Farming and Fishing


No G.M.crops to be planted here, no G.M.products to be allowed into the food system.

Britain will take back its fishing industry from Europe.

The 200 mile fishing limit will be reintroduced and rigorously maintained by the Royal Navy.

Fishing stocks will be reintroduced and small fish will be protected by the use of large hole netting.

Fish farming methods will be updated and more fish will be reared in factories.

Farmers to be paid a fair market price for proper and healthy crops.

Farmers will be encouraged to replant trees and hedgerows and if their farm if over 40 acres to have a reservoir as water will be badly needed in about ten years, look at the south of england.

All land to be used for productive crops or for growing "green power" crops, willow and hemp to name two.
Hunting ban to be lifted to ensure country way of life

Farmers will end the use antibiotics in animal food, chemical fertilizers and pesticides and use natural products, it costs millions to remove farm chemicals from drinking water so we do not want them put on the land in the first place.

Fines and jail sentencing for any farmer introducing disease , e.g. mad cow disease,change the diversification culture and take a close look at rates for farms.