Reintroduce our manufacturing base in light and heavy industries.

Introduce ageism policy.

No foreign business or person to own more than 49% of any business in the U.K.

Review G.A.T.T. and W.T.O. agreements on water as a good and not as a necessity.

Introduce 30 day period to settle business accounts and large penalties and interest for non compliance.

End fraudulent bankruptcies by sending directors to jail and end loopholes where directors put capital/goods/house in wife/children's/parents/trusts name.

Bankrupt directors to repay debt by every means including sale of property or working off debt in prison.

Move industries/commerce to areas of unemployment.

Renew markets Canada, Australia and New Zealand and open up markets in developing countries e.g. china, africa, south america.

New industries to include Green power, hydrogen, water power, water distillation and purification.

Water, power, telecom and rail industries to be taken back into government ownership.

Government to assist in new business start ups with grants and premises on special start up business parks.

Local government to be given the right to raise money on the open market, with safe guards, for local projects, schools, hospitals etc.

Any business found to be employing illegal workers will go to prison and workers repatriated after fine and prison term.

All medium and large businesses to have apprenticeships or trainees.

All work advertised to be open to people of either sex and of any age.