We would return to the old fashioned 4R's, the 4th being respect.

No mobile phones allowed in school.

All pupils would wear uniforms, thus ending fashion as part of school life.

All school children to have competitive outdoor sports at least twice per week, fresh air and sunlight are health promoting and must be encouraged.

 we would repeal the law on chastising children and reinstate the schoolboard man, and ensure all schools had a security guard and security camera's in the classrooms. This would create a calmer atmosphere and assist the teachers in controlling their classes, all teachers to be capable of teaching, if not sacked

We would have a yearly testing system, any pupil unable to reach the standard expected for that year would have to remain in that class year until they reached the required standard. This will ensure that all pupils would leave school proficient in the 4 R's. We would also grade the teachers on their ability to teach and if found wanting, replaced.

The school year would be changed to run on a three term system getting rid of the long summer holidays.

We want all pupils at the age of 12 to commence training in a needed trade or profession, this ensures that all pupils leaving school and going into the work place or onto higher education will have a core trade/profession to fall back on.

All universities to take only British nationals first on courses, foreigners only allowed on courses that have spare places, universities are a places of learning and not businesses. UK nationals will not pay for tutition or courses, money for universities will come out of lottery fund and government.

Introduce in universities a 35 hour week on all courses, this would shorten the length of time needed to attend university and allow more people to attend.

All universities to have a Research and Development department.