We will reverse the governments obsession with junk food and margerine and revert back to butter and non-pasterised milk,farmers will not be allowed to feed anti-biotics to their lifestock. We see that the National Health Service is top heavy with red tape and bureaucrats and not enough beds, doctors or nurses.

 We want a mass training programme for doctors and nurses, this will end importing people to fill the jobs that our own nationals could fill if given the training.

 Instead of the top heavy system of paper chasers we would bring back the Matron to supervise the running of the wards and erradicate MRSA with the assistance of a small team of dedicated people to ensure supplies etc.

No products or flouride/chemical laced water in our food chain.

All hospitals to have the latest equipment and people to staff them.

Every citizen to have treatment on a regular basis for internal parasites and more importantly, fungal mycotoxins and infections which are the major cause of many life threatening diseases,(CANCER and Diabetes) to name two. this will lead to better health for all citizens.

Every citizen to have an in depth medical including blood/DNA samples, to catch any major health problems early, this would be the start of a 5 yearly check up, preventative medicine is the key to better health .

 Mental health/stress hospitals to be opened.

We would like all citizens to have a medical identity card that they can use to obtain appointments and medication.

We would like to phase out payments for medication.

Health training to be introduced in schools to teach children how to look after themselves.

Non British nationals to pay for any treatment on the NHS

Flouride to be removed from all water supplies, it has been proven that it effects the Pineal Gland which is responsable for a wide range of regulating activities, children will just have to learn to brush their teeth!.