Drug smugglers and pushers to be persued by new special forces battalion, into foreign countries if need be and brought to justice. Countries growing drugs, eg. opium, like Afghanistan will be made to destroy them.

Any one caught either smuggling or selling drugs will not only be given either death or hard labour for life but will have assets seized, regardless if they have been given to wifes/children/parents or put into trusts, these assests will then be sold and proceeds go to the state.All drug smugglers families and relations will be investigated to see if they have benifited from the drug money,if so their assets will also be taken and sold.

 They automatically get hard labour for life or the death sentence as the penalty for their crimes, this will bring down the level of drug, theft, and gun related crime in the country as there will be no drugs available to the users.

Drug users will be put on detox programmes until well again, but if fall back into crime they will be given hard labour.