret Mullane (Labour)
Terry Murray (UKIP)
Dr Geoff Seeff (Lib Dem)
John McCaffrey (BNP)


Labour held seat with a 1,500 majority in 2001

John Cryer (Labour)
James Brokenshire (Conservative)
Malvin Brown (Independent Residents’ Association)
Lawrence Webb (UKIP)
Nat Green (Lib Dem)
Ian Moore (BNP)
Graham Williamson (Romford & Hornchurch Third Way)

What are your views on the General Election? Why not join our Forum and join in the debate?




The Independent Network (IN), to which Ron Ower and Malvin Brown are affiliated, was launched on the 23rd March at a Westminster meeting chaired by Dr Robert Taylor MP, the only Independent MP currently sitting in Parliament. Martin Bell, (the white knight) attended the press conference to add his weight to the cause for more independent voices in Parliament. Interviews were broadcast on Radio and the Guardian, Independent and Daily Telegraph covered the launch.

The Independent Network (IN) was launched at a Westminster Press Conference last week (23.03.05). The meeting was chaired by Dr Robert Taylor MP, currently the only Independent MP in Parliament, and joined by the original members of the group. Martin Bell (the white knight) attended to add his support, in a call to encourage more Independent spirits who are truly representative of the constituency in which they are to stand - people that are able to articulate the hopes and fears of local people without first squeezing their words through the sieve of Party control. There was a clear call to move Pinky and Perky firmly to one side to enable Independents to take control where previously puppets danced to the string pulling of the Party whips.

Radio and TV interviews were followed by coverage from the Guardian, Independent & Daily Telegraph newspapers.

Residents' Association of London parliamentary candidates were part of the founding group. Councillor Malvin Brown who is to stand in the Hornchurch constituency, and Ron Ower, editor of 'The Bulletin' is to stand for the Upminster constituency.

For further information, please visit:




Former Councillor Ron Ower, Chairman of the Upminster and Cranham Residents' Association and editor of the monthly magazine The Bulletin, has decided to contest the Upminster seat at the forthcoming General Election as a Residents' Association prospective candidate.

Ron has lived in the constituency for over 32 years. During his 12 years as a Residents' Association Councillor he was Chairman of the Council's Environment Committee and took a leading role on housing issues.

Commenting on the Election, Ron said: "We aim to break the mould - a Residents' Association Member of Parliament would be free to put local resident's first and not party politics. All MPs have the same access rights to Ministers and the Civil Service. Havering has been awarded very poor Council Tax grants in the past. As a Residents' Association MP I would be able to fight for a better deal".

"I aim to set up a full time office and telephone service in the area and will be consistently available to local residents".



Malvin Brown, RA councillor for South Hornchurch, is to stand in the forthcoming General Election for the Hornchurch constituency.

Cllr Brown said he was standing to get residents' views heard and added "Havering gets a pretty rough deal one way or another. The Government is restricting the say that we have in planning decisions. They are cutting funds and they don't treat us fairly".

He hopes to get more money for the borough, push for better development in the Thames Gateway area around Rainham - not tower blocks - and would welcome a casino in the area.

Last year Cllr Brown stood in the GLA election.

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