The European Economic Community


We will withdraw from the E.E.C.


Back in the sixties when the E.E.C. was known as the common market the British people were sold on the idea of a COMMON MARKET, where we could sell our goods without frontiers or import taxes. Since then it has grown out of all proportion and is now the United states of Europe with its own laws and president. The threat to Britain comes from Article 9 of the new E.E.C. constitution and states:

The constitution and law adopted by by Union institutions in exercising competences confered on it by the constitution, SHALL HAVE PRIMACY OVER THE LAW OF THE MEMBER STATES.

This means that once in force, a centralised Europe will be the source of power and not the nations that make it up!!!

If this constitution is signed it is the end of 1000 years of British history and the end of the FREEDOM that we take for granted, we demand a referendum on it before it is too late.

We want to withdraw from the E.E.C. now, keep the pound and revert to Imperial measurements. we wish to retain our own parliament, laws and heritage, and be governed by the politicians that we elect and who are accountable to the British electorate and not to some E.E.C. official who cannot be held accountable.

We have in the past been a very successful trading nation, our merchant fleet taking home manufactured goods world wide. Since joining the E.E.C. we have seen our manufacturing base decimated and our merchant fleet practically non existent.

 We would have thought that our nation having had a great seafaring history we would at least have ships.

Remaining in the E.E.C. will see our regional counties reduced to little more than cantons in the new super Europe, ( they are trying to implement a regional assembly now in the North East of England) and be expected to obey laws that are passed in Brussels by the faceless and unsackable bureaucrats.

We will have opened our country to a legalized invasion of economic migrants from the less well off member states who wish to take advantage of our generous, and hard won , system without ever paying a penny in tax nor a finger lifted in Britain's defence.
There is an alternative, a new commonwealth made up of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other old commonwealth nations who have supported us in the past, why not?