Noise, dust,smoke and pollution laws to be rigorously applied.
Planning laws to be upgraded to stop the spread of unauthorised building, hefty fine and imprisonment for offenders

Farmers to replant trees and hedgerows and end the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which leach into water supplies and cost thousands to take out.

All farms above 40 acres to build water reservoirs, lack of water in about 10 years time will cause major problems.

Hunting ban to be lifted to ensure country way of life

Forests to be planted for renewable power plants.

More wind generation schemes on/off shore to be built.

G.M. seeds and products to be banned.

More cold and disease resistant crops to be grown instead of rape seed.

Petrol and Diesel vehicles to phased out, electric, gas and hydrogen vehicles introduced.

Mobile phone masts and E.M.F from radio and television transmitters to be investigated for possible harm to humans.

New flood barriers and sea defences to be built,

 River flood water diversion to reservoirs schemes to be implemented.

Water filtration and cleaning to be introduced to grey water systems on new housing schemes.

Clean air laws to to introduced to the countryside.

Plastic bags to be phased out and biodegradable substitutes used.

Government grants for recycling of cars, tyres, fridges and electrical goods.

More forests and major tree planting schemes around the U.K.